Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Amaro Cornering the Market on Horrible Hitters

Roger Bernadina is officially a Phillie.  He of a .178 batting average and .517 OPS this season.  He's been a passable 4th outfielder in the past with the Nationals, but not in 2013.  Hence being released.

Amaro is doing a helluva job fielding the worst team possible.  He's give Casper Wells (.150/.380), John McDonald (.093/.336), and recently demoted Michael Martinez (.167/.333) playing time.  Obviously the Phillies woes weren't Charlie Manuel's fault.  Amaro pieced together a roster of complete shit.  Don't forget Laynce Nix (.180/.486) was with the team all year until about a week ago.  If not for the Marlins, they would have the worst team in baseball.

Amaro is ruining this team.  True story.


Noah The Kid said...

They should acquire Mark Kotsay.

GM-Carson said...

Shut yo face!

Morak99 said...

Why is RAJ dumpster diving? Dosn't he know his shit already stinks?

Bob D said...

Actually by adding Bernadina and optioning MiniMart, I see this as an improvement. Bernadina is only in the bottom 20, as MiniMart is dead last. However from what I have seen from Wells he has some completion - just not good so far. McDowell has been ok for Phils, but he isn't a player with good upside.
Galvis I saw as a decent SS.

I'm thinking that if Ruiz continues to have a strong finish to season he will be back, there really isn't much that would be a great upgrade. Ruiz has the arm and game calling that others do not. Kratz has a power bat, but passable on the other stuff.

If the lineup is too lefty heavy, then I could see Revere being traded and a right handed OF coming in.

I think Ruf should play regular, maybe at 1B against lefties if he does not start in OF and bring in 1 or 2 quality OF'ers. Maybe Choo will be brought in for CF, despite him hitting lefty. If he does, Revere would be gone.

GM-Carson said...

I have a feeling we're going to be looking at the same offense for the most part year. Some might improve, but expect a lot of decline.

1. Revere/CF
2. Utley/2B
3. Brown/LF
4. Howard/1B
5. Ruf/RF
6. Rollins/SS
7. Asche/3B
8. Chooch?/C

Two places to clearly upgrade on offense are catcher and third base. The Phils seem committed to Asche though, so hopefully he develops quickly (some good days, but much more bad days). McCann would be a great addition. Sure, he's another lefty, but the dude can hit, and the Phils need that.

Bench: Galvis, Mayberry, Kratz, Frandsen, and another outfielder.

I expect the big money to be spent on the bullpen this offseason.

Morak99 said...

The only way to solve the lefty problem while fielding an even passable offence is to gt rid of Howard. The only way I can see this happening is trading him to a team in bad need of a DH (Yankees, Orioles, Mariners), and paying basically his entire salary. I doubt Raj would be willing to do this.

If that happens, I would still want to keep Ruf in RF because there's no right handed OF I'm keen on. I would try to go after Kendrys Morales as a strong but respectable 1b, he's a switch hitter.

I guess if they're to have a left handed problem, might as well go all in an get McCann anyway.

GM-Carson said...

Phils showing some comeback moxy under the new skipper.

Bob D said...

Crappy Hitter Bernahdina went 0-4