Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Days of Christmas- Phillies Style Volume VIII

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Phillies gave to me... 
12 Months of misery (Screw you Amaro!)
11 Homeruns from $25M slugger Ryan Howard (what a waste!)
10 Ground into double play by Kevin Frandsen
9 RBI from Humberto Quintero
8 Games finished by Phillippe Aumont
7 Losses in 13 games from Tyler Cloyd
6 Homeruns from J-Roll (career low)
5 Times 10 equals 50 game suspension for Antonio Bastardo
4 Wins from Roy Halladay (enjoy retirement)
3 Hit by pitch by Roger Bernadina
2 Sacrifice flies from Erik Kratz (enjoy Canada)
1 Hit from Casper Wells in 24 at bats
and ZERO homeruns from Ben Revere (none in 1304 career at bats)

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Morak99 said...

Fun fact: Ryan Howard and Jonathan Papelbon together make more than the entire GDP of the nation of Tuvalu.

GM-Carson said...

Good to know. After all, knowledge is power.