Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oh Roy Halladay, Where Art Thou?

Roy Halladay has made three starts since rejoining the rotation following a DL stint due to shoulder surgery.  He's been okay, but not good.  His ERA and WHIP are mediocre, but the other numbers are worse (more BB than K, 4 HBP, % strikes thrown).  Also, he's only averaging about 87 mph with his fastball.

Three Start Total:
Pitches - 267
Strikes - 160 (60%)
Innings - 17
Walks - 9
Strikeouts - 8
Hits - 14
Hit Batters - 4
Earned Runs - 8
ERA - 4.34
WHIP - 1.35

He has roughly 4 starts remaining this season to show he can regain effectiveness.  He'll never be Cy Young Doc again, but perhaps he can settle into a 3.75 ERA, 12 W version of himself, which still holds plenty of value.  I'd like to see Halladay back with the Phillies in 2014 on an incentive laden deal (2 YR/$10M with incentives for time not on DL and starts made).


Bob D said...

I've been saying this for awhile and will keep saying this - Halladay has the most upside of any free agent (if he isn't renewed) this offseason. With his work ethic, intelligence, and ability he can still be a top pitcher in the league.

Though it may not likely happen - I still think if healthy he could come out next year and win 20 with ERA under 3 - that is could. With a good healthy offseason I feel he will be back better, I just hope if he does it will be with the Phils and not another team.

GM-Carson said...

Stupid rain.

GM-Carson said...

Chooch is looking like he should be brought back on a 2 YR/$12M deal. Let Cameron Rupp start a couple times a week so Ruiz stays fresh.

GM-Carson said...

Halladay last night:
4.1 IP
5 BB
6 K
He's probably not worth the risk.