Friday, July 19, 2013

Series Preview: 2nd Half Kickoff

Philadelphia Phillies (48-48) @ New York Mets (41-50)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Friday, 7:10 - KK vs. Jeremy Hefner
Saturday, 1:10 - Cole Hamels vs. Zack "Not Chris" Wheeler
Sunday, 1:10 - Cliff Lee vs. Matt Harvey

Mets Bats: 
R - 376 (19th)
AVG - .235 (28th)
OPS - .680 (28th)

Their offense is horrible, but have managed to outscore the Phillies, despite playing 5 fewer games.  Marlon Byrd/RF (.271/.818) and David Wright/3B (.304/.903) are the only real threats with established track records.  Eric Young Jr./CF (.308/.782 in 24 G) has hit well since joining the Mets out of Colorado.  Ike Davis is no longer the starter at first base, that now belongs to Josh Satin (.361/1.044 in 22 G). 

Mets Arms:
ERA - 3.85 (13th)
WHIP - 1.32 (19th)

Their 3 best starting pitchers take the mound this series.  Hefner may not have the wins (only 4 in 18 GS), but his ERA/WHIP combo is deserving of better fate (3.33/1.15).  Wheeler is the much hyped prospect getting a chance to impress and has 3 wins in 5 starts with a 3.54 ERA.  All-Star Matt Harvey and possible NL Cy Young and , Matt Harvey, is having one helluva season (7-2, 130 IP, 147 K, 2.35/0.92).  In the bullpen it's Bobby Parnell (17 SV, 2.30/0.91) securing the fort with in-season additions David Aardsma (2.55/1.13) and Carlos Torres (0.79/0.88) providing quality late inning relief as well.

The Phillies veterans (Chooch, Michael Young, Lee, Hamels, J-Roll, KK, Utley, Papelbon) know they need to win over the next 2 weeks, so that Amaro doesn't decide to implode the squad.  Therefore, I'm picking them to take the first 2 games with a loss to Harvey on Sunday.

What I'm Drinking:
Great Lakes Brewing Co. out of Cleveland, Ohio.  I've heard great things about them over the past few years from craft beer aficionados, but was unable to attain any of their libations due to distribution limitations in my area.  No longer!  Great Lakes is finally in my region of PA and I am excited.  They produced some fantastic brews.  They're celebrating 25 years of microbrewing. Check out a variety case of the following to believe what you're reading.

Burning River Pale Ale- dry, crisp, a bit of spicy hops with earthy undertones and a touch of citrus.  This one is a winner.  It has a refreshing quality to it that you don't get in all pale ales.  With 6% ABV and 45 IBU, this will please the hop-heads, but not overwhelm those who are not. score- 96.  

Eliot Ness- rarely an I impressed with a lager, but damn this one is good.  This Vienna style lager has a reddish hue, smooth and sweet malt profile, and has just enough hops to be noticeable (ie- enjoyable).  It is named after Cleveland’s most respected safety directors, who frequented the brewpub’s bar during his tenure from 1935-1941 and, according to popular legend, was responsible for the bullet holes still evident today. score- 95.

Edmund Fitzgerald- easily one of the best porters out there.  Chocolate malt aroma hits the nose instantly upon pouring. Chocolate and coffee in the flavor. Deep sweet malty taste with a bit of smoke. Great stuff. score- 99.

Dortmunder Gold- hazy gold in color with thin bubbly head.  Nice soft carbonation mouth feel with bread and nuts in the aroma/flavor.  Smooth and easy drinking. score- 94.


GM-Carson said...

Offense go boom.

GM-Carson said...

Lost in the offensive onslaught is the fact that the Phillies pitchers were bad, just not as bad as the Mets.

Morak99 said...

100 degree weather always makes for interesting games. No matter how good, bad, or average the Phillies are, they always have the Mets to be their whipping boy.

GM-Carson said...

I maintain this team should sell. Mets are going to beat our 2 best pitchers (Hamels and Lee). Phillies are nowhere good enough to finish the season within even 5 games of the wild car. Extremely poor pitching in this series by the Phillies.

Morak99 said...

I eat my words. They should sell some even if they plan to contend (looking at you, Michael Young, the farm system needs it.

Anonymous said...

Sell for what?

No one is going to give up anything
for 2nd rate stuff.

The Phillies have a Ton of Money and will have even more with their upcoming new TV Contract.

1) Do you want that money to go into the Owners Pockets?

2) Do you want them to spend it on the Fans?

Cuban Pitcher Gonzalez is going to sign this week. That would be good news - Roy Oswalt Turkey Red Neck Asshole.

GM-Carson said...

Sell Michael Young which won't be brought back next season and us highly sought after.

Sell Delmon just so he isn't a Phillies any more.

Sell Papelbon because he's expensive and becoming deminishing goods.

Possibly move Chooch.

Preserve Jon said...

Nats just promoted former Phil's utility infielder and Michael Jack back-up Rick Schu to be their new hitting coach. Rick Schu! Who knew he was still in the game!

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Braun suspended...bout fargin' time!

Bob D said...

Since the Phils could adequately replace M Young, they could move him for a bullpen arm or outfielder. I still say buy and not sell. They have a legit shot at N-Least and should take advantage of it. Keep those who can help next year (Utley) but would be open to moving Cooch or Rollins in the right setting. With Galvis and Kratz/Valle(now top catcher in ML near ready) they can entertain such moves without much drop off at those 2 positions.

Move Lee? No, unless he passes thru waivers in August and the other team would absorb Howard's contract. That being said - the Phils will get very little in return and Lee would have value to them next year in rotation.

Ruben would be wise to at least hear what offers there are out there. That Gonzalez kid from Cuba who is likely to sign this year would be a great pick up. He has good stuff (SP) is 26yo and could appear in majors just after a few AAA starts. I think at nearly $50mil he is worth the gamble, its not my money anyway :P

Bob D said...

Carson, its not your money what would you do?

GM-Carson said...

Keep- Lee, Utley (re-sign him this offseason).

Trade- M. Young, Papelbon, Chooch.

Young and Chooch would get quality pieces back. Both the Red Sox and Yankees are hot for Young and if they threw Chooch in the package to NY they could attempt to get a good haul. Just not sure what the Yanks have offer. I only really know the Phils farm system.

Bob D said...

I feel similar on that except maybe on Paps