Friday, June 07, 2013

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

A winning record, holy crap!  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Not to be overly pessimistic, but this 5 game winning streak that pushed the Phillies out of their losing record has been against two of the worst clubs in baseball (Miami Marlins and Milwaukee Brewers).  However, like the saying goes "a win is a win".  Anyway, Cliff Lee pitches tonight, woo-hoo!


Andrew said...

Look at the positives - losing this week against such poor teams would have really been the nail in the coffin for this season. Gotta beat up on the teams that are down when you have the chance. And we're fully in 2nd place as well!!

GM-Carson said...

As long as they keep winning series, I am happy.

Anonymous said...

Comments on the draft yesterday. Find me a kid like No. 66 that the Dodgers just brought up. Lots more potential than Howard when he came up. Helluva swing.

Anonymous said...

I was right about Dom Brown.

GM-Carson I agree about Ryan Howard, he had a major injury and could now turn into a Mo Vaughn big bodied flame out.

The problem I have with your comments on Ryan Howard is if you go back over the entire WSBGM's with negative comments,
he will have hundreds.

Why no similar Chase Utley comments he has been injured and exactly the same as Howard in value (even less) over the same time period.

How about Pat the Bat? How about negatives about lost 10s of Millions with Roy Halladay? 20 last year, 20 this year?

Seems like racism. You never attack white guys with the same vitriol that you reserve for Howard.

Compare lost millions for
Howard - Utley - Halladay

I am sure you are not a racist, but you must admit you never said anything like this about Pat Burrell who truely wasted a high percentage of the Phillies Payroll for his last two years.

Preserve Jon said...

SirAlden, you presented no relevant evidence for your claim. No matter how many qualifiers your use, to make a charge of racism is baseless and unfounded without doing the research. Come back with evidence and the matter should be open for discussion. Otherwise, its inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Preserve Jon,

You expect, after reading this blog for years, anything more out of SirAlden than a medless rant?

GM-Carson said...

1. Utley is my favorite player of all-time. I know his injuries have been a huge problem, but when he plays he has far greater value than Howard, plus a lower salary.

2. I've loved Halladay since his time with Toronto, and he was amazing until about half way through last season. However, this season he's been a complete waste.

3. Pat Burrell was complained about on here. Corey at one time made a photoshop of his career on a tombstone, stating it was dead.

4. We hated David Bell and Adam Eaton. We said mean, nasty things about them. They're both white.

5. We bitch about Howard, but we're not mean about it. We present facts of why he's not worth his contract. How can facts be racism?

Morak99 said...

9 picks in and the Phillies have only drafted one pitcher. Not sure how wise that is, you can never have enough pitching.

GM-Carson said...

Hate it when an ace blows a 4 run lead. It happens, but that doesn't stop it from sucking any less.

Morak99 said...

Lee's pitch count was high after several long starts. This one is on Manuel, not Cliff.

GM-Carson said...

Manuel is a tool...a tool of ignorance.

Preserve Jon said...

Horst strikes again.

GM-Carson said...

They surely know how to erase all good vibes expeditiously.