Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Newest Phucco- Marlon Byrd

Marlon Byrd was last seen wearing a Phillies uniform in the early games of the 2005 season.  He was later traded to the Nationals, and has been been to many other teams since then.  Last year, after being released by the Boston Red Sox and being suspended for a banned substance, he found himself without a job this past winter.  The Mets took a chance on him, in the form of a minor league contract, and he rewarded them with a .285 AVG, .848 OPS, 21 HR, and 71 RBI.  The fact that he's hitting, playing quality defense, and owed very little money through the remained of the season made him an alluring trade candidate.  Enter the Pittsburgh Pirates.  They are on the verge of snapping their string of 20 consecutive losing seasons and nabbing a playoff bid too.  This officially makes Marlon Byrd the newest member of the elite Phucco Phamily.

Meanwhile, KK is pitching like poop and the Phillies aren't hitting (aka- losing to the Mets).


GM-Carson said...

So fundamentally flawed tonight's game was.

~GM Yoda

GM-Carson said...

Marlon Byrd with a 3-run bomb for Pittsburgh tonight.

Morak99 said...

They really need to move the Marlins somewhere west of Miami so that the Pirates can be in our division again. That rivalry needs to come back, even is if would not be in the Phillies favor short term.