Friday, November 15, 2013

Amaro Busy Building a Contender

Look out Major League Baseball, because Ruben Amaro Jr. is tearing through the free agent market, leaving the cupboards bare for those that snooze.  Updated World Series odds are going to have the Phils pegged at the top after this bevy of transactions, right?!  View here for more MLB World Series odds.  The week started off with a bang with news of Marlon Byrd being signed.  He easily adds 10 wins himself.  Then the minor league deal given to Shawn Camp.  Hello, Mr. 8th Inning!  Now, Rube doles out a trio of minor league contracts to some major league studs.  Yep, Clete Thomas, Cesar Jimenez, and Leandro Castro are going to put the Phillies over the top and assuredly secure a playoff berth in 2014.  

Clete Thomas is a 30 year old outfielder, who has sported amaze-balls OPS of .458 and .597 the past two seasons with the Twins and Tigers.  I can't believe 29 other GMs passed on him. Clearly he's an MVP candidate, or an All-Star at least.  He's a career .233/.664 hitter over 4 seasons, but hasn't been productive since 2009.  His minor league numbers aren't that promising either- .263/.748 over 9 seasons.  Basically, don't expect to see Clete in a Phillies uniform any other time than during spring training.

Then there's the Phils 2013 bullpen stalwart Cesar Jimenez.  The 29 year old lefty veteran of 4 MLB seasons, turned in a 3.71 ERA/1.41 WHIP over 19 appearances last season.  Don't be surprised if Cesar is one of the first relievers recalled from Triple-A in the event of injury, because he's capable of being mediocre for short stints.  While mediocre isn't a ringing endorsement, it's better than other alternatives (Chad Durbin anyone?).

Lest not forget the gem of this group, minor league lifer Leandro Castro.  The 24 year old outfielder spent last season with the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs batting .256/.647, and has been in the Phillies organization his entire career (7 minor league seasons).

Attaboy Rube!  

As loyal reader Bob D said, "If Ryan Howard hits 40 homeruns, if Jimmy Rollins bats .300, if Domonic Brown hits 30 homeruns, if Kyle Kendricks wins 15, if Jonathan Papelbon saves 40, if Miguel Gonzalez wins 15, if Ben Revere steals 70 bases, if Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels remain healthy, if the defense can improve dramatically, if they can hit left handed pitching, and if they can win more than anyone else in the division - then they will be a playoff team."

In other words, the Phillies need everything to go their way next season if they want to be a contender.  


Morak99 said...

Be fair to him. He hasn't done anything really stupid so far. Yet.

Bob D said...

Morak good point lol.

The Byrd signing is a good one since he can hit lefties, now if ha can add another OF bat to actually replace Mayberry on roster and there are several out there that are better.

Add a catcher Ruiz is best option but Navaro may be a really good secondary and younger option.

I also say add 2 relief pitchers a lefty and a righty with both being good pitchers.

Then bring in 1 good pitcher like Garza or Tanaka as both will not forfeit a draft pick. After that add 1 or 2 starting pitchers who will have to compete with Pettibone, Gonzalez, KK for a spot, maybe on a minor league deal.

That may be the best this team can do without using trades. But it all depends on some 'IFS' - if Howard is healthy, if Rollins can produce better, if Utley can repeat or do better than last year, if Brown can do the same, and so on....

Take that team they should win 80+ games, IF they do better than the average that is expected then they will do better, IF injuries hit them then they will lose many games. But they would not mortgage 2015 and on . Basically it is a flawed team and there really is no easy way to rebuild this offseason, the Utley extension was a commitment to what they have now.

GM-Carson said...

I have a horrible feeling that a catcher that is all that is left to be signed/added this offseason as far as the offense goes. So basically, Amaro will be telling us that Byrd is all that is needed to transform the offense into a contender.

Anonymous said...

Dear GM-Carson if you may or may not have noticed, no-one is signing anybody.

In the post steroid era, there are 100s of millions of dollars chasing too few talents.

I click to rotoworld an MLBtraderumors constantly and nothing is happening.

As I said the team needs to do 7 things to contend. Byrd can be seen as 1 of 7.

You used to be so upbeat and positive - now you remind me of the great Jagermeister commercial

"I would rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobodomy - Jagermeister"

Cheer up! -- We love you GM CARSON

GM-Carson said...

I was just busting Amaro's balls. I know it's only the beginning of the offseason. Plenty lies ahead.

With that said, I do not trust Amaro to improve this team enough to be anything more than a .500 team next season.

Bob D said...

If Howard hits 40Hrs, if Rollins bats 300, if Brown hits 30 Hrs, if KK wins 15, if Papelbon saves 40, if Gonzalez wins 15, if Revere steals 70 bases, if Lee and Hamels remain healthy, if the defense can improve dramatically, if they can hit left handed pitching, if they can win more than anyone else in the division - then they Will be a playoff team.

GM-Carson said...

Bob D- exactly. Ain't happenin'.

Beer-a-Thon said...

According to the omnipotent Bill James, the Phillies had the worst defense in the Majors last season at -103 runs. That's f'n horrible!

Bob D said...

Carson, my point exactly. Too many ifs. Unfortunately they are set on this course to add more this offseason. The rebuilding will likely start next year and more so 2015-16 offseason. Unless they want to unload Papelbon, Lee and others they will not have a lot of quality minor leaguers to step up.

GM-Carson said...

Anybody interested in doing some guest posts on the blog this offseason?

Leave a comment or send us email-

Anonymous said...

Chooch is Signing for 3 years not 2 at 8.5 million per year.

Anonymous said...

1 Starting OF ($20 mil) Ellsbury
1 Starting Pitcher ($12 mil) Jimenez
1 Bounceback #5 SP ($5 mil) Halladay
1 8th Inning Righty ($5 mil) Benoit
1 ROGY Reliever ($4 mil) Smith

CHECK 1 Right Handed OF who mashes lefties and can catch the ball. $8 million per. (3 mil budgeted)

CHECK 1 Catcher $8.5 million per. (7 mil budgeted)

(6.5 Million Over $56 million FA Budget @ $189 million Luxury Tax so far so something has to give)

Two of Seven Needs Filled.

GM-Carson said...

3 years guaranteed to a 35 year old catcher. WTF?!

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