Saturday, July 06, 2013

Ruf Times Ahead

Amaro is taking this home stand to figure out if the Phillies should be sellers or buyers at the trade deadline. The answer is simple- sell! Trade chips: Chooch, Papelbon, Lee, both Youngs, and Utley. Personally, I keep Utley unless the package is ridiculous and Lee, because they need an ace. Chooch is old and worn down. Michael nor Delmon can field their position. Papelbon is unnecessary on a losing team. The writing is on the clubhouse wall and it reads "SELL", but I am not sure if Amaro is literate. Also, Howard hit the 15 day DL, which is about the only thing he's hit this season. Ruf has been summoned from Lehigh Valley to take his place on the roster. Things are stuck in mediocre mode and the Phillies will remain like this until big changes are made. Might as well start making those changes now.


GM-Carson said...

This is the worst bullpen I can remember over my years watching the Phillies. Amaro sucks.

GM-Carson said...

Lookie there, back to back winning series against division leading teams. The Phillies are the best!


Anonymous said...

Howard as 43 RBIs with a bum knee silly.

The team issue is Pitching and Runs Given up -

No Halladay - No Hamels - No Bullpen aside from Papelbon.

No one ever gives anyone anything good for anything.

Like what we gave up for Lee?
Like what we gave up for Halladay?
How about what we got for Lee?
How about what we got for Pence?


This team has money. We should be buyers for Middle Inning Bullpen Help. You want the money going to Bill Giles?


Anonymous said...

Honestly what Yankee Prospect
do you want and what chance
is there of giving them up
for Cooch or Young?

Same with Dodgers and Chase Utley.

Jason Rush said...

Carson try Nikasi....damn good. total domination IPA.

good stuff

Anonymous said...

What exactly are you going to get for:

Chooch -
Papelbon -
Young M -
Young D -


GM-Carson said...


Anonymous said...

Smoke some stuff.

Childish. Stuff you are getting will not fix the Phillies.

Bob D said...

I've been saying they should keep Utley, offer arbitration, if he declines and signs elsewhere they get a 1st round pick. I see more value that way as he is the best hitter.

If they are going to sell, trade those not in next years plan. That would mean keep Lee, Hamels, KK, maybe Paps (unless the offer is way too good). It could mean Rollins made available with Galvis taking over, Asche at 3rd with MYoung traded etc...

I know they have Cesar Hernandez, but I see Utley a better player. I also think Asche will eventually be moved to 2nd as Franco takes over.

Anonymous said...

"Woah Woah Woah GM-Carson"

"Let's Trade Cliff Lee and get back something really good like Tyson Gilles and Philip Aumont!"

GM-Carson said...

U know damn well we hated the Lee traded instantly. Plus, I said only deal him if the trade is ridiculous, like Taveras and Wacha from St. Louis plus someone else.

Anonymous said...

You know damn well that no team has ever or will ever trade prospects like Taveras and Wacha, plus a third player.

What are you Smoking? I pretty much know what you are drinking.

Pretty good stuff.

GM-Carson said...

I like the finer things in life. :)