Monday, June 24, 2013

Series Preview- Padres (As If It Matters)

Philadelphia Phillies (36-40) @ San Diego Padres (38-38)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Monday - Cliff Lee vs. Eric Stults
Tuesday - KK vs. Jason Marquis
Wednesday - Ol' Girl Parts vs. Undecided
10:10 start time for all games

Friars Bats:
R - 315 (16th)
AVG - .248 (19th)
OPS - .703 (20th)

Their top two offensive threats have been DL'd, Everth Cabrera/SS (.300/.800, 31 SB) and Jedd Gyorko/2B (.284/.802).  Doesn't matter though, big boy Kyle Blanks/LF is now thumping the ball with regular playing time (.845 OPS) and Logan Forsythe (.319/.833) has filled in nicely at 2nd base.  Also, Carlos Quentin/LF can still clobber a ball (.846 OPS).

Friars Arms:
ERA - 4.10 (22nd)
WHIP - 1.33 (21st)

Stults (3.25/1.09) and Marquis (3.59/1.38) have helped steady the rotation this season.  The bullpen is stocked with plenty of options that have shut down the opposition so far this season.  Nick Vincent, Tom Layne, Joe Thatcher, Luke Gregorson, and Tyson Ross all have an ERA of 2.54 or better.

Phillies get swept because they are a lousy team.  Root for them all you want, but they will still lose.


GM-Carson said...

Dammit, nobody claimed Mini-Mart again and he's been optioned to Triple-A.

Bob D said...

They should win with Lee tonight, and have shots with KK and Hamels. However this team does find ways to lose, just look at last homestand. They went 3-3 when they should have been 5-1. If they can start playing like they can, they could challenge for NLeast. But until then.....

Rube trade for a RF would do wonders for the team now.

GM-Carson said...

I also wonder why Pettibone is being discussed for being optioned or demoted to bullpen, when Lannan stinks. Why is Lannan guaranteed a rotation spot?

Morak99 said...

Because the Phillies are stupid, Carson. Very, very, insultingly stupid.

Could you imagine how horrible this team would be without Cliff Lee?

This team is beyond saving, but it's not worth completely blowing up- there's youth finding its feet in CF and LF and more on the way in the Rotation, C, 3b. I'd try to trade Rollins for prospects at the deadline and then spend the whole offseason doing a) Using the cash from unloading Halladay to sign a legit right feilder, b)resigning Utley at 3 years/40 Million with a plethora of bonuses for games played, and c)whatever it takes to rebuild the bullpen- I'd do anything. The only reason I wouldn't move Papelbon is because if they do, this will probably get even worse next year.

GM-Carson said...

Wouldn't trade: Hamels, Lee, Brown, KK, Pettibone.

Would trade: Ruiz, Rollins, Papelbon, Howard, both Youngs, Mayberry.

I'd keep Revere. He's coming around and is young and cheap.

Papelbon makes too much money for a closer. It's stupid. Not his fault, but still stupid.

Anonymous said...

Carson needs some Meds.


What if Hamels was .500?!

GM-Carson said...

What if, what if, what if.

Not happenin'.

GM-Carson said...

Papelbon sucks now too. They just continue to find ways to fail.

Anonymous said...

Heart breaking Team. Just like the 1964 Phils.

Passed Ball by Chooch. Loses the game.

Anonymous said...

now Pappelbon
Entire Bullpen.

Bob D said...

I keep hearing all this of sell sell sell, but what does the team need?

I'd say if they got a Rightfielder, a starter, and a reliever this team could win the division. The other spots are ok/good and acceptable to run with. Wildcards are Halladay, Adams, Stutes when/if they come back.

But we will see

Morak99 said...

Changed my mind: trade Papelbon ASAP before he devalues himself further.

Andrew said...

Another night, another blown save by Lidge, err, I mean Papelbon....

GM-Carson said...

4 blown saves in one week (Monday - Monday). Is that a record?