Sunday, August 25, 2013

Casper Wells- Worst Player in the History of Baseball

He can't hit, he can't pitch, he sucks.  Casper Wells.

With Charlie Manuel no longer the whipping boy for the Phillies losing ways, the crux of blame pivots to Ruben Amaro.  He's assembled a roster full of other teams' rejects.  We're not the friggin' Astros, man!

Anway, since joining the Phillies, Wells has 1 hit in 23 at bats (.043/.207) and a horrific 67.50 ERA and 9.00 WHIP.  Last night's marathon games featured two Phillies position players "pitching", the other being the equally horrible John McDonald (3-19 since joining the Phils and a WHIP of 6.00).

I don't understand the point of players like Wells, McDonald, Roger Bernadina, Michael Martinez, and others of that ilk.  There's no upside with these guys.  If you're gonna lose, why not lose while trying to develop some players from the farm system?

Low-Lights From Last Night:
*Phillies pitchers issued 18 walks.

*Phillies batters struck out 20 times.

*Starting pitcher, Ethan Martin, lasted 2/3 of an inning in an 18 inning game.

*Dom Brown left the game in the 3rd inning with right heel soreness.

*Casper Wells was 0-7 in the batter's box and 5 runs in 2/3 of an inning on 3 hits and 3 walks on the pitcher's mound.

*The Phillies were 2-15 with runners in scoring position.

*The Phils pitching staff is haggard, so Doc is returning early.  Yep, Roy Halladay toes the slab today in Citizens Bank Park.


Christopher Usewicz said...

How many runners is scoring position did Wells himself leave stranded? They walked the players in front of him just to get to him. the last so many innings were difficult when there were two hitters (Wells and the Pitcher) that got the batters in front walked in favor of the easy rally killing out. His average is horrid enough. Bring back Mini Mart!

GM-Carson said...

I think Amaro is a piss poor GM, but I didn't even think he was dumb enough to continue giving such crap players at bats. Flush these turds already.

Christopher Usewicz said...

Amaro has to remember when giving some players second chances that they had to be good in the first place. I have to wonder what he is doing to philly's reputation around the league that they would sign anybody. I know they are trying to see who can contribute for next year but pick some players with talent, if they are young and tossed away, it was due to NO TALENT. Apparently Amaro never heard applied to the saying "No such thing as a free lunch" to the team. I don't care if he is getting these players for free, they couldn't pay me enough to make a mockery of my team on the field.

GM-Carson said...

Doc doesn't look good, but he looks better than what he was earlier in the season. He's still getting stronger, so today is a step in the right direction.

Bernadina's homerun saving catching was awesome. Played it perfectly, so graceful. I'll lay off picking on him for awhile now.

Shawn Milke said...

Bernadina is actually not a bad ballplayer. Yes, this year with the Nats he was less than impressive. BUT, prior to this year he put up solid offensive #'s for a utility outfielder and he has always been good with the leather. The problem is that he was brought in AFTER the lowly John McDonald and the absolutely abysmal Casper Wells, so we immediately jumped all over Bernadina assuming we were getting more of the same. The other thing that's nice about The Shark is he was excited to come to Philly, which I personally love. Enthusiasm is contagious. He also was able to escape the charade that is the F*ed up Nationals organization, so good for him. A change of scenery can be a beautiful thing.

Alejandro said...

Sad little blog squish squish

GM-Carson said...

Bernadina made two amazing plays yesterday that showcased his athleticism. Hopefully he can start to hit like seasons prior and then we'll have a decent 4th outfielder.

John Angiolillo said...

Michael Martinez is worse. Wells is a close second though

John Angiolillo said...

Michael Martinez is worse. Wells is a close second though

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