Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Series Preview- the Slugging Indians

Cleveland Indians (21-16) @ Philaelphia Phillies (18-21)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Tuesday, 7:05 - Scott Kazmir vs. Petite Bone
Wednesday, 1:05 - Corey Kluber vs. Cole Hamels

Indians Offense:
R - 179 (6th)
AVG - .264 (7th)
OPS - .787 (1st)

Unlike last series, Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher will give a boost to the lineup.  That's scary considering the Indians outscored the Phillies 20-2 over a 2 game set.  Michael Brantley, Carlos Santana, Mark Reynolds, and Ryan Rayburn will be there to help out too.

Indians Pitching:
ERA - 3.88 (15th)
WHIP - 1.28 (16th)

Kluber and Kazmir are a notch below mediocre, as far as starting pitchers go.  Though, they very well could twirl quality starts against the lifeless Phils offense.  The bullpen remains Cleveland's strength, with Chris Perez, Joe Smith, Bryan Shaw, Cody Allen, and Rich Hill all rocking ERAs south of 3.25.

Drugs Matter:
Carlos Ruiz is batting .200/.481 through his first 12 games coming off suspension for a banned substance.  Keep in mind, this was Chooch's 2nd time failing the piss test.  I wonder how his stats pan out now that he's "clean".  Hopefully it's just a slow start for him and he's back to his old ways sooner rather than later.  If not, perhaps a visit to a pharmacist is in order.

Phils have the upper hand with the pitching match-ups, but Hamels has found a way to continually disappoint this season, so I say Cleveland sweeps the short series.


GM-Carson said...

I just looked over the Phillies minor league stats and they're pitiful. This system seems to be void of talent every where. There a few guys hitting and pitching well, but nothing that great, especially at the higher levels (with the exception of Cesar Hernandez at AAA).

Bob D said...

Pitching: 8 starts each from Kendrick (54.2 IP), Lee (56.2 IP), Hamels (51.2 IP). The difference is Hrs Hamels 7, KK 5, Lee 4 & Walks Hamels 22, KK 10, Lee 9.

If Hamels cuts down on walks & keeping the Hrs down, he will be better off. Most of the other stats are very similar. Except KK & Lee are hitting better. I guess the pitchers should concentrate on hitting much more than pitching - then they have a chance on winning.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Hamels has horrible run support, so it's not all his fault.

Anonymous said...

Hamels gets 2.88 runs per 27 outs in support. That's just bad.

KK - 5.01
Lee - 3.17

2012 Numbers

Hamels - 4.86
Lee - 3.53
Kendrick - 3.83

Adding Halladay into that mix was just a waste of time.

Overall the Phillies offense has just been dreadful this year.

Ben said...

Everyone except the catchers has been good for quick stretches. The problem with the offense is not ability but consistency- only Utley and M. Young have provided anything close to dependability. The issue is 4 of the other 6 positions are on cold streaks at any given time, therefore no runs.

GM-Carson said...

Dom Brown! Good all around game from all, including Manuel.

Anonymous said...

Went to the game tonight. Great game, great win. There are still a lot of believers in this team, and I was impressed with how they played tonight.

Frandsen played his heart out and won over more than a few fans in my section, fans who begun the game booing him just because they wanted to see Utley.

Galvis is a fan favorite.

I sat in right field. Delmon Young was booed every time he jogged out.

Lot of Indians fans on hand. Phillies fans were more than pleasant; they actually clamored for Drew Stubbs to throw a young Tribe fan a ball. He never did.

Not close to a sell-out, but there was definitely electricity for all nine innings.

Charlie out-managed Tito. Go figure.

The absence of Mike Adams was startling to several. There were a lot of anxious, surprised sighs when Horst jogged in.

All told, it seems the bats are coming around. Only 3.5 games out of first, and we're still in the thick of things. If we're one or two games over .500 at the break, I think the team can contend.

Beer-a-Thon said...

It's fun to make believe isn't it?