Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Ugly Truth (Why I'm So Negative)

Carlos Ruiz has a .583 OPS over 43 games.  Start a Google search for black market Adderall.

Jimmy Rollins current OPS of .669 and 9 stolen bases are the lowest of his career, and he's not getting any younger.

Michael Young, who Sir Alden proclaims to be "great in the 2 hole", has hit into 17 double plays.  If by making extra outs and squashing scoring opportunities is great, then, yeah sure.

Laynce Nix, who has appeared in 72 games, has a .192 average and .532 OPS.  The 2 year pact that Amaro inked him to was the first guaranteed contract of his career (which began in 2003).

Rumor mill is saying the Phillies are after Justin Ruggiano of the Marlins.  He's currently batting .202/.650, so I'm not sure why they are seeking his services.  Probably because Amaro is an idiot.

The Phillies bullpen is so horrible in both Philly and Lehigh Valley that the "best" option to be called up when Joe Savery hit the DL was Raul Valdes.  MLB bullpen ranks: 4.34 ERA (27th), WHIP 1.49 (29th), and 120 walks (6th worst, despite pitching the least amount of innings). WTF?!

Jonathan Papelbon has blown 5 out of his last 12 save opportunities.

Cole Hamels has a 4.16 ERA and 12 losses.  Get your shit together Ol' Girl Parts!

The Phillies have the worst batting average and OPS (.190/.505) in baseball with the bases loaded.

Ryan Howard's contract is horrible!  I know he's on the DL, so this is a bit out of place, but I felt like adding it anyway.  It's my blog after all.


Christopher Usewicz said...

It is hard for me not to be negative. In fact I've had to practice at it after the last few years of Phillies baseball let downs, not to mention the Eagles. Let's hope the last bit of usefulness of such players can be to restock the minors with young, viable talent who are almost ready to join the majors. The Phillies don't need to be demolished, there is talent to build off of for the following years. Is Amaro the one who can make such moves? I doubt it but if he stays, I guess I have to hope.

Anonymous said...

Michael Young has been hitting .375 in the month of June and July, mainly thanks to an interesting move by Charlie that had him in the leadoff spot and in 2 hole for a number of games, where he has thrived. He had 10 hits in his 24 at bats as the leadoff hitter, giving him a cool .417 average out of that spot to go with a .898 OPS.

Anonymous said...

He is a great presence in the clubhouse a Philly Type Lunch Pail Guy.

I do support Trading him - IF
something truly valuable comes back.

Preserve Jon said...

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GM-Carson said...

I like Michael Young but would like to see what he could fetch in a trade. Also, see what Cody Asche has to offer.

Bob D said...

Mini Mart is back. Can't lose with him and the Exxon Valdez spilling fuel on the fire. Im sure I'll hear the explosions from home

Bob D said...

Yup we need Gas Can Geary back. I think a towel was seen being thrown from the Phillies dugout

Bob D said...

9-1 may as well put in mini mart

Morak99 said...

"I gotta be honest, it's really not going well now"- Larry Anderson, on the Cardinals turning a 6-1 lead into a 9-1 lead.

No. Shit. Sherlock.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Really? Michael Martinez...what the fuck?! This shit pisses me off. None of the other 29 teams even want him in their system, let alone their MLB club. He is horrible. Fucking trash. Recalling him time and time again proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how fucking stupid Ruben Amaro Jr. and company are. Thinking that he'll do anything to help the team is straight up stupid. I'm done. I hate this.

Beer-a-Thon said...

I apologize for the R-rated language, I just really fucking hate Michael fucking Martinez. Piece of worthless shit.