Friday, July 26, 2013

Series Preview- Tigers

Philadelphia Phillies (49-53) @ Detroit Tigers (56-45)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Friday, 7:08 - Ol' Girl Parts vs. Doug "He likes to" Fister
Saturday, 7:08 - Cliff Lee vs. Max Scherzer
Sunday, 1:08 - Petite Bone vs. Rick Porcello

Tigers Bats:
R - 509 (2nd)
AVG - .279 (1st)
OPS - .780 (2nd)

The Phillies went from the NL leader in batting average (Yadier Molina) to the AL leader in Miguel Cabrera/3B (.358/1.120, 76 R, 31 HR, 96 RBI), but he's currently day-to-day with a bum hip.  The rest of the lineup is formidable too, with Prince Fielder/1B (.267/.810), Torii Hunter/RF (.308/.808), Jhonny Peralta/SS (.302/.806),  and the returning from the DL Omar Infante/2B (.309/.787).  Their only weaknesses are in left field and at catcher.

Tigers Arms:
ERA - 3.82 (15th)
WHIP - 1.26 (9th)

Detroit's pitching staff strikes out nearly a batter per inning (904 K in 912.2 IP), so expects some whiffs this series.  The 3 starting pitchers are having decent years, especial Scherzer with his 14 wins.  The bullpen is a bit tattered, as Jim Leyland is currently using Joaquin Benoit as closer (after Jose Valverde and some others failed earlier this season).

Roster Move:
Dom Brown to the 7-Day DL with concussion like symptoms.  Steve Susdorf called up from AAA, who was a 19th round pick back in 2008 and has hit .304/.802 while playing left and right fields over the past 6 seasons.

Tigers sweep the plummeting Phils.  Sad, but true.


Anthony said...

See ya Cliff.

Bob D said...

See Valdes is now in the rotation. vs Max Scherzer, this should be a nail biter.

In other news Phils sign SP Miguel Gonzalez to $50mil/6yrs. He is suppose to be good and near Major League ready. May only need a few AAA starts to see if that's true.

With Cliff being scratched and this new guy signing, does that mean a trade imminent? Hmmm My opinion is not highly likely of a trade, but cant rule it out.

Quintero walked and is now a free agent.

Phils close to trading for Gregerson. He's good and is under control for one more year.

Morak99 said...

I'm receptive to this Gonzalez signing. These Cuban defectors have shown that they can preform big time in the majors (Cespedes, Puig), so I'm exited to see his stuff.

Don't know if it's Lee, but it's hard for me not to believe at least one of our starters will be imminently traded in light of this (Kendrick maybe, and knowing how RAJ loves to trade young starters, Pettibone is always a possibility).

GM-Carson said...

Interesting signing, and extremely risky.


GM-Carson said...

The scouting reports on him are very mixed and mostly not very encouraging. Time will tell on this, but I have a horrible feeling that a huge mistake was just made.

Anonymous said...

Much better risk than Peavey.

I asked for this signing in WSBGM's and thanks Ruben.

Solid Risk. The Phillies have lots of money.

I hope they do not trade Lee unless it is for a #1 Prospect from the

Indians - Francisco Lindor S SS
Cardinals - Oscar Taveras L OF
Red Sox - Xander Bogaerts R SS-3B
and Brandon Workman R P that we drafted years ago and did not sign.

Because Lee is signed Long Term as Opposed to Former Trades you can demand a Long Term Piece.

Anonymous said...

Kendrick and
Gonzalez as the 4th and 5th Starters
going forward is very promising.

Bob D said...

I like the Gonzalez signing despite the expensive risk.

SirAlden, trading Lee will need more than just one top prospect. But that is a start. Now if that top prospect is a SS, then Rollins could be moved too.

Morak99 said...

Lee has a no-trade clause with all the teams strongly linked to him except for the Cardinals. If he goes anywhere, that's probably the most likely in return for Taveras + a mid level prospect.

Anonymous said...

Not sure that any team will give up their #1 prospect. It is wishful thinking on my part. There is no History of it.

I hope we keep Lee and build the team based on quality starts. Hopefully Roy Halladay will shine again for the Phillies, and Hamels will have a bounceback.




Big Difference.

Anonymous said...

5 runs in the bottom of the first.

7th Straight Loss Coming Up.

Bob D said...

I like that rotation for next year with Halladay and Gonzalez with Pettibone, Morgan, Martin and Biddle as backups. Halladay is interesting. If his problems was because of injury and he is fully rehabbed next year, then the reward would be great for the team.

Morak99 said...

These following options could have pitched better than Raul Valdez did tonight:

1) Tyler Cloyd.
2) Jon Pettibone on short rest.
3) 68 year old Steve Carlton.
4) Wilson Valdez.
5) My grandmother.

GM-Carson said...

This Gonzalez dude hasn't really pitched over the last two seasons. Huge risk. I dislike it. Foolish.

2 hits all game. The Phillies are dead.