Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2nd Place!!!

*The Phillies are actually closer to the NL East leader than the 2nd Wild Card.

*The NL East is the worst division in baseball.

*Kevin Frandsen should have been starting at 2nd base all along, not Freddy Galvis.  I wonder if he could play right field once Utley returns.  

*Ryan Howard has his batting average up to .276 and a climbing .796 OPS as well.

*It's not fair that Cole Hamels lead MLB in losses with 10, because he gets next to no run support.  However, he should be ashamed of his 4.40 ERA.

*Tonight is a big game for the Phils.  Nationals are primed for the sweep.  KK needs to kkill them.

*A strong indicator of just how bad the offense and bullpen have been, is that the Phillies lead MLB in quality starts with 48 (6+ IP with 3 ER or less allowed), but still have a losing record. 


Anonymous said...

2nd Place Baby!

GM-Carson said...

Michael Young has been on quite the hot streak.

GM-Carson said...

Papelbon with his 2nd blown save in 3 nights.

C'mon, seriously? Can't anyone in this bullpen get outs consistently?

Morak99 said...


GM-Carson said...

You can say/type that again.

Phils haven't had a hit since the 2nd hitter of the game. Currently 2 outs in the 10th.

GM-Carson said...

Phillies still suck!

Anonymous said...


We forgive you Papelbon.

Bob D said...

Offense got the 1st 2 hits then went out for a cheesesteak. I agree with those who said KK should have stayed in for at least the end of the 8th, maybe go longer. Pap - that happens, but Galvis horrible throw, wild pitch etc... just down right sloppy. Stutes got squeezed by ump, but still failed to throw enough strikes. The Ump was inconsistent.

Pap wont blow a save tonight

48 quality starts should result in more wins

Anonymous said...

I like all of the Pitchers that we have now - Starters and Relievers, no one in AAA is worth moving up.

I would like to see M&M sent down and let Ruff or Fielder be a bench/1B/OF Right Handed Platoon Bat.

Release D.Young.

Anonymous said...


How did you feel about the Phillies in the Last Dark Ages like 1997,1998.

Can you go back and remember how you felt/dealt back when you could walk up and get 3B seats for $12 at gametime at the Vet?

Were you as upset or did you go with the flow? Just wondering. BTW you have been right on with all your GM ideas recently.

Your Pal who misses FuriousBall.

GM-Carson said...

Furiousball still reads, just doesn't comment. He's been a very busy man recently, getting married, doing charities, and running marathons.

In 97-98, I was a senior in high school. I remember still being in awe of the Phillies and loving nearly every player because I didn't have a full understanding of the economics and what is needed to win yet.

Anthony said...

I think a cool feature you guys could do is make some realistic transactions, and keep track of them. Something along the lines of:

Don't sign Ryan Howard, and sign cheap old 1B free agents to replace him and track the results.

Anonymous said...

So did you get mad like now and say they suck etc? or did you give them a pass?

Anonymous said...

Right. Do not sign Ryan Howard and Not at the 130 Year Franchise Best Record of 102-60 in 2011 when Ryan Howard had an OPS of +126.

What is the matter with you guys?!

Next year the Phillies will have more money than anyone except God the Red Sox, and there will be no Steroid Era Batters to Bid for.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- Ryan Howard wasn't a free agent in 2011, he would have been in his last season of arbitration.

Amaro was the idiot that signed Howard to an extension well before he needed to. It's not like it was a young player entering his player like Tampa did with Longoria or a lot of teams are doing with young talent. No, Howard already hit his peak and was entering the downward spiral and Amaro never had to keep him beyond 2011, especially not at the price he paid.

OH, and no, I didn't get mad back in the day. I gave them a pass.

Not anymore though.

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