Sunday, July 28, 2013

Uplifting...Or Not

What do you want me to write? A post about how fiscally savvy Amaro is by investing nearly $10M a year for 6 years on an unproven Cuban that hasn't pitched much over the last two seasons. Maybe this dude will rock the baseball world and become a stabilizing figure in the Phillies rotation. Or maybe he will stink and be nothing more than an overpaid long reliever that can barely get AAA batters out. Perhaps I should twirl an inspiring tale about a team down on its luck, decimated by injuries, and filled with highly compensated but under performing veterans that rises from the ashes like the Phoenix and wins it all during one last hurrah. Nope. Eff that noise. Sometimes I truly hate being so negative and so right at the same time. I wish I lived in a fantasy land of marshmallow clouds, jelly bean rain drops, and dogs pooping Snickers bars, but I don't. Reality is that our beloved Phillies are a team of diminishing "goods" that will continue a downward spiral unless some wholesale changes are made, and those changes might not be possible due to the prohibitive contracts our genius GM is doling out. But by all means continue cheering for this team, just be expect to be let down, for longer rather than shorter.


Bob D said...

A new all time low 8 runs scored on just two hits in an inning by the opposition. Can they please hire Bob Ueker e so I can at least get a laugh out of the games

GM-Carson said...

A preemptive eff you to SirAlden fir telling me to root fir another team and wah-wah. The Phillies depress me thus season, especially since I think things will continue to get worse. Amaro is all about the big splash but doesn't have the foresight to build an entire roster of quality winning players. He's activity ruining this team. I've been saying it and I'm right. I am correct about thus stuff most of the time when it pertains to the Phillies. It's a tough pill to swallow, but hey it's the truth.

Anonymous said...

8 Unearned Runs!

8 Straight Losses!

Rooting for my poor Phillies.

Nats and Mutts are Worse.

Anonymous said...

Minor Leaguers

Lose to Major Leaguers.

Hope they overpay and sign Chase Utley 3 years 45 Mil. He deserves it.

Hope they get a Bullpen Arm with a Pulse for Young.

Anonymous said...

Amaro did his best and the Team is Old.

Nats GM did not succeed.

Brave are below .500 since the early going. Do you really prefer
GM Frank Wren

Uggla .204 5 years for 62 Million Dollars?

Blow Job Upton .177 BA 5 years 75.25 Million Dollars?

Is Frank Wren a bad GM? Trade him for
Ruben Amaro? and have B.J. in center instead of Ben Revere?

The ball did not bounce for the Phillies Correctly this year, and
the that's the way the cookie crumbled.

GM-Carson said...

Too many GMs are making moronic investments. I knew BJ Upton wasn't good or worth that. I knew Uggla was the Dunn of second basement. So many of these big money contracts turn to shit either instantly or shortly down the road. The PED era is winding down and players fizzle out quicker without the illegal fountain of youth.

Howard's contract horrible. Paplebon's contract horrible. Too many years for both Ibanez and Polanco. Paid a stiff price to get Pence, but then got crap in return for him. Traded Lee for a heap of shit. Amaro needs to learn that a winning team is balanced with homegrown talent and trades/signings, vets and youth, a few stars sprinkled in with a bunch of quality role players. He's ruining this team. If you can't see that then I don't know what to tell you.

GM-Carson said...

Amaro ignores the facts/trends right in front of his eyes. These injuries and dwindling performances were easily predictable for the most part.

And shut the hell up about Utley deserving 3 years $45M. He's my favorite Phillies player of all time, but need I Rembrandt you that this is a business and intelligent investments must be made with the head nit the heart or it will fall apart.

Morak99 said...

It's really interesting how last year's failures got all blamed on Manuel, and this years are all on RAJ. Both suck, but that's a point that fascinates me.

GM-Carson said...

Manuel needs to go, but this is far beyond his control or incompetence.

Bob D said...

I forsee Utley getting 2 yrs 24-28mil with a 3rd yr option.
Manual isn't really the problem other than hitting Rollins in top of order because that is what worked in 2007-2010.

Andrew said...

Papelbon running his mouth... again. It would be one thing if the person complaining about the losing ways hadn't himself contributed to several of those loses!

GM-Carson said...

Things will continue to get ugly.

Rollins says he won't waive his no trade clause. That's his right, but damn.

Anonymous said...

You are completely correct.

They are a team of diminishing goods.

Blowing up the team is throwing the baby out with the bathwater or
the cry baby little rich kids taking his bat so no one can play when things do not go his way.

If you look at other teams - they are having big problems too. Amaro did tried. Post Steriod Era and way too much money out there who do you throw money at?


Amaro made bets and overpaid for Adams and his arm fell off. I am glad he wasted that money. The owners of the Phillies are Billionaires. I hope they keep spending money for smart WSBGM's risks.

The starting lineup Utley - Howard - Revere - Brown - Cooch have been out.
RF is weak weak weak.

Halladay - Hamels - 5th Starter - Adams - The Entire Setup Bullpen of Rookies all have not shown up for work.

I am really glad that Jimmy Rollins said clearly that he will not wave his No-Trade Clause.

If there was someone that should have been signed without 20-20 hindsight I would be with you GM-Carson.

I respect you and GM-Cory. I do not want a decade of Mutts like 20 games under .500 Baseball.

We need a RF. We need 3 Bullpen Pieces. We need some injury luck.

No ONE. No GM will trade any minor leaguer who has a projected above average major league career ahead of them for damaged or diminished goods.

What I have always admired about WSBGM's is the knowledge here, not the WCAU - "Let's Trade - Freddy Galvis, Michael Young, Delmon Young, and Papelbon, for Miguel Cabrera idiocy".

This is not Amaro's being an idiot, any more than Frank Wren getting lucky to have a Division leading team with $75.25 Million Dollars committed to B.J. Upton.

or the Jason Werth 7 years $125 Million Dollar contract.

This team needs are Love not Hate.

Anonymous said...

Your not getting anything for Rollins silly goose.

Nothing. No above average Major Leaguer.

Anonymous said...

Blowing up is childish.

GM-Carson said...

Why are you accusing me of saying blow them up? I would like to.race Michael Young, Chooch, and Paplebon. Keep the rest, including Rollins.

Preserve Jon said...

It's the PreserveJon firesale!
Let's go around the horn, shall we?
If I were GM -
Howard - Stuck with him (couldn't trade him for 5 cents on the dollar)
Utley - Trade him NOW
Rollins - Stays
MYoung - Trade him
DBrown - Stays
Mayberry - DFA/Non-tender in offseason
DYoung - Trade
Ruiz - Trade if any takers

Hamels - Stuck with him
Lee - Trade him
Kendrick - Trade if any takers
Pettibone - Keep (for now)
Lannan - Keep (for now)

Papelbon - Trade him (will likely have to eat lots of salary)

Preserve Jon said...

Anyone else think the Yankees may come knocking for Rollins in hopes of shifting Jeter (should he not miss the entire year) to 3B or DH?

Even if ARod's not given a lifetime ban, which is probably not enforceable given the union's strength, the Yankees may simply pay him to go away.

Anonymous said...

8 million a year.

Anonymous said...

I am for trading Michael Young to see what Asche has.

Cooch calling a game is as valuable and 100 RBIs I would resign him.

Papelbon will not bring anything.
We have no one to replace him.

I was really rooting for Susdorf.
Droppy Droppy!

Anonymous said...

Have fun watching the entire AAA and AA rosters if you trade everyone Preserve Jon!

Morak99 said...

At this point: Trade the Youngs now for anything. Trade Chooch not just for the hell of it, but you don't need a showstopping return. Trade Lee or Utley only if a team includes one or more their top five prospects plus change. Hold Paplebon and trade him during the offseason, as it seems the short term market for him has dried up but no doubt there will be a relif market in November. Then we don't have to deal with his prima-donna ass next season.

GM-Carson said...

Paplebon, Paplebomb, or Paplebum?

Bob D said...

Right now Hamels, KK, Lannan, Lee, and Pettibone and now Gonzalez are all under contract for next year. Halladay could be brought back too. If he is healthy he can be a top starter (If someone can do that even at his age it would be him).

Ruiz could be moved with Kratz, Rupp, Joseph, Valle all able to step in. But the minor leaguers had off years except Rupp.

M Young is expendable with Frandsen and Asche able to step in with Franco possibly on the cusp to make an impact.

The OF needs rebuilding with only Brown and Revere as players who should return. Ruff is an interesting player who is producing nicely in a small sample size. Would be nice to see him get good playing time over the last 2 months.

Utley should stay as he still produces when in the lineup. And he is showing he is much more dependable of staying on field. If not at least offer him arbitration so the team can get a draft pick. Galvis and Hernandez offer a solid backup with my guess as Asche may get to that position if displaced by Franco.

Morak99 said...

Cody Asche has been promoted. Michael Young trade almost certainly imminent.

GM-Carson said...

Do something useful Amaro, please.

Bob D said...

Asche play 3B, Ruf LF, M Young 1B, and Brown to RF when he returns. D Young odd man out.

ripjgarcia said...

Is there a reason not to fire Amaro now? After 3 years of horrible action, he tries to protect himself with inaction. Man up.

GM-Carson said...


Amaro is bad for the Phillies. True story. Sad story. Horror story.

C.M.R. said...

it's sad when you can't even send michael young anywhere.

it's especially sad when he keeps changing his mind on where he wants to go.

Morak99 said...

It's pretty clear to me that Michael Young was not dealt only because RAJ asked too much of the Yankees, not because of Young's flip-floping. Disgusting.

Mark my words: I predict the Phillies will never contend until RAJ is fired plus three years. That's the damage he's done.

Morak99 said...

Also, didn't seem to just be us. Nothing of consequence happened at all today. The Kennedy and Norris deals don't really help Arizona or Baltimore contend at all. Though, neither are the really bad deals, just ones with no point.

Beer-a-Thon said...

I know the Astros and Marlins suck, but dammit the Phillies seem like the worst team currently in the majors. F'n horrible.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Utley with the Howard, but ain't no win coming tonight.

Andrew said...

Can still do waiver trades through August, so M Young could still be moved