Friday, July 12, 2013

Discussion Points

I am on vacation and blogging with my smartphone is difficult. I will return to computer use on Sunday. Until then, here are some discussion points : 1) assuming the Phillies are buyers, what/who should they target? 2) Would you move Ruf to right field and Dom to left field upon Howard's return? 3) Should Amaro look into signing KK to an extension? 4) Even if the Phillies aren't sellers at the Trade Deadline, would you consider dealing Michael Young and letting Frandsen handle 3rd base while calling up Cody Asche? 5) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Morak99 said...

1) BULLPEN. Don't care who, don't care where.

2) Yes. Find places to play Ruf. If we're going to be stuck with Howard, at least show Ruf can play, drive up his value, and trade him for someone that will be used.

3) Maybe? Wait till the offseason and see how he does down the stretch.

4) Absolutley.

5) All of it. The Woodchuck could chuck all the wood.

Bob D said...

Buy a top RF at the right price
Buy a solid bullpen arm

I would platoon Ruf with Howard and mix him into the OF. Howard against righties and Ruf against lefties would maximize their potential. It would leave a big bat on bench for late in game.

No rush on KK but if you can get it done then do so.

I would be ok with Frandsen at 3B, but the team is stronger with Young and Frandsen.

Hollingswood said...

Bullpen, bullpen, bullpen. For crying out loud. Delmon is not the problem. All you Delmon haters are just a bunch of sheep.

Hollingswood said...

And I don't wanna hear he can't field. He has done better than expected. Yes he is weak in the field but his confidence and ability as a hitter outweighs that. He is a proven bat and playoff monster hitter. We need him!

GM-Carson said...

Delmon Young has been swinging a good bat for a month now, but his range is some of the worst I've seen out there...ever. For the time being he should continue in the lineup.

Ruf with another homerun. Take your time Howard.

Morak99 said...

K guyz lets lose the game even though the White Sox gift it to us but go into extras so Revere van break his foot.

This is the worst loss yet. Carlos Ruiz can go dick off. A year ago he was a hero, now he is a zero. I absolutely cannot believe how bad his plate discipline is this season.

Bob D said...

Ruf could step in OF once Howard returns. He looks good hitting this year

GM-Carson said...

Two extra inning loses for a double header would be demoralizing.

Anthony said...

Diekman, every inning is an adventure.

GM-Carson said...

Yet another extra inning game.

Papelbon is pissing me off. 5 blown saves before the all star break is bad, especially since he's paid as if he were the best closer in the game.

Revere to DL and Kratz activated.

Preserve Jon said...

Ok. Time to put in my 2 Cents.

Go easy on Ruiz. He's put in his time and his career has run his course. He's been a starting catcher for 6 years and played in 5 seasons. This does not include his years in the minors from 1999 to 2006(!).

Someone will sign him as a starter next year (perhaps even the Phils on a 2 year deal) but he'll only make it for one more year and I'll be he'll break down in the middle of it. He's entering the serviceable-back-up phase of his career.

I'm not completely sold on Ruf. He's a one trick pony and they don't last long in the majors. Now that we know Revere's out for 6-8 weeks, Amaro's going to have to go and get a center fielder. Mayberry is not the answer. He's been consistently exposed when he plays for long periods of time. He's a fourth outfielder but his best role is as a regular defensive replacement.

I like Frandson in his role as a pinch hitting specialist. I have no problem moving Michael Young because of his penchant for hitting into double plays, but I'd only do it to bring up Cody Asche and I don't think he's ready. Only 90+ games about AA. (Am I wrong about that?)

I'm sorry to say it, but Utley will bring the best prospect haul, so he's the one to go. Thanks for WFC. Bring Caesar Hernandez back up and see if he's got the stuff. Although he's the same age as Asche, he's got 200+ more games in the minors.

KK has been great for the Phils. It's a tough call about whether of not to resign him. If you can get him at a discount, do it. But if you think there's other talent in the pipeline or another #2 you want to bring in during the offseason, then go out and do it. The rotation is going to change mightily this offseason and there will be money to spend. I think Pettibone will be able to slide into KK's role just fine. Alternately, rather than offering KK a contract, you could just go to arbitration with him and work year to year. That avoids a long term committment.

Remember that Doc will be gone (along with his, and Utley's, salary thus freeing up $40 million). I think there's a good chance the Phillies trade Cliff Lee as well. Next year, the Phils are looking tp fill 2/5 of the rotation, adding a RF, 2b, c and 3b. There's a possibility 4 of those positions could be filled from within. The rest from the trade and free agent market. This offseason will be interesting to say the least.

Preserve Jon said...

Oh and the Papsmear will likely be unloaded during the complete bullpen blow up.

I also think that when Charlie retires, Doobie will go with him.
There may be wholesale coaching changes.

Hollingswood said...

Utley is the one guy I would keep and resign at all costs. I want him here not just for his play but you need him to teach the young guys how to play the game the right way. I don't want them learning work ethic from Rollins and Howard. Utley must retire a phillie and he would help any transition into a youth movement. Jon you really think trading him for a prospect will be good for the team? He is in the last year of his deal! You gonna get jack for him. Trade Jimmy and his ego. Iwould give him away for nothing. He is done. The hardworkers always have long careers. Its the ones who rely on talent that fall from grace overnite. Plus its to early to throw in the towel. If u trade utley we r done. Say hello to the mid to late 90's all over again.

Bob D said...

Utley and Halladay could both be back on lower/incentive laden contracts. Is that worth it? I would say YES!
Utley has always produced when active. Halladay has had one bad year (2013) and one by baseball standards, ok year (2012). If Halladay comes back healthy and strong, why not add him to rotation. If he is your 3rd best SP he is a lot better than most.

Young is tradable as Frandsen can step in now, with Asche as a backup. Trade Young only if you can add that OF or RP to improve team, because you don't lose anything in starting lineup with out him, you do make the bench a bit weaker with Frandsen being a starter.

Rollins is tradeable also with Galvis taking his spot. They are both similar since Rollins K's a lot. I wonder if Rube sent him down to play everyday at SS in AAA in expectation of a Rollins trade.

Hernandez will likely get the call Friday if a trade is not made. He will likely become a bench player as Utley stays and Revere is healthy.

Preserve Jon said...

There's more to Rollins than meets the eye. Look at the numbers. He's a model of defensive and (somewhat) offensive consistency. Even if he never learned new tricks.

I like Utley as much as the next guy. I really and truly due. But Utley is in the phase of his career where he's an asset of diminishing returns. He also would bring more in a trade than Rollins would.