Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Mauricio Robles' MLB Debut is Ugly...Like his Control

Quick to the point, to the point, no fakin'...the Phillies bullpen is horrible.  True story.  As the calendar flipped to September, rosters around Major League Baseball ballooned with expansion open to any player on the 40-man roster.  One of the Phils call-ups was Mauricio Robles, a 24 year old lefty with control problems.  In 38 innings with the Iron Pigs he walked more batters than he struck out (31 BB, 26 K).  However, his ERA did not reflect his wildness (1.42 ERA in Triple-A).  Over his 8 minor league seasons, he averaged 5.4 walks per 9 innings, and that's scary.  His MLB debut started off nicely with a strikeout, but quickly turned into disaster.  In one inning of work, he allowed a walk, two hits, balked, and two unearned runs.  So, his ERA stands at 0.00, but people watching the game know better.  He will likely falter badly like the other trash of the Phils bullpen has all season long.  Amaro must fix the relief problem, or another losing season is sure to repeat in 2014.

Michael Martinez/UTL, Cameron Rupp/C, Cesar Hernandez/UTL, Joe Savery/P, Tyler Cloyd/P, Luis Garcia/P, and Freddy Galvis/UTL joined Robles as September reinforcements.


GM-Carson said...

Cody Asche is part of the solution in 2014. Young, cheap, and talented.

Bob D said...

Looks as if Aumont is not in Phils plans for next year other than being AAA filler. DeFratus, Deikman, Rosenberg are all showing potential. All 3 have had their struggles but seem to have found the strike zone and a way to pitch better. Give them another month and we may have an idea if they are ready or not

C.M.R. said...

i think it's safe to say ethan martin isn't gonna be a part of philly's future anytime soon.

Andrew said...

DeFratus? Really? He seems to have gone the opposite way. Looked good with his cup of coffee last season but this year can't get it done. He's currently sitting on a 4.9 BB/9 ratio and a 33% inherited runs scored! I think he needs more work in AAA but Diekman and Rosenberg may be just about ready for the 2014 roster. Jimenez too.

GM-Carson said...

Luis Garcia- AAA depth.

Aumont- AAA depth.

Joe Savery- AAA depth.

Justin DeFratus- last man in the pen?

Rosenberg- improving.

Diekman- decent, improving.

JC Ramirez- trash, release him.

Valdes- AAA depth.

Bastardo- ?

Papelbon- closer.

Mike Adams- ?

Robles- AAA depth.

Miner- AAA depth.

They don't really have anything good aside from Diekman and Papelbon. Adams health is a huge question mark, and a non-PED Bastardo is too. This bullpen can't rely on a bunch of Triple-A filler types if they expect to win. Especially since the offense will be mediocre at best, and the games will be close.

Bob D said...

This year Bastardo is non-PED (we hope) and was good most of the time.

Papelbon besides a 2 week blip was really good.

Adams - we will see

Rosenberg & Deikman look really good, but should not be handed a spot until they prove it in spring.

DeFratus has been erratic but is good enough to pitch in majors. Better that he fixes control issues then he can be dominate.

Aumont & Robles have big time arms but have no idea where the ball is going. Robles dominated AA early in year.

GM-Carson said...

I love Roy Halladay, but I don't think he should be back with the Phillies next year. They need sure things, not question marks.

Morak99 said...

There will have to be question marks. There are to many holes for a good GM to fix, let alone RAJ.

GM-Carson said...

How long will it take for the Phillies owners to wise up to Amaro's shittiness?