Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Preparing For Your Fantasy Draft In 2014

The 2014 baseball season is still months away, but people are already taking a look at how fantasy baseball drafts will play out. Heading into 2013, the talk surrounding three players going #1 overall: Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout and Ryan Braun. The first two lived up to expectations, but Braun struggled with a suspension that ultimately left his career with a permanent asterisk. So a year later, will Miguel Cabrera or Mike Trout be the consensus choice for fantasy baseball owners?

For the second straight season, voters gave Cabrera the nod as the American League’s Most Valuable Player, as he received a total of 23 first-place votes from voters. Trout received just five first-place votes, and once again lack of team success could have played a role. In his young career, Trout has yet to taste postseason success while Cabrera has two division titles in that span.

While winning MVPs are nice, Trout actually had the better statistical season from a fantasy baseball perspective in 2012, while coming up just short in 2013. He played 18 more games this season, but his home run totals and batting average went down just a bit. Meanwhile, Cabrera was basically a clone from a season ago, but he improved his batting average by 18 points.

The 2013 season was not all fun and games for Cabrera, especially towards the end of the year. With a groin injury that limited his mobility, he was not as effective down the stretch and in the playoffs. He isn’t getting any younger or more agile, so it is a minor concern for fantasy baseball owners going forward.

Meanwhile, Trout theoretically has his best years still ahead of him. He turned 22 at the end of the regular season, and the Los Angeles Angels are doing whatever possible to surround him with some talent as well. One has to figure at some time the Angels will all click and make a playoff run, but so far things have not worked out as planned. 

While Cabrera is perhaps the best hitter of this generation, Trout has too much all-around game to ignore at this point. He is probably the safer option at this point, especially if Cabrera never fully heals from the nagging injuries he dealt with this year. They should go #1 and #2 in most formats, with Andrew McCutchen possibly sneaking in. After two seasons of production, now is the time to fully invest in Mike Trout as the best fantasy baseball option out there.

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