Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Series Preview- Pirates (Best Team In Baseball)

Philadelphia Phillies (39-44) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (51-30)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Tuesday, 7:05 - Petite Bone vs. Jeff Locke"down"
Wednesday, 7:05 - John Lannan vs. Jeanmar Gomez
Thursday, 1:35 - Ol' Girl Parts vs. Gerrit Cole

Buccos Arms:
R - 320 (tied for 20th along with the Phils and Yankees)
AVG - .241 (24th)
OPS - .699 (20th)

Pittsburgh has the best record in all of baseball, but their offense still isn't all that good.  Andrew McCutchen/CF (.292/.822) and Starling Marte/LF (.288/.810) are doing well atop the lineup.  Pedro Alvarez/3B swings a mighty bat, but needs to make more contact (20 HR, 94 K).  Russell Martin/C, Garrett Jones/1B/RF, and Neil Waker/2B are serving as quality role players.  Jordy Mercer has taken over for the all-glove no-hit Clint Barmes at shortstop and looks to continue with a regular gig for the time being.

Buccos Bats:
ERA - 3.11 (1st)
WHIP - 1.19 (3rd)

The pitching staff is what sets the Pirates apart from other team.  They have a solid rotation and a dominating 1-2 punch for the 8th/9th inning.  Mark Melancon (0.89 ERA/0.84 WHIP, 23 HLD) and Jason Grilli (1.72 ERA/0.85 WHIP, 27 SV) are freakin' awesome!  They've allowed on 11 earned runs all season between the two of them, covering 77 innings.  The Phillies bullpen is good for at least that many run in a 3-game series.

Locke sports a sparkling 2.06 ERA going into tonight's start and is a near lock for the All-Star team.  Gomez was depth acquisition from Cleveland that has paid off nicely (2.76 ERA/1.14 WHIP in 13 G, 8 GS).  Cole is the ballyhooed prospect that has won all 4 of his MLB starts.

What I'm Drinking:
Finch's Beer Company beers from pounder cans (16 oz)!  They are located in Chicago and have been a family owned business since their origin (Pennsylvania respects that- America's older brewery, Yuengling, has been family owned for nearly 200 years).  Finch's is new to the midstate and have sent three of their bubbly concoctions over for introduction.  Their first impression has been good!

Threadless IPA- winner in its style category at the World Beer Expo, and for good reason...it's freakin' delicious!  Burnt orange in color with sticky/foamy head that has hops billow from the can upon cracking it open.  Wonderful bitterness, juicy citrus hops, and a tolerable 6-pack a-ok 6% ABV. RateBeer.com score of 92.

Golden Wing Blonde Ale- it's the season of hot weather, and my go-to style for this time of year is a nicely hopped blonde ale.  Some breweries do a "summer ale" with lemons and other fruity flavors, but that's not for me.  I enjoy a straightforward American blonde, tall and pretty in all her glory with a lovely fragrance and slightly sweet malt backbone.  Sexy.  Yum!

Cut Throat Pale Ale- this beer lands in between the blonde and the IPA with enough malts and hops to satisfy, but overwhelm the pallet. For those that dislike the over-the-top hops of an IPA, I recommend drinking this gateway pale ale to the hoppier side of the beer spectrum.

The Phillies are a bad team.  The Pirate are a good team.  Good teams beat bad team.


GM-Carson said...

Looks like Locke has been pushed back a day and Crumpton will start tonight instead for the Buccos.

GM-Carson said...

Well, holy crap, the Phils beat the best team in baseball.

GM-Carson said...

Charlie Manuel used 7 pitchers in a 1-run 9 inning game win. Not sure if that's genius or just stupid dumb luck.

Anonymous said...


The Bullpen is inexperienced and weak.