Monday, October 07, 2013


The Departed:
Rich Dubee- pitching coach, contract not renewed
Mich Billmeyer- catching coach, contract not renewed
Michael Martinez- piece of poop, optioned off 40-man roster
Pete Orr- UTL, optioned off 40-man roster
Zach Miner- RHP, optioned off 40-man roster
Mauricio Robles- LHP, optioned off 40-man roster
Tyler Cloyd- RHP, claimed off waivers by Indians
Raul Valdes- LHP, claimed off waivers by Astros

None of these guys were worth retaining for the most part.  Robles might be a good re-sign on a minor league deal, and Cloyd could still potentially fit into to the backend of someone's rotation, but no real losses here.


Bob D said...

Robles has potential, would like for him back to AAA, for if he finds a way to know where the pitch is going then he would be a very good reliever.

Miner may not be awful to have back in AAA as long as he is not the 1st option to be called upon from minors.

Please, do not put Mini-Mart back in AAA - just go go !!!!!

Beer-a-Thon said...

Amaro needs to finally admit that ever employing Michael Martinez was a mistake of colossal proportions.

Bob D said...

Im afraid that he will resign him as AAA filler.