Monday, September 30, 2013

WSBGMs Phantasy Baseball Champions

We Should Be GMs is proud to announce the winners of each of our 2103 fantasy baseball leagues.

Enjoy your virtual trophies and bragging rights, because that's all you get!

Head-to-Head League:
(16 teams)
1st - Steegles
2nd - A Tale of Two Youngs
3rd - Coyote Utley

*Steegles took back-to-back championship in his only two years in the league (also, his only two seasons ever doing fantasy baseball).  Impressive.  GM-Carson (Delmon's AntiSemites) finished 5th.

(20 teams)
1st - Free Dom Brown
2nd - Elvis is Dead
3rd - The Cake is a Lie

*GM-Carson (Ruf's Rough Ruffians) finished 4th.  This was my worst fantasy baseball season ever.  Shameful.