Monday, December 02, 2013

2013 WSBGMs HoF Inductee- Jamie Moyer

Hip, hip, hooray for Grand Pappy Moyer, We Should Be GMs 2013 Hall of Fame inductee. There was no need for a vote this year, as the Veterans Committee felt Jamie was the only deserving candidate (sorry John Bowker).

Moyer's career spanned 25 seasons, starting in 1986 and ending in 2012 (after coming back from Tommy John surgery at the ripe age of 49). Jamie spent 5 seasons in Philadelphia, and pitched in some very important games for the Phillies during that time. He also pitched for the Mariners, Cubs, Orioles, Rockies, Rangers, Cardinals, and Red Sox.

Career stats:
Wins - 269
ERA - 4.25
WHIP - 1.32
Innings - 4074
Games - 698
WAR - 50.2

Phils Stats:
Wins - 56
ERA - 4.55
WHIP - 1.32
Innings - 720.2
Games - 123
WAR - 4.7

Jamie was lovingly called Grand Pappy around these parts due to his elderly age.  He was facing batters in the heart of the Steroids Era tossing "fastballs" in the low 80's.  He loved the game and wanted to pitch until he was 50 years old, but alas fell one year short.  He was a mentor to younger pitchers (I should just say pitchers, since everyone pitcher was indeed younger).

Other notes:
*Oldest pitcher to ever win a game.
*Oldest pitcher to ever get a hit.
*Record 522 homeruns allowed.
*Began his career in the Cubs organization in Geneva of the Rookie League in 1984.  Meaning, Moyer almost pitched for 30 year professionally.


GM-Carson said...

These contracts are ridiculous!

Scott Kazmir- 2 YR/$22M, a year after only being offered a minor league deal.

Willie Bloomquist- 2 YR/$5-6M, a speed guy who stole no bases last year. At least he's versatile I suppose.

Brendan Ryan- 2 YR/$5M. Can't even hit above the Mendoza line.

Contracts are out of control, and this is why Howard's deal effs the Phils straight in the ass. They have too much money committed already and can't afford the prices of these free agents. I hate Amaro.

GM-Carson said...

Nationals just acquired Doug Fister, while Amaro decided to tender contracts to all arbitration eligible players (including KK, Frandsen, and Mayberry).

Nats just go a lot scarier and the Phillies stayed with the status-quo. F'n Amaro.

Bob D said...

I'm hoping for an upgrade to the bench still despite these moves

Morak99 said...

It's ok guys, we're going to get vintage, old-timey 1930's Phillies suck! Who doesn't love history!

Can we have the A's back?

GM-Carson said...

How about a swap of A's GM Billy Beane for Phils GM Ruin Tomorrow Jr.?

Morak99 said...

Done. I'd throw in cash and players too if Oakland wants them.

SirAlden said...

They should have offered Arbitration to:


and let go:
Kendrick (maybe)

This shows that Ruff is going to be traded to the American League.

Your 2014 Phillies Bench
Rupp C R
Mayberry OF R
Frandsen 2B R
Galvis SS S
Left handed Bat - Not Ruff

The signing of Frandsen is totally wrong.

SirAlden said...

Maybe it is time to root for the Philadelphia Athletics, currently in Oakland.

Johnson and now Gregson for the Bullpen. Wow.

GM-Carson said...

Meanwhile Amaro is handcuffed with horrible contracts, depleted farm system, and an old shitty team.

SirAlden said...

Phillies sign Wil Nieves C

Getting younger - 36 years young backup catcher.

GM-Carson said...

Amaro = Idiot