Saturday, June 29, 2013

Your Eyes Do Not Deceive You

Last night was not a figment of your imagination...

Yes, Delmon Young knocked in 6 runs on 3 hits.

Yes, John Lannan won his 1st game in a Phillies uniform and collected 3 hits (last Phils pitcher to do so was the famed JD Durbin back in 2007).

Yes, the Phillies scored in double digits for the 1st time this season.

Yes, the Phillies had 20 or more hits for the 1st time this season.

Yes, Skip Schumaker was the only Dodgers "pitcher" to not allow a run last night (he's normally a 2B/OF).

Yes, John McDonald, who was 2-38 with the Pirates and Indians before being traded to Philadelphia, got a hit in his 1st at bat in the Phillies uniform.  He's officially a Phucco!

Yes, Ben Revere is batting .280 and has been doing well since the beginning on May (.322 AVG with 15 SB).

Yes, the Phillies bullpen managed to not blow leads of 14 and 15 runs.  I know that's probably the most unbelievable thing in this post.


Anonymous said...

Nice to have Utley and Cooch back,
and D. Young kicking butt.

Notice there was no Ryan Howard in
the Box Score.

Certainly do not need him anymore!

Anonymous said...

The team problem is Pitching
Runs Allowed.

GM-Carson said...

Cliff with a horrible 1st inning.

Utley playing well.

Howard it!

Bob D said...

Hamels benched for an extra 2 days, maybe it will help when these $20mil+ players are sitting in favor of others - a wake up call

Morak99 said...

Chase Utley continues his pursuit of awesomeness in classy style.

Lee gets a mulligan. Bad innings happen eventually, and his getting out of the bases loaded jam was well done. Offence needs to come to the rescue now before the 'pen blows it.

GM-Carson said...

Lee settled in nicely but the offense couldn't bail him out. Got hits, just not when runners were in scoring position.

Bob- did u mean Howard or Hamels?

Morak99 said...

Phillies 36-29 in games not started by Cole Hamels. For those keeping score, that's a winning percentage (.553)that would put them about three games back of the Braves for the Division and two back from the slumping Reds for the Wildcard.

Slow clap for Hamels' new contract.

Bob D said...

Carson I mean both Howard and Hamels. Bench any $20mil player who is not producing at a time so they can clear there minds, get a breather from routine, and send a message too.

GM-Carson said...

Wish I could get benched and collect a ridiculous paycheck at the same time.

Beer-a-Thon said...

As much as Friday was a feel good story, they still got beat 3 outta 4.

Anonymous said...

All the young Bullpen arms in AA and AAA that seemed so promising - to be added to Papelbon and Adams in the 9th and 8th, have turned out to be total BUSTS.

Just terrible.

Bad Bullpen. Bad Bad.

Preserve Jon said...

I hope Utley gets a few more ABs at home before they trade him for a bag of balls and some rosin.

Anthony said...

I don't think your ads are hitting their target demographic.