Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Howard Update

I know the title of this post might be misleading, but we're not discussing Ryan Howard.  He's still overrated, overpaid, and on the DL.  Rather, we're giving an update on the 2013 standings for The Howard.

Located on our right sidebar, you can see the extensive list of players that have committed The Howard (strikeout, error, and homerun in same game) this season.  Currently Pedro Alvarez of the MLB's best record Pittsburgh Pirates leads the way with 4, but Milwaukee's Juan Francisco made a move up in the standings, and now that the ChiSox Adam Dunn is manning 1st base regularly, it could be a fight to the finish for the crown.

Last night Chase Utley recorded his first Howard of the season, but because the Phillies are one of the worst teams in baseball this season, it did not end in a win for the good guys like it typically does.

Random Notes:
*Darin Ruf has reached base safely in 28 straight games.  Which is awesome, considering he has only played in 31 games in his career.  Maybe Amaro should sign him to a 5 year $125M extension right now.

*Michael Young is not part of the team's 2014 plans, so the failure to trade him is inexcusable.  The Phillies season is a lost cause, so why not give Cody Asche the last 2 months to test his mettle and try to get something or some sort of value for Young?  Amaro sucks.

*The Phils have the 3rd worst run differential in baseball with -81; only the Astros and Marlins are worse.

*Two disappointing, big contract pitchers square off against each other tonight in Philly (Cain vs. Hamels).  Cain is currently sporting a 4.79 ERA, by far the worst of his career, and Hamels leads MLB in losses with 13.


Andrew said...

What if they are just using the next two months to audition Asche with the intention of re-signing M Young for the next year or two if Asche doesn't pan out? I dunno. There's no predicting what Rube will do

GM-Carson said...

Maikel Franco is the future at third base. Possibly by next season. Asche is very athletic and can play all over the diamond.

Andrew said...

Franco certainly is tearing it up in AA. Think he'll be a sept callup? With 1B, 2B, and SS all blocked up for at least 2 more years (assuming Utley is hammering out a 2-3 year deal) doesn't look like we have room for 2 more starting infielders. Would hate to convert a 3B to OF, but maybe it has to happen. Otherwise, maybe trading Rollins clears Asche to play SS. Regardless, it all depends on if he's even good enough at the MLB level. Or... Asche is trade bait for an OF or RP next season.

Morak99 said...

If Rollins' option does not vest (he'd have to get hurt), I'd assume that means Asche would move over to Shortstop in 2015 if both he and Franco establish themselves. You could then create a new offensive core with them, Brown and Revere, plus one of the many catchers if all works out. Of course, there's a whole lot of what ifs there.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Papelbon coming in for the save. To blow it?

I say bring in Lidge, who was signed to a 1-day deal just for this game.

Beer-a-Thon said...

There ya go, Papelbon blows it again. 6 blown saves in 13 opportunities since mid-June.

$13M wasted.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Bases loaded with no outs in the bottom of the 9th and they fail to score one fucking run. The entire team is sickening.

Morak99 said...

The Phils are going to have a real good draft pick this year.

GM-Carson said...

To all you "know-it-alls" that came one here and told me how wrong I was...Screw You! I wish I wasn't right, but like most times, I am. The Phillies are a horrible team. Don't say "you couldn't predict all the injuries and down years". Bullshit! I saw this team for what it was, a loser.

Bob D said...

Braves just crushed a AAA player making his major league debut as starter pitcher. Maybe they will make it 2 in a row.
Next years team so far???
Revere CF
Rollins SS
Utley 2B
Howard/Ruf 1B
Brown LF
Asche 3B
Kratz/Rupp C
??? RF (hoping for Choo and his 400+ OB%)

How ever I feel Rollins is now a lower in lineup hitter and Ruf may just be better than Howard or should get some starts in a platoon of some sort.

Andrew said...

Papelbon needs to go. Just leave. He's not even worth a bag of baseballs. Maybe a tin of pine tar, at best. Or a pack of double bubble. Disgusting.