Sunday, September 08, 2013

2014 Preview of Phillies Offense Before 2013 is Over?

Reports have Ryan Howard and Ben Revere heading to the Florida Instructional League, in hopes of playing for the Phillies again before the season is over.  Dom Brown is also nursing a bruised Achilles, but will likely continue his quest for 30 homeruns before game 162 is played.  All three play prominently into the club's 2014 plans.  Should they return before 2013 wraps up, it might be a good preview for what to expect next year, with the exception of catcher.

1B - Howard
2B - Utley
3B - Asche
SS - Rollins
LF - Brown
CF - Revere
RF - Ruf

Bench - Galvis/UTL, Hernandez/UTL, Rupp/Kratz/C, Frandsen/UTL, and another outfielder.

I foresee the club attempting to bring in a solid 4th outfielder type that could start should Ruf falter.  Also, Mayberry, Ruiz, and Bernadina not coming back.  Meaning Amaro will be charged with finding a starting catcher (McCann anyone?).


Bob D said...

My guess is Ruiz is back (likely a 2yr deal) as they need a right handed hitting Catcher. Watch for a top right handed hitting OF to be signed/traded for giving the team 4 OF'ers in Brown, Revere, and Ruf. Mayberry and maybe even Kratz - bye bye as the Phils will likely go in different direction.

GM-Carson said...

Might be time for Kratz to go and let Cameron Rupp play every 3 days or so.

Corey Hart on a low salary deal with lots of incentives might work out nicely.

GM-Carson said...

I was mistaken about Revere and Howard returning to the Phils this year. They will only play in the Instructional League. Still it would be nice for them to play a bit before going into the offseason.

Bob D said...

Time to go into the season with too many starters then to have just enough and the injury bug hits and leaves the team with Mayberry or Bernadina starting almost every day.

Forget contract costs etc... Howard should still be good for producing 30+ Hr with many RBI's. Also forget the past practices, if JRoll hits like a bottom of order player then hit him there. He is still top notch with glove.

I could see lineup based on how they have been hitting this year as:
Ruf (breaks up the lefties)



strange, if Ruiz does resign as I think he is the best right handed hitting option outside of a trade, the lineup is set for next year. I would love to see a productive OF added to the mix still.

GM-Carson said...

I'm not sure if Howard will ever touch 30 HR/100 RBI again.

MForesta said...

I have been thinking the same thing of them needing a solid right handed hitting outfielder to play along with Ruf and be there if he struggles.Think Hart would be good but feel like he loves Mil and would go back with them with any deal. Who would you prefer out of this group. and im not just trying to name Chris'.
Chris Young
Chris Denorfia
Chris Heisey
Ryan Doumit(RF and C)
Drew Stubbs

GM-Carson said...

Chris Young doesn't hit for average, or hit much at all anymore. Signing him would be bad.

Denorfia is signed with the Padres next season, but probably could be had via trade. I'd take him. Nice bench bat.

GM-Carson said...

Carlos Beltran 2 YR/$26M, do it! Switch hitter that can still really hit.

Jarrod Saltalamachiccia is also a switch hitter and would help the offense. 3 YR/$21M, do it.

1. Revere/CF
2. Utley/2B
3. Beltran/RF
4. Brown/LF
5. Howard/1B
6. Ashe/3B
7. Rollins/SS
8. Salty/C

*Ruf starts against lefties at 1st base and gives Beltran a day off a week in RF.

Bench- Ruf/OF/1B, Hernandez/UTL, Galvis/UTL, Rupp/Kratz/C, Frandsen/UTL


GM-Carson said...

Or trade Howard for another bad contract, to clear room for Ruf full-time at 1st.

Of course, Howard's contract is one of the worst there's ever been. Therefore, matching up with another team would be difficult.

It's not like the Angels would want to do Howard for Hamilton.

Bob D said...

I'm sure there will be alot of names float by especially when the non tendered players are listed.

A trade would be good especially if Howard could be moved. IF!

I think another OF will be brought in at the cost of Mayberrys spot which is fine. Mayberry is OK and would be signed quickly, but I think they can do better.

Not sure if Galvis will even make the team. Its likely to be a duel between him and Hernandez.

Salty over Ruiz?? hmmm

GM-Carson said...

Salty is younger, which the Phils need some youth infusion.

Mayberry is not having a good season. He's tapped out his potential, which isn't much.