Monday, November 18, 2013

Phillies- Hoarders of Old Players

Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz has been re-signed to a 3 YR/$26M deal with an option for $4.5 in 2017 when he'll be 38 years old.  Signing a soon-to-be 35 year old catcher to a 3 year pact seems foolish.  Of course, so was allocating $25M per season to Ryan Howard, but this is Ruben Amaro Jr. we're talking about here.  Don't get me wrong, Chooch is still a decent starting catcher, but that's a hefty price for diminishing goods.

The Phillies are the only organization that Ruiz has ever known, and it appears it will remain that way until he retires at the conclusion of his new deal.  Ryan Howard and Chase Utley both fit into this category, being Phillies lifers that are likely only to don the red pinstripes during their careers.  

The Phillies are freakin' old: Marlon Byrd 36, Cliff Lee 35, Mike Adams 35, Carlos Ruiz 34, Chase Utley 34, Ryan Howard 33, Jimmy Rollins 34, and Jonathan Papelbon 32.  Put Dr. Feelgood on alert, because the injuries are sure to happen with this elderly bunch.

Ruiz- The Stats:
8 seasons
825 games
169 doubles
57 homeruns
304 runs
336 RBI
17.8 WAR

It seems to get their man, the Phils had to go 3 years, or Amaro is just that stupid.  I don't hate the deal, but I don't like it either.  I suppose this can be considered a necessary evil.


Bob D said...

Did the Phils outbid themselves?

Im ok with Ruiz back. He was the best fit , defense, arm, game calling, and offense. A bit steep in price and commitment. But hey its not my money

Morak99 said...

The Phils absolutely outbid themselves. I'd need to see the structure of this contract, becuase that determines if its good or bad. If the bulk of that $26 million is in the first two years, leaving it financially logical for Chooch to be transitioning to a backup by 2016, then this deal makes sense. Otherwise, Rube just pulled a Rube.

He also better trade two of Rupp, Valle and Joseph now, as there's no future beyond backup for any of them here.

Anonymous said...

They outbid the Red Sox at 2 years @ $22 Million.

Chooch was the most severely underpaid Philly in History during the run.

All the other options were Left Handed Catchers for more money or more years.

The first two years of this contract are OK. The third is a waste. By the third year the Cap on spending will be much higher. The Phillies are about to sign a TV Contract worth $150 Million a year or more and they will not be able to use it until the Luxury Tax Cap goes higher.

The key now for the off-season is signing a Solid Starter - a Solid Hitter - and rolling the dice on a bounce back 5th Starter that works.

If not the Phillies are an ageing .500 team at best.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to Chime in on this Signing?

Hunter Pence $17.3 Million @6 years
$103.8 Million for years

This was a Major Choice made by the Phillies. Would anyone be on-board for this contract? Too much money chasing not enough talent.

Anonymous said...

"Under the new baseball labor contract agreed to over the winter, $189 million will be MLB's luxury tax threshold for at least the 2014, 2015, and 2016 seasons."

If this is true and the Phillies sign a TV contract North of 150 Million Dollars a year and then refuse to go over the Luxury Tax, then the vast majority of the money from the new TV contract will be going into the Owner's Pockets, while you pay $7.75 for a Beer.

Morak99 said...

The more I actually think about the 2014 Phillies, the more sick I get. They are going to be baaaaaaaaaaad.

Anonymous said...

"He also better trade two of Rupp, Valle and Joseph now"

Rupp most likely will be the affordable back up catcher beginning this year or next.

Valle has no value he has regressed for the last 2 years.

Joseph had great value before he suffered his 3rd major concussion.
He has no value now. He may never be able to catch again.

GM-Carson said...

As of right now, the Phillies are not any better than they were last season. I do not feel Byrd is that much of an upgrade over Ruf.

Basically it's the same team, but a year older.

Sir Alden your blind optimism that this tv deal is going to change the Phils spending habits is silly. You may end up being right, but I highly doubt it.

Amaro continues to blow millions with reckless abandon and he's ruined this team.

Morak99 said...

I mean, the Byrd and Ruiz deals in an of themselves are alright (not steals, but not bad). It's only in the context of his 5 1/2 seasons of work that they become problems- if this were an otherwise young team, ok, fine, but of your starting lineup, five are 33+ and then Brown has concerning injury history. A couple of strains here and there and the Phils are no better than Houston and Miami.

Anthony said...

Wow, yeah, seriously. Last year we were saying these guys weren't going to be any good, and I think we're going to be even worse.

Bob D said...

Ruiz and Byrd contracts are ok if they produce through out it, but they are not great.

Byrd is a bit better than Ruf more so on defense and versatality.

No need to trade any catchers as of now. Valle will likely be removed off the 40 man roster this offseason and if claimed, no big deal. Joseph and Rupp may as well stick around until it becomes too crowded. They also may be of value for trade bait later on at trade deadline or whenever. The team still has Kratz who will have to battle for backup spot.

Needs still consist of:

Starting pitcher Tanaka or Garza are likely the best options

Starting pitcher on the rebound with Halladay or Johnson as 2 possibilities. They would push Gonzalez, Pettibone, and KK for spots.

2 Relief pitchers - many decent options out there

Another outfielder someone to take Mayberry's spot, preferably hits righthanded, can play center, and battle Revere for playing time.

Andrew said...

"He also served a 25-game suspension for using Adderall, a banned stimulant, although recently reported Ruiz has received a medical exemption for its use." -Zolecki

Good to know Ruiz can legally "juice" now. Kidding aside, glad he's allowed to use his legal medication as needed. Maybe it will propel him to comeback player of the year.

GM-Carson said...

Reading between the lines it seems that Amaro outbid himself for both Byrd and Ruiz. Other teams were interested, but did not come close to matching the money. That's that kinda shit he does that is just dumb. Remember the 2 year Moyer deal? 2 years for Nix? 2 years for Schneider? He just throws money and years around without fear of repercussions.

GM-Carson said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see Amaro sign Bronson Arroyo, a pitch to contact pitcher, in on a 2 or 3 year deal. If Arroyo signs here, I predict poor results. He'll be 37 next season and has pitched a lot of innings since 2004, regularly eclipsing 200 IP per season.

Anonymous said...

You are missing my point - going way back years back Carson I have always said that the problem was the Ownership not spending.

There is no Limit on Scouting which clearly the Phillies are lacking.

There was no limit on International Signings until this past year and the Phillies after losing a couple of million dollars on two Korean Dum-Dums stopped spending.

My point is that there will be way too much money, and the Ownership will not be spending it, they will not ever be going over the Fixed Luxury Tax significantly, and pocketing over 125 Million Dollars Annually.

GM-Carson said...

So, we agree, the Phils will suck.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Bob D

1) Starting pitcher Tanaka or Garza.
2) Rebound Starting pitcher Halladay or Johnson.
3) Relief Pitcher 1
4) Relief Pitcher 2
5) Another Outfielder

6) Right handed OF - Signed Byrd
7) Right handed C - Signed Ruiz (1 year too many)

5) Has to be something more than just another Outfielder - Grady Sizemore is on the Radar. Wonder if he is healed from micro surgery.

5)Bourjos - with the Angels and blocked by Trout is right handed really fast - and would make a really interesting Poor Man's Ellsbury Platoon with Revere.

Anonymous said...

If they sign Bronson Arroyo who is Kyle Kendrick on Steroids they will.

They will be a .500 team. They will not suck. It will suck that they will not make the playoffs.

Tanaka was a way to blow money the posting fee will not count against the Cap. Pete Mackanin who is back with the Phils, Scouted Tanaka extensively for the Yankees last year.

How about Bartolo Colon on a one year contract as the bounce back who actually bounced back?

Anonymous said...

Cheer up GM-Carson! Can't get much worse.

Anonymous said...

How about a post on the $103.8 million dollars saved on Hunter Pence?

Anonymous said...

Wally Joyner is a perfect example of the Ownership's Idiot Spending.

Why not pay the man and name him Co-Hitting Coach.

No! We have to have a budget.


GM-Carson said...

I don't think Hunter Pence is a waste of money. That's the price you pay nowadays. I'd rather have Pence in RF than Byrd.

Morak99 said...

Signing a Free Agent= an overpay almost always (see Lincecum, Tim). The only way to maximize market efficacy is to home grow much of what you use and make smart trades. This is why we have seen Tampa become a year in and year out contender despite a shoestring budget while Philly and the Yankees have all sorts of problems.

Anonymous said...

I disagree on Hunter Pence big time.