Friday, September 20, 2013

Choo is the Answer, and I'll Prove It

The Phillies offense is broken, and I'm gonna fix it.  How?  With one player and some smart managing. Player being Shin-Soo Choo and manager possibly being Ryne Sandberg.
Black = 2013, Red = Career

Versus Lefties:
Shin-Soo Choo - [.207/.345/.243 (.588)] [.242/.339.337 (.667)]
Chase Utley - [.232/.313.430 (.742)} [.266/.373/.470 (.843)]
Jimmy Rollins - [.261/.329/.340 (.669)] [ .272/.326/.420 (.747)]
Ryan Howard - [.173/.218/.321 (.539)] [.224/.300/.428 (.728)]
Dom Brown - [.241/.284/.431 (.714)] [.227/.284/.378 (.662)]
Ben Revere - [.370/.378/.479 (.858)] [.300/.331/.342 (.673)]
Darin Ruf - [.190/.311/.349 (.660)] [.228/.326/.468 (.794)]
Carlos Ruiz - [.316/.391/.487 (878)] [.278/.371/.438 (.809)]
John Mayberry - [.240/.298/.469 (.767)] [.274/.321/.529 (.850)]
Kevin Frandsen - [.310/.405/.465 (.870)] [.288/.341/.436 (.777)]
Erik Kratz - [.081/.227/.189 (.416)] [.165/.255/.352 (.607)]
Freddy Galvis - [.224/.255/.408 (.663)] [.248/.281/.422 (.703)]
Cody Asche - [.241/.290/.379 (.670)]
Cesar Hernandez - [.257/.297/.286 (.583)]

Versus Righties:
Shin-Soo Choo - [.321/.461/.567 (1.028)] [.309/.412/.523 (.935)]
Chase Utley - [.301/.360/.507 (.867)] [.296/.373/.511 (.884)]
Jimmy Rollins - [.248/.319/.346 (.665)] [.268/.328/.428 (.756)]
Ryan Howard - [302/.357/.522 (.878)] [.295/.390/.606 (.996)]
Dom Brown - [.285/.336/.543 (.879) [.264/.330/.477 (.806)]
Ben Revere - [.285/.327/.314 (641)] [.277/.321/.324 (.645)]
Darin Ruf - [.278/.370/.538 (.908)] [.280/.365/.537 (.902)]
Carlos Ruiz - [.271/.311/.355 (.667)] [.275/.356/.407 (.763)]
John Mayberry - [.226/.289/.374 (.664)] [.230/.297/.377 (.675)]
Kevin Frandsen - [.196/.243/.291 (.534)] [.245/.304/.324 (.628)]
Freddy Galvis - [.236/.296/.393 (.689)] [.222/.266/.363 (.629)]
Cody Asche - [.269/.347/.454 (.801)]
Cesar Hernandez - [.386/.471/.455 (.925)]

2013 Minor League Splits:
Black = Versus Lefties, Red = Versus Righties
Darin Ruf - [.288/.771] [.259/.743]
Freddy Galvis - [.316/.796] [.223/.578]
Cody Asche - [.261/.674] [.308/.901]
Cesar Hernandez - [.321/.842] [.305/.752]

Lineup VS. Lefties:
1. Revere/CF
2. Frandsen/3B
3. Utley/2B
4. Ruiz/C
5. Ruf/1B
6. Brown/LF
7. Rollins/SS
8. Mayberry/RF

Lineup VS. Righties:
1. Choo/RF
2. Utley/2B
3. Brown/LF
4. Howard/1B
5. Ruiz/C
6. Asche/3B
7. Rollins/SS
8. Revere/CF

Players' Batting Side:
Ruiz - R
Kratz - R
Howard - L
Ruf - R
Utley - L
Rollins - S
Asche - L
Frandsen - R
Brown - L
Revere - L
Choo -L
Mayberry - R
Hernandez - S
Galvis - S

The Phillies have played 152 games so far in 2013 (40 started by LHP, 112 by RHP).  The Phillies have made 5,666 plate appearances (1,156 vs. LHP/26.8%, 4,150 vs. RHP/73.2%)

Platooning two highly compensated players is taboo, but if it benefits the team, it shouldn't matter.  Both Howard and Choo are horrible against left-handed pitching, but absolutely destroy hurlers from the right side.  There is a third platoon as well, with Frandsen and Asche.  That's a lot of moving parts, that takes a ballsy and intelligent manager to pull off.

Don't worry about Choo and Howard getting too much time off either, because both would be tremendous bats off the bench when a southpaw takes the mound to start a game and is relieved by a RHP in later innings. Also, there will be times when the starting pitcher is a lefty that doesn't fare well against lefty-handed batters, so starting Choo in those situations makes sense.

All of these players listed above are back next season, with the exception of Chooch.  A 2 YR/$12M - $14M deal might get it done.  Choo, on the other hand, is going to be expensive, but worth it.  I'd be comfortable signing him somewhere in the neighborhood of 4YR/$72M - 5YR/$100M.  Just imagine Choo & Chooch t-shirts (I'm thinking Cheech & Chong theme here).

Turning Cesar Hernandez into a super utility player would be a huge boon for the Phillies.  He's capable of manning 2nd base and CF now, which leads me to believe LF and RF are possibilities.  He's played some SS in the minors too.  Giving him some reps all around the diamond in Spring Training would be beneficial, because the kid can hit. With more versatility, comes more at bats.

Starting Kratz solely against RHP is the wise decision, but just once a week or so to give Chooch a breather.

So, is my idea to crazy/far-fetched, or is it pure genius?


Bob D said...

I love the idea. I can see a chance that if they can upgrade on Mayberry & Frandsen spots or at least add competition that would be great.

1993 team won with multi platoons and I think it would work here. With Howard 1B, Choo OF, Revere OF, and maybe Asche 3B all getting around 30-40 games off during the year in favor of Ruf, Mayberry (or other RH OF), Frandsen (or other backup) the team may be able to exploit each players strengths.

GM-Carson said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Rupp being the backup to Chooch next year instead of Kratz. Kratz still has minor league options left I believe.

I went with Mayberry and Frandsen because they are already under club control.

Expect Maikel Franco to be ready for 3rd base duties sometime next year, moving Asche to a utility role, which he should be able to handle because of his athleticism.

Morak99 said...

No. No no no no no. We already have one $20 million part time player, and that's more than enough, thank you.

GM-Carson said...

Even with Choo taking some games off against lefties, he'd still get 600+ plate appearances atop the lineup.

Andrew said...

Sounds reasonable and Rube likes making splashes.

Bob D said...

Don't be surprised if there are some trade during the offseason which could include Kendrick, Ruf, Galvis, Revere or even others.

But we will likely see a roster that is quite a bit different after the penciled in starters. Franco is likely the first call up if Howard cant play.

GM-Carson said...

Hamels shits the bed against the Mets...again!

Bob D said...

Another option as righty OF would be Kemp if the Dodgers make him available in a trade. Cost would be $21mil per season for 6 years. Too bad we couldn't flip Howard to them lol.

I'm sure there will be several trade options during offseason.

Beer-a-Thon said...

If the Dodgers trade Matt Kemp straight up without eating some of his salary, then the won't get much of a return. However, say they kick in $20M to help offset the salary by about $3M a season, then they're looking at getting a package of headed by Maikel Franco.

Would you do Franco and Biddle for Kemp?

Morak99 said...

I wouldn't. Kemp's too much of an injury risk. Franco looks to good to give up now, and if he can spend next year learning first somewhere in the minors, I think by 2015 someone might bite on a trade for Howard with some cash kicked in as he'll only have two years left on the contract (much like the Yankees with Vernon Wells this off season). Biddle might be someone who I'd be ok being the headlining part of a package, though.

Jeremy said...

Let me first say that I am more than grateful for 2008. That being said I believe J-Roll should have never been re-signed. If I remember correctly 3 years 33 Mil and what are we getting, an aging player hitting .250. The Howard extension is a well documented debacle. Getting Lee, trading Lee, trading to get Lee back.

My point here is the Phils need to get younger (playing their prospects) and/or add flesh blood under the age of 30. I would have no problem adding Choo. I would love to see Ruf, Asche, Fransden get more playing time. MM should be relegated to A ball.