Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This Season Sucks

Stop pretending this is a team with a chance.  Stop playing the "what if" game.  Stop acting like things are going to turn around once Chooch and Utley return.  This team sucks. It's true. Deal with it.

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Staff "ace" Hamels has 9 losses, and don't go blaming it all on run support, because his 4.45 ERA ain't that great.  He's better than this, but he's certainly been part of the problem. 

Ryan Howard isn't good.  In fact, he's bad.  People that beat the homerun and RBI drum need to GTFO and STFU, because right now he has only 7 HR and 31 RBI.  Gimme a break, I'd rather have Rico Brogna.

Mike Adams was supposed to be the 8th inning savior.  All he's been is a big disappointment.  One DL stint, multiple times he couldn't pitch back-to-back days because of aches and pains, and 4 losses already with a 4.22 ERA/1.41 WHIP.  His days as a premier setup man seem far behind him.  Oh, but he's making premier setup man moolah 2 YR/$12M.

Chase Utley is a talented second baseman when on the field, but for the third straight season he's missed significant time while collecting a significant paycheck.

Humberto Quintero is the starting catcher.  Yep, it's that bad.

Ben Revere has a .561 OPS. WTF, how is that even possible?!

Delmon "P.O.S." Young is shitty.

Freddy Galvis will never hit enough to warrant a starting infield gig.  You're looking at a .220/.575 hitter in my opinion, which doesn't cut it, no matter how good the defense.

Jonathan Papelbon is an elite closer, but this team doesn't need a $13M a year guy in the 9th inning, because they don't get the lead enough to make that investment worth it.

Michael Young is the newest leadoff hitter.  Guess that's a good thing, because he'll likely hit into less double plays now (13 GIDP so far this season).

Jeremy Horst has made the second most relief appearances this year on the team and has a 5.55 ERA and 1.69 WHIP.  As awesome as he was last year, he's been that terrible this year.

Don't forget about Roy Halladay on the DL, until who knows when, and that he left behind a 8.65 ERA in 7 starts.

The Phillies offense is making some of the worst pitching staffs in all of baseball look good.  That's a blazing neon sign in the dark of night that this team sucks!  They're becoming bottom dwellers no matter how much you don't want to believe it.

Laynce Nix has 3 hits in his last 31 at bats.  In 2 seasons with the Phillies he's hit .225/.660, which is the reason he was never signed to a multi-year MLB contract previous to Amaro giving him one (only minor league contracts prior to that).

The farm system is essentially void of talent.  Their top prospects aren't that good, so hope of filling holes internally is bleak.

The Phillies offense is pushing out 3.6 runs per game, while the pitching is allowing 4.13 runs per 9 innings.  That is an unbalanced equation that equals losing.  They've scored 42 less runs than they've allowed.

The Philliers are 8 games back of the Atlanta Braves for the NL East lead and 7.5 games back of the NL's second Wild Card.  16 MLB teams currently have a better record than them.


Anonymous said...

All this talk about *Blowing Up the Team" is just silly, silly gooses.

Give me an example where any team ever gave up some young player that will gave incredible long term WAR to the team that *Blew itself up*

This is a nice, gotten old, team. 20 Mil for Halladay - 20 Mil lost, Howard playing on a bad knee 15 of 20 mil lost (currently), Utley 10 of 15 mil lost (currently), Hamels 10 of 19.5 mil lost (currently).

Adams overused, Revere needing to learn how to play shallower and go back correctly, COOCH missing in action.

Aside from that the team is OK.

They are not far off from the Nats, way ahead in potential past the Mutts.

These guys need your support and proof that you are not "Front Runners" as J-Roll correctly opined a few years ago.

Root for your team. For God Sakes, this is not the Cubs, or the Marlins, or the Astros.

These guys if they heal (Cooch and Utley) and Hamels and Revere right themselves, can make a Wild Card Run.

Would you rather we had B.J. Upton, Michael Bourne, or Shane Victorino for 72.5 - 48 - 39 MILLION Dollars and the Loss of our Round #16 Pick J.P. Crawford?

Stop whining babies. Root.

No 2Bman, No Catcher, Limping 1Bman, No #2 Starter, (no rightfielder), (bad middle relief).

Bad things sometimes happen to good people. If your sister or brother or father hit a bad patch would you judge them? Have you be judged when you have stumbled?

Bad things have happened to a Good team. The Phillies need your support.

Anonymous said...

Freddie Galvis is a utility infielder who cannot steal bases.

Anthony said...

SirAlden, the nicest guy on WSBGMs.

In your family example, we could get very upset and frustrated if our brother wasn't living up to his potential.

The griping on this site is about decisions that are made, not casual mistakes but things that could have been avoided with a hint of foresight that the basest of fans have

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden they weren't good last year either. I still root for them and hope they prove me wrong. However, to think otherwise is spitting in the face of reality. Also, don't compare this team to my family. My family was built upon love and we were all created from the generations before us. We weren't bought or traded for and making a gajillion dollars.

GM-Carson said...

I am not mad at the Halladay contract because he served the team very well for 2.5 seasons.

Howard's extension on the other hand should have never been signed. Should have let him walk into free agency and let some other team pay out the nose for him (like Pujols or Hamilton) . Howard is paid like a top 10 talent in the game, but he wouldn't even crack my top 250.

Morak99 said...

What kind of Philly sports fan dosn't complain constantly about their teams? It's in the blood man. Concern shows we care just as much as ass-kissing.

OnceAnonymous2 said...

Outrage is warranted. Management has made some pretty hefty humdingers with contracts and trades.

That being said...there have been quite a few front-running commenters on this blog, at least one of whom has even confessed to "jumping on the bandwagon" in '08.

Beer-a-Thon said...

I'll love the Phillies no matter what, but I won't turn a blind eye to piss poor management in the GM office and clubhouse.

Beer-a-Thon said...

If Howard isn't hitting homeruns or collecting RBI, then he's worthless. Right now he's worthless.

GM-Carson said...

A blind man swinging a toothpick could hit the slop Bastardo is throwing.

GM-Carson said...

Guess tonight's loss is my fault, right Sir Alden?

They suck!!!

Bob D said...

They are a 500 team. They suck half the time. I'll bet a pack of twizzlers they go on a winning streak followed by a loosing steak of the same length just to frustrate us

Morak99 said...

They seem to hit half the time and pitch half the time at absolute random. As a result, 1 game of 4 they look like that team that can go on the wildcard run, 1 game of 4 the look abysmal, no better than Miami or Houston, and 1 game of 2 the look average as anything. Hence, average. They will end up very close to .500 but will have a losing season as injuries continue to mount.

GM-Carson said... other words they suck.