Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Phillies Jumbotron Art

Our Facebook buddy, Brian Green, sent us this awesome image from artist Peter Chen of Jumbrotron Art. Freakin' sweet!


Bob D said...


SirAlden said...

Wish List for a Team with more money than God.

*Shin-Soo Choo or Jacoby Ellsbury L-OF
*Ubaldo Jimenez or Garza R-SP
*Carlos Ruiz R-C
*Roy Halladay or Josh Johnson R-5th-SP Bounceback Pitcher to replace Kendrick in the Rotation making him SP#6, Pettibone#7
*Grant Balfour or Joaquin Benoit or Fernando Rodney R-8th Inning Reliever
*Joe Smith R-Sidearm ROGY to pair with Jacob Diekman L-Sidearm LOGY
*Chris Young R-OF lefty masher who can play all 3 positions to replace Mayberry and start against Lefties.

1 Starting OF
1 Starting Pitcher
1 Bounceback #5 Starting Pitcher
1 Catcher
1 8th Inning Righty who can Close
1 ROGY Reliever
1 Right Handed OF who mashes lefties and can catch the ball.

Seven Needs. Let's see what we end up with.

SirAlden said...

1 Starting OF - $20M
1 Starting Pitcher - $12M
1 Bounceback #5 Starting Pitcher - $5M
1 Catcher $7M
1 8th Inning Righty who can Close - $8M
1 ROGY Reliever - $3M
1 Right Handed OF who mashes lefties and can catch the ball - $3M

$58M + $9M Arb(Kendrick-Bastardo-Revere) + $120M ($118.5 million in payroll to eight players)+ $3.5M (7 players @$500K = $189M

3+8+7+7=25 Players

SirAlden said...

7 Free Agents + 3 Arb + 8 Players @118.5 + 7 League Minimum @$500K

SirAlden said...

1 Choo or Ellsbury RF L
2 Rollins SS S
3 Utley 2B L
4 Howard/Ruf 1B LR
5 Ruiz C R
6 Brown L
7 Asche/Franco 3B LR
8 Revere/Young CF LR

9 Ruf R
10 Franco R (Galvis AAA)
11 Young R
12 Rupp R C
13 Hernandez L

14 Lee SP L
15 Hamels SP L
16 Jimenez SP R
17 Gonzalez SP R
18 Halladay SP R

19 Papelbon R
20 Balfour R
21 Bastardo L
22 Smith R
23 Diekman L
24 Martin R
25 Kendrick R (Pettibone/Biddle AAA)

SirAlden said...


SirAlden said...

If you let Kendrick and his $6.6M walk and replace him with Pettibone@ $500K you have $6M more Wiggle Room.

SirAlden said...

We give up the 2nd Round Pick for the L OF, and a 3rd Round Pick if we sign Jimenez. Garza would not cost the 3rd Round Pick because he was traded in mid-season.

Bob D said...

Kendrick would be good trade bait if the team adds a couple or more SP'ers.

SirAlden I agree with your thinking here. It brings in a top OF (Choo has sick - good OB%) and makes Ruf the 5th OF/ B/U 1B and bat bench. Making players like Ruf/Young/Revere as bench or part time players instead the likes of Wells, Orr, MiniMart. Alot more depth

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- I admire your enthusiasm, but I think you're underestimating some of those contracts. Joe Smith, for example, will likely get something around 3 YR/$12M. Garza will probably average about $14-15M per season. I don't trust Ubaldo Jimenez. Rodney isn't worth the headache. Balfour and Benoit will be closing somewhere, not setting up.

It's going to be difficult to address the Phillies problems, thanks to some poor money management and contract extensions by Ruin Tomorrow Jr.

SirAlden said...

I agree GM-Carson -- but sadly that is what is needed. How about seeing your post at $189M

Looks like Chooch is gonna go for more than $7M geeze. Too much money chasing too few players post steroid era.

If the Phillies get $200 million per year in TV revenue and stick with the $189M then all the money goes into the owner's pockets.

I posted just for fun to start discussions.

SirAlden said...

$4M not $3M for Smith does not break the bank. Kendrick should be traded/let go.

I did not see Garza getting more than Edwin Jackson 4/52M with all his injuries. I still like the upside of
Jimenez over Garza.

My post was to show what was needed.

What would you do GM-Carson and GM-Cory? Cruz in RF? Ugg!

SirAlden said...

1 Starting OF
1 Starting Pitcher
1 Bounceback #5 Starting Pitcher
1 Catcher
1 8th Inning Righty who can Close
1 ROGY Reliever
1 Right Handed OF who mashes lefties and can catch the ball.

Seven Needs.

Morak99 said...

This team probably won't contend contend, but:

-Re-Sign Ruiz for 2 years
-Trade Kendrick. Don't care where, don't care what comes back, but get rid of him because he will cost far more than he is worth.
-The new RF MUST be able to bat right. I still am not sold on all the super-platooning what was proposed here a while ago, it's just not cost effective. The more I have thought about this, the more I actually want to take a gander on Carlos Beltran. Cruz will be too long a contract commitment.
-Cut Mayberry and add a right handed bench bat. I'd take advantage of Jason Kubel's bad season and get him aboard.
-I am with SirAlden on Jimenez
-Find a good but cheap middle reviler, possibly through the Kendrick trade.

To start the season, they then do:
C- Chooch
1B- Howard/Ruf against most lefties.
2B- Utley
SS- Rollins
3B- Asche
LF- Brown
CF- Revere
RF- Beltran

Bench- Rupp, Ruf, Galvis, Hernandez, Kubel

Roatation- Lee, Hamels, Jimenez, Gonzalez, Pettibone

Bullpen- Papelbon, Bastardo, Deikman, DeFratus, Martin, Adams, cheap reliever

If BOTH Asche and Franco are having great seasons, trade one or the other at the deadline.

Morak99 said...

Upon second thought, Revere is the only one of those guys who can play center, so maybe not Kubel.

SirAlden said...

I like that Morak - saving 6-7M on Kendrick is a must.

I like Young as the RH outfielder to replace Mayberry because he came up as a CF.

Bob D said...

Kendrick is a valuable trade commodity. If they can sign a good SP and then another SP as a backup then they could flip KK for an OF or RP.

SirAlden said...

Not sure if that is true. Kendrick was lights out then - disgusting in the second half last year.

I think we can get someone to take him for a very fringe prospect as a salary dump. Or just release him, so we have an extra 6-7 Million toward a bullpen piece.

GM-Carson said...

Minor League Contract route (if they'll take it):
Carlos Marmol, Kyle Farnsworth, James McDonald.

Relievers to target (non-closer $ division):
Jose Veras, Joe Smith, Jesse Crain, Matt Albers, LaTroy Hawkins

Starting Pitchers:
Scott Baker, Bartolo Colon, Ricky Nolasco

Carlos Beltran or Nelson Cruz

Ruiz or Dioner Navaro

So many directions you can go.

I'm against signing Chris Young. Cesar Hernandez can play CF and he's much cheaper and possibly a better player.

SirAlden said...

Great Stuff GM Carson.

I remember a few years ago seeing McDonald come in as a reliever for the Dodgers and pop off a succession of the tightest fastest wackyest curveballs I have ever seen. Could be a great reliever, bring him in - if he is on leave him in, if he is off Captain Hook!

We have way more money than your list shows and both Right Handed Outfielders are old and Cruz is terrible in the field.

Hernadez is a switch hitter with no power who is better against righties, I think taking a shot on Chris Young who mashes lefties and can field well (replacing Mayberry) and plattooning with Choo or Revere, would be great low cost idea.

SirAlden said...

Shin-Soo Choo or Jacoby Ellsbury and Ubaldo Jimenez or Garza R-SP

can get the Phillies back in contention.

Your list - which is realistic gets us to .500

SirAlden said...

Ruf as 1B-LF and
Young as RF (CF injury) right handed Platoon Bats

I really like my Bench.

SirAlden said...

9 Ruf R
10 Franco R (Galvis AAA)
11 Young R
12 Rupp R
13 Hernandez S (L)

Bob D said...

I would stay away from Cruz and Beltran as top OF, rather get Choo or Ellsbury (much better OB%) and go after a 2nd tier OF who hit righthanded such as Hart or Young on the cheap. Cruz and Beltran would be plan B if Choo and Ellsbury get too pricey and sign elsewhere.
A starting OF of Brown and Choo or Ellsbury would be much better with the 3rd spot split between starting and bench of Revere, Young, Ruf, and Hernandez. That replaces a bench / starters of Nix, Mayberry, Mini Mart, Bernadina that was used 2013. Also with Ruf and Hernandez they can back up at 1B and 2B when needed.

Rube could likely make offers of $15-18mil for OF and $11-14mil for SP and still bring in a 2nd OF and SP, a C, and some RP.