Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Phillies New Outfield Right-Handed Hitting Power Bat: Marlon Byrd?

Marlon Byrd is back in Phillies pinstripes.  Amaro landed his supposed right-handed hitting outfielder with power on a 2 year/$16M pact.  Byrd had a renaissance season last year after signing a minor league contract with the Mets and later being traded to the Pirates.

The Facts:
*Suspended for PEDS in 2012
*Had a career year in 2013, the season following his PED suspension (24 HR)
*36 years old
*Career .280/.761 hitter with 106 homeruns over 12 seasons.  An average of less than 10 HR a year does not equate to "power" in my mind.
*Career splits- .273/.743 vs. RHP and .291/.804 vs. LHP

Marlon began his career in Philadelphia and manned center field from 2002-2005.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Better than Young.

Better sign Elsbury or Choo now.

If this is a platoon bat great - if this is Delmon Young 2.0 then his sucks.

Hope they are going Huge towards pitching.

Anonymous said...

Just looked. Platooned with Revere great splits. Need to sign a big free-agent outfield bat.

Anonymous said...

Byrd can field. Cruz cannot.

Squire McGuire said...

2 years 16 million ain't a platoon player, looks to be our starting RF......FIRE RUBE!!!!

GM-Carson said...

I find it hard to believe Byrd can come even close to repeating last season. I bet he falls into a .260/.725 type corner outfielder. So, basically Darin Ruf, but older and more expensive (does have better defense though).

Anonymous said...

This only OK if paired with signing Ellsbury for CF.

Anonymous said...

Then it is a good solid move.

Andrew said...

At first I thought this sucked, but looking again this might be a smart addition of a "veteran" player. Brown, Revere, and Ruf are all up-and-coming and have potential to have a big 2014 but have all had a little bit of defense issues. Probably comes with being green. Byrd should be a good presence help solidify that. Ruf will probably alternate OF/1B giving him a significant number of at bats to still make him a meaningful player. I doubt any
"bigger" non-pitcher gets signed. I wouldn't be surprised to see 1-2 minor league deals for OFs go down though. I think Rube turns his attention to re-signing Chooch, adding a SP (maybe Halladay) and adding 1-2 bullpen arms.

Andrew said...

Carson, agreed Byrd never repeats 2013 again, but I think Rube's idea was to add a veteran to effectively lead a very young outfield. And to boot, Byrd can still play the game at least at the MLB average

GM-Carson said...

I don't hate the Byrd signing, I just don't see how it improves the club that much.

Bob D said...

I'm OK with this signing. Basically he replaces Mayberry on roster and still leaves another spot for OF to be added. From what all the rumors says, the team will not add a top OF this year as in the expensive ones of Choo, Ellsbury, Cruz, Beltran, etc... They may still go after a Young, Davis, or Guitierez type of player.

I was hoping for Choo or Ellsbury but at the same time, they are not truly an ideal long term option for the team. This signing is expensive but it doesn't seem like a bad fit especially since he can field much better than most of the other top free agents.

This provides more money for maybe a starting pitcher in the budget. Maybe throw Tanaka into that mix? Interesting option.

Morak99 said...

I'll give this deal a C+. Byrd is an ok player who can help in the outfield offensively and defensively, but he's on the wrong side of 35 and coming off a career year which he's not likely to repeat. I think Rube had some semblance of the right idea, but this will only make the Phils a game or two better. At least that's better than his recent outfield free agent signings.

Anonymous said...

"I don't hate the Byrd signing, I just don't see how it improves the club that much."

Exactly. It rules out Choo. Without Ellsbury there is no significant upside to get us to a Wild Card Slot.

Remember the Phillies played 6-7 games above their Pythagorian predicted outcome last year because of Cholly's last stand.

Anonymous said...

From MLB Trade Rumors

"Amaro Leaning Toward Tendering Contract To Mayberry"

That means disaster and small market thinking on the Owner's part.

Morak99 said...

The Byrd signing also is nice insofar as it does not cost any draft pics. And dear god do the Phillies need those right now.

Anonymous said...

4:02pm: The Rockies offered Ruiz a two-year deal worth approximately $15MM with a club option for a third year on Monday night, according to Troy Renck of the Denver Post. The Rockies won't go to $20MM, however, and they're prepared to move on to the outfield/first base market if they can't strike a deal with Ruiz. It remains to be seen if Ruiz will ultimately top Russell Martin's two-year, $17MM deal from last winter.

2:57pm: Joel Sherman of the New York Post (on Twitter) hears that the Rockies are willing to do a two-year deal with an option. However, it would appear that the Rockies were not the team to offer $20MM over two years as Sherman reports (link) that they were told about the offer from Ruiz's representatives. If that's really Ruiz's asking price, then the Rockies will pass.

2:40pm: Ruiz's agent has told at least one suitor that his client has a two-year, $20MM offer on the table, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (on Twitter). Ruiz earned $5MM last season with the Phillies.

Beer-a-Thon said...

2 YR/$20M for Ruiz. Eff no!

Mayberry back as 5th outfielder ain't that bad. He's a solid 5th outfielder or even 4th on a good team, which hopefully the Phils will be.

Amaro also targeting Joe Smith and Bronson Arroyo. Smith- yes. Arroyo- no.

Andrew said...

If Byrd is worth $8M, Chooch is certainly worth $10M. Pay the man for 2 years as the perfect stopgap before Rupp or Joseph or whoever is ready to take over.

Bob D said...

I do not see $20mil 2yrs for Ruiz - expensive, but so is $16mil 2yrs for Byrd - his contract should have been a few mil a year but Ruben doubled his price.

Rumors of trade for Bautista for Dom Brown, his Cowboys Jersey and others....

Hmmm scratching head here on this one

GM-Carson said...

I'd do Dom Brown for Jose Bautista. Not sure how much more I'd include in that deal from the Phils side though. That would be a pretty even swap considering money and age differences.

Bob D said...

consider the lineup:

Jeremy said...

I saw we sign Marlon Anderson, that way both Marlon's are on this roster.

Bob D said...

$8mil per season is probably 2-3 mil too much each year based on past etc.... 2013 great, 2012 was Delmon Young like, well almost that bad