Monday, September 30, 2013

WSBGMs Phantasy Baseball Champions

We Should Be GMs is proud to announce the winners of each of our 2103 fantasy baseball leagues.

Enjoy your virtual trophies and bragging rights, because that's all you get!

Head-to-Head League:
(16 teams)
1st - Steegles
2nd - A Tale of Two Youngs
3rd - Coyote Utley

*Steegles took back-to-back championship in his only two years in the league (also, his only two seasons ever doing fantasy baseball).  Impressive.  GM-Carson (Delmon's AntiSemites) finished 5th.

(20 teams)
1st - Free Dom Brown
2nd - Elvis is Dead
3rd - The Cake is a Lie

*GM-Carson (Ruf's Rough Ruffians) finished 4th.  This was my worst fantasy baseball season ever.  Shameful.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Let It End

Holy balls!  These closing games to the season are pathetic, maddening, sluggish, pathetic, sickening, disheartening, pathetic, not watchable.  Yeah Phillies!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Choo is the Answer, and I'll Prove It

The Phillies offense is broken, and I'm gonna fix it.  How?  With one player and some smart managing. Player being Shin-Soo Choo and manager possibly being Ryne Sandberg.
Black = 2013, Red = Career

Versus Lefties:
Shin-Soo Choo - [.207/.345/.243 (.588)] [.242/.339.337 (.667)]
Chase Utley - [.232/.313.430 (.742)} [.266/.373/.470 (.843)]
Jimmy Rollins - [.261/.329/.340 (.669)] [ .272/.326/.420 (.747)]
Ryan Howard - [.173/.218/.321 (.539)] [.224/.300/.428 (.728)]
Dom Brown - [.241/.284/.431 (.714)] [.227/.284/.378 (.662)]
Ben Revere - [.370/.378/.479 (.858)] [.300/.331/.342 (.673)]
Darin Ruf - [.190/.311/.349 (.660)] [.228/.326/.468 (.794)]
Carlos Ruiz - [.316/.391/.487 (878)] [.278/.371/.438 (.809)]
John Mayberry - [.240/.298/.469 (.767)] [.274/.321/.529 (.850)]
Kevin Frandsen - [.310/.405/.465 (.870)] [.288/.341/.436 (.777)]
Erik Kratz - [.081/.227/.189 (.416)] [.165/.255/.352 (.607)]
Freddy Galvis - [.224/.255/.408 (.663)] [.248/.281/.422 (.703)]
Cody Asche - [.241/.290/.379 (.670)]
Cesar Hernandez - [.257/.297/.286 (.583)]

Versus Righties:
Shin-Soo Choo - [.321/.461/.567 (1.028)] [.309/.412/.523 (.935)]
Chase Utley - [.301/.360/.507 (.867)] [.296/.373/.511 (.884)]
Jimmy Rollins - [.248/.319/.346 (.665)] [.268/.328/.428 (.756)]
Ryan Howard - [302/.357/.522 (.878)] [.295/.390/.606 (.996)]
Dom Brown - [.285/.336/.543 (.879) [.264/.330/.477 (.806)]
Ben Revere - [.285/.327/.314 (641)] [.277/.321/.324 (.645)]
Darin Ruf - [.278/.370/.538 (.908)] [.280/.365/.537 (.902)]
Carlos Ruiz - [.271/.311/.355 (.667)] [.275/.356/.407 (.763)]
John Mayberry - [.226/.289/.374 (.664)] [.230/.297/.377 (.675)]
Kevin Frandsen - [.196/.243/.291 (.534)] [.245/.304/.324 (.628)]
Freddy Galvis - [.236/.296/.393 (.689)] [.222/.266/.363 (.629)]
Cody Asche - [.269/.347/.454 (.801)]
Cesar Hernandez - [.386/.471/.455 (.925)]

2013 Minor League Splits:
Black = Versus Lefties, Red = Versus Righties
Darin Ruf - [.288/.771] [.259/.743]
Freddy Galvis - [.316/.796] [.223/.578]
Cody Asche - [.261/.674] [.308/.901]
Cesar Hernandez - [.321/.842] [.305/.752]

Lineup VS. Lefties:
1. Revere/CF
2. Frandsen/3B
3. Utley/2B
4. Ruiz/C
5. Ruf/1B
6. Brown/LF
7. Rollins/SS
8. Mayberry/RF

Lineup VS. Righties:
1. Choo/RF
2. Utley/2B
3. Brown/LF
4. Howard/1B
5. Ruiz/C
6. Asche/3B
7. Rollins/SS
8. Revere/CF

Players' Batting Side:
Ruiz - R
Kratz - R
Howard - L
Ruf - R
Utley - L
Rollins - S
Asche - L
Frandsen - R
Brown - L
Revere - L
Choo -L
Mayberry - R
Hernandez - S
Galvis - S

The Phillies have played 152 games so far in 2013 (40 started by LHP, 112 by RHP).  The Phillies have made 5,666 plate appearances (1,156 vs. LHP/26.8%, 4,150 vs. RHP/73.2%)

Platooning two highly compensated players is taboo, but if it benefits the team, it shouldn't matter.  Both Howard and Choo are horrible against left-handed pitching, but absolutely destroy hurlers from the right side.  There is a third platoon as well, with Frandsen and Asche.  That's a lot of moving parts, that takes a ballsy and intelligent manager to pull off.

Don't worry about Choo and Howard getting too much time off either, because both would be tremendous bats off the bench when a southpaw takes the mound to start a game and is relieved by a RHP in later innings. Also, there will be times when the starting pitcher is a lefty that doesn't fare well against lefty-handed batters, so starting Choo in those situations makes sense.

All of these players listed above are back next season, with the exception of Chooch.  A 2 YR/$12M - $14M deal might get it done.  Choo, on the other hand, is going to be expensive, but worth it.  I'd be comfortable signing him somewhere in the neighborhood of 4YR/$72M - 5YR/$100M.  Just imagine Choo & Chooch t-shirts (I'm thinking Cheech & Chong theme here).

Turning Cesar Hernandez into a super utility player would be a huge boon for the Phillies.  He's capable of manning 2nd base and CF now, which leads me to believe LF and RF are possibilities.  He's played some SS in the minors too.  Giving him some reps all around the diamond in Spring Training would be beneficial, because the kid can hit. With more versatility, comes more at bats.

Starting Kratz solely against RHP is the wise decision, but just once a week or so to give Chooch a breather.

So, is my idea to crazy/far-fetched, or is it pure genius?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In a Season of Wrong, There is Some Right

The Philadelphia Phillies 2013 season has been bad.  Not horrible, not good, just bad.  Amaro has the challenge of piecing together a contender for next season, and some of the rookies on the team receiving regular playing time are providing a bit of hope for the future.

Cesar Hernandez - .320/.759 with 13 R in 23 G.  He can play 2B and CF, is a lifetime .294 hitter in the minors, is 23 years old, and a switch hitter.  He could be the perfect 4th outfielder if he were able to play LF and RF (which are easier positions than CF).  He has speed too (147 SB in the minors).

Darin Ruf - .259/855, 34 R, 14 HR, 26 RBI in 63 G.  If he can eliminate some of the holes in his swing and develop better pitch recognition, he would provide the much needed right-handed power bat in the lineup. The 27 year old's defense in the outfield is okay, as he catches what he gets to, but his range is poor.  Ruf's value is in his bat.

Cody Asche - .269/.781, 17 R, 5 HR, 21 RBI in 39 G.  The 23 year old has hit at every level, and after a rough start at the plate in the Majors, he's now doing the same thing.  He's very athletic and has great range at 3B.  Envision him starting at the hot corner for most of next season.

Jake Diekman - 41 G, 34.1 IP, 38 K, 2.88 ERA, and a 1.31 WHIP.  The 25 year old, fire-balling lefty is starting to harness his stuff, and the results are positive (2.35 ERA/1.04 WHIP in the 2nd half).

Monday, September 16, 2013

Series Preview- Clash of the Crappy Offenses

Miami Marlins (55-94) @ Philadelphia Phillies (69-80)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Monday - Sam Dyson vs. Cliff Lee
Tuesday - Brian Flynn vs. Roy Halladay
Wednesday - Nate Eovaldi vs. KK
7:05 start time for all games.

The Marlins suck, but they have a good excuse, in that management traded almost everyone of value away.  The Phillies, on the other hand, have a bloated payroll of under performing artifacts.

Sam Dyson is making his MLB debut tonight and Brian Flynn is making only his 3rd MLB start on Tuesday.  Don't be surprised if each dominate the Phils and pick up the first wins of their careers.

Horrible Bats:
R - Marlins/479 (30th) Phillies/563 (28th)
AVG - Marlins/.231 (30th) Phillies/.248 (21st)
OPS - Marlins/.627 (30th) Phillies/.695 (24th)
DBL - Marlins/196 (30th) Phillies/238 (21st)
HR - Marlins/90 (30th) Phillies/136 (21st)
SB - Marlins/70 (19th) Phillies/71 (18th)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Halladay Update & Nationals Series Preview

Halladay Since Return from DL:
Games - 4
Innings - 21.1
Pitches - 371
Strikes - 217 (58%)
Hits - 18
Walks - 14
Strikeouts - 14
Hit Batters - 5
Earned Runs - 12
ERA - 5.06
WHIP - 1.50

With so many question marks concerning player's health/age already under contract for next season (Utley, Howard, Papelbon, Rollins), maybe it's time to let Roy go.  Sad, but probably necessary.  After all, this is a business.

Philadelphia Phillies (68-78) @ Washington Nationals (77-69)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Friday, 7:05 - KK vs. Stephen Strasburg
Saturday, 7:05 - Cole Hamels vs. Gio Gonzalez
Sunday, 1:35 - Tyler Cloyd vs. Jordan Zimmermann

The Nationals failed the entire season until recently (23-9 with a 6 game winning streak), and are now making a run at the 2nd Wild Card spot.  The offense is scoring runs. Ryan Zimmerman/3B starting hitting homeruns, Adam LaRoche/1B had his bat come to life, Jayson Werth/RF is playing like a MVP, Ian Desmond/SS is an elite shortstop, Bryce Harper/LF is gutting it out through knee pain, and Denard Span/CF is now getting on base to set the table for all those previously mentioned. Their bullpen has been outstanding, and their 3 best starting pitchers take the mound this series.  Thus, sweeping the Phightins.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oh Roy Halladay, Where Art Thou?

Roy Halladay has made three starts since rejoining the rotation following a DL stint due to shoulder surgery.  He's been okay, but not good.  His ERA and WHIP are mediocre, but the other numbers are worse (more BB than K, 4 HBP, % strikes thrown).  Also, he's only averaging about 87 mph with his fastball.

Three Start Total:
Pitches - 267
Strikes - 160 (60%)
Innings - 17
Walks - 9
Strikeouts - 8
Hits - 14
Hit Batters - 4
Earned Runs - 8
ERA - 4.34
WHIP - 1.35

He has roughly 4 starts remaining this season to show he can regain effectiveness.  He'll never be Cy Young Doc again, but perhaps he can settle into a 3.75 ERA, 12 W version of himself, which still holds plenty of value.  I'd like to see Halladay back with the Phillies in 2014 on an incentive laden deal (2 YR/$10M with incentives for time not on DL and starts made).

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Series Preview- Padres

San Diego Padres (65-77) @ Philadelphia Phillies (66-77)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Tuesday - Andrew Cashner vs. Tyler Cloyd
Wednesday - Eric Stults vs. Roy Halladay
Thursday - Tyson Ross vs. Cliff Lee
*All game times 7:05

Friars Bats:
R - 543 (27th)
AVG - .247 (22nd)
OPS - .691 (26th)

Will Venable/OF is having a breakout season (.273/.819, 21 HR, 17 SB), while Chase Headley/3B is having an awful season (.239/.709 after .286/.874 last year).  Their offense is essentially built with a bunch of role players, with no real star power.

Friars Arms:
ERA - 4.11 (22nd)
WHIP - 1.36 (26th)

As per usual, all three starting pitchers this series have the ability to shutdown the Phils offense.  Of course, Jim Abbott's missing right arm could do the same thing.  Closer, Huston Street, as been on a roll this season, having only blown 1 save in 30 opportunities (can't say the same thing for Papelbum with 7 blown saves in 32 chances).

The Phils and Padres are nearly identical- bad offense and spotty pitching.  With that said, I'm going with the Phightins taking 2 outta 3.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

2014 Preview of Phillies Offense Before 2013 is Over?

Reports have Ryan Howard and Ben Revere heading to the Florida Instructional League, in hopes of playing for the Phillies again before the season is over.  Dom Brown is also nursing a bruised Achilles, but will likely continue his quest for 30 homeruns before game 162 is played.  All three play prominently into the club's 2014 plans.  Should they return before 2013 wraps up, it might be a good preview for what to expect next year, with the exception of catcher.

1B - Howard
2B - Utley
3B - Asche
SS - Rollins
LF - Brown
CF - Revere
RF - Ruf

Bench - Galvis/UTL, Hernandez/UTL, Rupp/Kratz/C, Frandsen/UTL, and another outfielder.

I foresee the club attempting to bring in a solid 4th outfielder type that could start should Ruf falter.  Also, Mayberry, Ruiz, and Bernadina not coming back.  Meaning Amaro will be charged with finding a starting catcher (McCann anyone?).

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Mauricio Robles' MLB Debut is Ugly...Like his Control

Quick to the point, to the point, no fakin'...the Phillies bullpen is horrible.  True story.  As the calendar flipped to September, rosters around Major League Baseball ballooned with expansion open to any player on the 40-man roster.  One of the Phils call-ups was Mauricio Robles, a 24 year old lefty with control problems.  In 38 innings with the Iron Pigs he walked more batters than he struck out (31 BB, 26 K).  However, his ERA did not reflect his wildness (1.42 ERA in Triple-A).  Over his 8 minor league seasons, he averaged 5.4 walks per 9 innings, and that's scary.  His MLB debut started off nicely with a strikeout, but quickly turned into disaster.  In one inning of work, he allowed a walk, two hits, balked, and two unearned runs.  So, his ERA stands at 0.00, but people watching the game know better.  He will likely falter badly like the other trash of the Phils bullpen has all season long.  Amaro must fix the relief problem, or another losing season is sure to repeat in 2014.

Michael Martinez/UTL, Cameron Rupp/C, Cesar Hernandez/UTL, Joe Savery/P, Tyler Cloyd/P, Luis Garcia/P, and Freddy Galvis/UTL joined Robles as September reinforcements.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Amaro Finally Trades Young

Gotta believe Michael Young held more value at the end of July than he does now.  Either way, he's gone now and Amaro got back a "prospect" from the Dodgers.  Our genius GM wasn't done there, no he managed to get something for the seemingly worthless John McDonald, as he went way to the Red Sox. 

Young hit .276/.731, with 49 R, 24 DBL, 4 TRPL, 8 HR, and 42 RBI in 126 G for the Phillies.  Offense was okay, but his defense was as atrocious as expected (-2.4 dWAR).  LA sent the Phils a minor league pitcher named Rob Rasmussen.  He's tiny 24 year old lefty (5'9", 160 lbs.), that has been primarily a starting pitcher, reaching as high as Triple-A.  Over 4 seasons, he's compiled a 23-32 record in 432.2 IP with a 3.95 ERA and 1.38 WHIP.

McDonald hit .174/.513 in 21 G for the Phils.  He now joins his 4th MLB club this season (BoSox, Pirates, and Indians).  Boston shipped Nefi Ogando to the Philly, who is 24 years old and 3.45 ERA and 1.42 WHIP over 97 minor league appearances (currently in High-A).

Neither have much upside, if any, but honestly neither did Young or McDonald's future in Philadelphia.