Monday, November 25, 2013

WSBGMs Looking for a Little Help

We Should Be GMs is looking for a helping hand (or hands, hard to type with only one) this offseason.  If you're interested in writing a post about the Phillies, then simply email us at  The article could be about a favorite player, your version of an offseason blueprint, hatred of Amaro, love of Eric Bruntlett, worst Phils trade ever, etc.


GM-Carson said...

Chad Durbin has retired. He has some good years in Philly during his first go-around, but not good last year. Enjoy your golden years buddy!

Anonymous said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz No one good is signing because there is so much money out there and everyone is waiting.

Here is something interesting from a comment at Crashburn Alley.

I am constantly surprised at the hatred directed towards Ryan Howard.
He may never be any good again, ala Moe Vaughn who was a big guy as well. Go Check out his stats.

It is all about if Ryan Howard is Healthy which is no different than Chase Utley or Roy Halladay.

Take a look at the projected 2012 and 2013 Stats for Ryan on a bad ankle and then a bad knee. Here is hoping he is able to be healthy to continue his career for us. And remember post Steroids Era only 10 players achieved 30HR's and 100 RBI's last year 2013 including highly paid superstars like Joey Votto 24/73.

"Ryan Howard's RBI totals 2006 through 2011 vs RHP:

2006: 104
2007: 90
2008: 97
2009: 108
2010: 69
2011: 88

he was on a 31/127 pace in 2012 when he came back from the injury.

last year, with depleted power he was on a 22/87 pace.

Again, he literally has the ability to go 30/100 just vs. RHP if he's healthy."

Morak99 said...

He gets hated on because of the contract more than the on field performance, methinks. I sometimes do feel bad for Howard getting hated on, though I am a perpetrator. If I got offered that contract, I'd have taken it too.

Anonymous said...

The point of the comment at Crashburn Alley was this - what if Ryan Howard had produced a full season of --

31 HRs and 127 RBIs in 2012 and
22 HRs and 87 RBIs with a high BA in 2013.

Would he still be so hated? He was injured playing for the team. He did not show up fat. The injuries happened. Those who think that Kevin Frandsen Platooning with someone else would be just as good as a full season of an uninjured Howard are just silly.

I also always wonder why Chase Utley was never hated on at 60% of the rate of Ryan Howard. 60% of Salary and even more time missed.

Bob D said...

some see him as blocking Ruf, but Ruf may or may not pan out as a regular.

Others see his $25mil contract, preventing the team from making other upgrades

Beer-a-Thon said...

Howard is horrible on the base paths and defensively. He is incapable of making throws to second base. He can't hit lefties. He does hit homeruns and drive in runs.

Joey Votto is a superior player to Howard.

OPS matters!

WAR matters!

A sunken cost of $25M, matters!

Utley has always been a better player than Howard, because Utley is an all-around great player. That's why he doesn't get hatred thrown his way.

Not sure how else you want it broken down SirAlden.

Anonymous said...

Go Drink some more beer you drunk.

31 HRs and 127 RBIs in 2012 and
22 HRs and 87 RBIs with a high BA in 2013. Would have been just fine.

He is now injured, and his knee/ankle may *pop* ending his career.

There would have been no Golden Age for the Phillies without Ryan Howard.

Then he got injured while playing for the team. Maybe it is time for you to follow your own advice and not burden your family in your declining age, and go hop on an Ice Flow.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Nolasco is signed by the Twins.

Good. Aside from 2 months in the very large Dodger Stadium he has sucked.

Masahiro Tanaka No draft pick lost
Matt Garza No draft pick lost
Ubaldo Jimenez 2nd Round draft pick

These are the only 3 Starters that could make a significant upgrade aside from David Price. They also have great risk.

Do you want the money to go in the pockets of the owners, or for a roll of the dice?

Without signing and succeeding with one of these three the Phillies are a .500 team at best.

Anonymous said...

Ruf is the Dave Kingman of the Phillies. Hopefully a nice bench bat that starts against some lefties at 1B and LF.

I love the kid but he is not a regular.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Ruf is probably nothing more than a decent bench player, occasionally getting a start.

Now, back to you SirAlden. Howard was great from 2005-2010. Pretty damn good in 2011, bad in 2012, and mediocre in 2013.

The extension is the problem. He was here for the Phillies success and that's awesome. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Should have been left go after 2011 though, especially following the injury. The extension never needed to be offered. Amaro should have run the course with him through arbitration.

Go look at Howard's dWAR for his career, it's -11.8. That's about as bad as it gets as a firstbaseman. He's a miscast DH.

Defense matters SirAlden. Phillies had the worst defense in MLB last year and that's why their pitching seemed worse than it actually was. He's not going to improve with age and gimp legs.

I also don't understand why you're so inclined to keep players around past their good years, as if the organization owes them. Organization doesn't owe them shit. The players have made their millions. Just because Howard made little money during his best years, doesn't mean he should be paid like one of the best players in the game during his worst seasons. Baseball is a business. If you ran a team, it would be a bunch of over-the-hill hasbeens making millions and losing.

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