Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Series Preview- Cardinals...Uh, Oh!

Philadelphia Phillies (49-50) @ St. Louis Cardinals (59-37)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Tuesday, 8:15 - Petite Bone vs. Shelby "Isn't That a Girl's Name?" Miller
Wednesday, 8:15 - John Lannan vs. Jake Westbrook
Thursday, 7:15 - KK vs. Lance Lynn

Red Birds Bats:
R - 477 (4th)
AVG - .276 (2nd)
OPS - .751 (6th)

They Cardinals offense is loaded- NL batting leader Yadier Molina/C (.336/.867), elderly, but still awesome Carlos Beltran/RF (.306/.865), the underrated duo of Matt Carpenter/2B (.325/.903) and Allen Craig/1B (.332/.863), and the steady Matt Holliday/LF (.268/.800).  Their bench is solid too with Matt Adams/UTL (.301/.876) and Daniel Descalso/UTL (.276/.762).  Their only true weakness is shortstop, where Pete Kozma (.237/.576) gets most of the at bats.

Red Birds Arms:
ERA - 3.42 (4th)
WHIP - 1.21 (4th)

The Phillies are lucky enough to miss possible Cy Young Adam Wainwright's turn in the rotation, but the 3 other starting pitchers going at them aren't slouches.  Miller (2.92/1.12) is making good on all his prospect hype.  Westbrook (2.88/1.40) continues to keep a low ERA with smoke and mirrors.  Lynn (4.13/1.27) is inconsistent, but can be a shutdown pitcher at times.  Their bullpen created a closer this year when the incumbent Jason Motte was lost to Tommy John Surgery, as Edward Mujica (2.11/0.75, 25 SV) stepped in to do an admirable job.  The rest of the relief corps make scoring difficult once the starter has been lifted, with Kevin Siegrist, Keith Butler, Trevor Rosenthal, Randy Choate, and Seth Maness has rocking ERAs of 2.48 and lower.

What do you get when you take a juggernaut offense with a good pitching staff versus a team with a putrid offense and sack of shit pitching staff?  A sweep!  Phillies are not a good team.  Reality bites.


Christopher Usewicz said...

Is this a Phillies site? I don't see how it can be more negative unless I someone stumbled into a Cardinals page, if I did, then mea culpa.

Preserve Jon said...

Save Rollins!

I feel this needs to be on a tee shirt.

Amanda Hoffner said...

It's not negative, just honest....and realistic...not full of wishful thinking and euphemisms...

GM-Carson said...

It may be negative, but rightfully so. The Cardinals are favored to win each of the games due to their superior team. Some fans are annoying in their blind and unwarranted enthusiasm.

Christopher Usewicz said...

Does this site pick games based on Vegas odds? I hope you guys aren't putting money on it because the Phils weren't supposed to win any of the last series (which they did) aside from the Mets (which they lost).

Anonymous said...

2nd Place Baby!

3rd Place in the Wild Card!

No one will trade you anything for the stuff we want to get rid of.

Ethan Martin Type for Utley? Ugh.
A Bullpen Arm for Chooch? Ugh.

Delmon Young for a bag of balls?

Good Young who is great in the 2 hole for anything?

A Major League anything for Pappelbone?

The Phillies are about to have Billions in revenue.

Morak99 said...

Billions in revenue that RAJ will probably spend on shit.

Free agents give that extra push to teams that were built up from the bottom towards a title. You can't build a team based on free agents, you need to develop a core first. The Phillies did that in the 00's. They need to do that again, and THEN use their case to fix holes.

Building a team with free agents and trades for major league talent NEVER works. The Dodgers might be fooling us for a while, but they will falter. Look at the Blue Jays and the Angles. Last year's Marlins. Even they Yankees build up prospects in addition to big signings, and that's they they compete, not signing the best used goods.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly the point.

There is nothing to spend the money on now that we are in a Post Steroid Era.

So Pitching and Defense is the Key like the Phillies of 1976-78.

No team is ever going to give up any real prospect unless you are giving up a Starting Stud.

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- why are you so insistent on keeping Young, Chooch, and Papelbon.

Christopher - our predictions are just for fun not for betting purposes. Sweepea series is difficult even when it's best versus worst...we know that.

Morak99 said...

Sir Alden- Would you rather trade for prospects that may make the "pitching and defense" core rebuild in 2,3, years and may not, or take your chance on draft pics where you know well you've got at least a 6 or 7 year wait for those guys to come up through the system and find their feet? Worth a gander!

Bob D said...

No need to enter a two three year rebuild project. The team has a good nucleus and several prospects in the pipeline. But keep valuable players such as Lee and utley. M Young Ruiz and even Rollins are replacable in the RIGHT trade. They may bring someone helpful for the team. That said id be ok if they stay thru the year. Ruiz may even be back next year as the minor leaguers had bad years except Rupp. Frandsen and Kratz are not much of a downgrade if at all over the starters.

GM-Carson said...

Rollins is having a terrible year, but I have ZERO faith that Freddy Galvis can even replace J-Roll at his worst. Galvis can field, but his bat will always be subpar.

Ruiz would bring in a prospect if traded. A team like the O's would be wise to look into him, because that would allow them to use Weiters at designated hitter and Chooch would help their pitching staff. Yanks need a catcher, so do the Tigers, as far as contending teams go.

I don't understand holding onto Chooch and Michael Young just to watch the Phillies finish at .500 at best. Might as well trade them as see if you can strike gold. Keeping them brings nothing in the long run.

Papelbon is fading. His velocity is down and he's blown 5 saves already. It was a horrible contract the day it was signed and if Amaro can unload it, he should. Joe Nathan, Edward Mujica, and some others are free agents this offseason.

GM-Carson said...

Phillies offense sucks! True story.

Just occurred to me that Raul Valdes iz back with the Phillies. Season over.

Morak99 said...

For a second, I though you said "Raul Ibanez" which made me quite curious. But yeah, Raul Valdez is gonna continue to suck. Boo.

I would even trade Lee or Utley for the right stuff, but said right stuff has got to be like the Orioles having a Dodgers front office moment and be willing to give up Manny Machado or something.

Christopher Usewicz said...

I apologize, I know sweeps are hard and I am not delusional about the Phils and on our FB pages I have been saying that we should sell for over a month, close to two months now. I am not fooled by a few good series and if RAJ thinks the Phils are THAT team this year then I suggest he stop going down Kensington in his spare time. THey are not a bad team and don't need to be blown up. They do have several good young players with a few in the minors. With a few decent trades and some off season pick ups there is no reason why the Phils can't be right back in serious contention as opposed to this year's "delirious" contention.

GM-Carson said...

If the correct moves are made, I agree with you Christopher, the Phillies can contend next season.

Hamels, KK, and Lee are a solid 3 in the rotation and Pettibone might be alright in the backend.

The offense and bullpen are what scare me.

Christopher Usewicz said...

The offense and the bullpen... What happened to the Madson of yesteryear... Wasn't it so easy with him and Lidge(when he was good?) The offense will change with the players so it's hard to gauge where that will be but wouldn't a new hitting coach in the majors and even throughout the minors be nice? Isn't it called for? I don't care how much some players(howard) are being paid and you read my comment from yesterday regarding him but 25 mil doesn't make you unteachable and it doesn't make all those strikeouts ok. One last thing, it's something I've said time and again on fb, Nix may be one of the worst two year signings ever. What is good about a pinch hitter who strikes out that often with a sub 200 average? Sorry, of all the players, him coming to bat once a game just to strikeout the same way irritates me so much.