Sunday, May 05, 2013

Phillies & Losing- It's an Organizational Thing

Last night, the Phillies were shutout for the 5th time in 18 games.  This isn't 2008, the players they're counting on are 5 years older now.  Many of them 5 years past their primes.  Their record of 14-17 is buoyed by their 9-3 mark against the Marlins and Mets.  Take those game out of the equation and they're 5-14 against everyone else.  This isn't a playoff caliber team.  This isn't a good team.  This isn't a mediocre team.  This is a losing team.

Losing is the theme throughout the Phillies organization.  Not one of the affiliates owns a winning record.  The Phillies, Iron Pigs, Fightin' Phils, Threshers, and BlueClaws collective record is 60-82.

Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer sums it up nicely...
"The Phillies were built on the precarious hope that their aging veteran starters would pitch well and that their aging everyday players would regain their productivity. Around that central theme, the front office sprinkled journeymen and prospects who might be good enough if everything else went right."

Except, everything is going tragically wrong.


Ben said...

2013 Phillies=2012 Red Sox. Almost the exact same story. Maybe they can turn it around next year like the Sox did, but it's not gonna happen now.

C.M.R. said...

roy halladay can't even make it one inning against the marlins

who'll trade for him now?

Anonymous said...

you're reading my mind. and the answer is nobody. nobody will trade for him now.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely horrible.

Doc needs to go on the DL. Give him some time to figure out how the hell he's going to pitch for the rest of his career.

The way Manuel pulls Utley and Howard makes me sick. Could it be more obvious that he's throwing in the towel. Sure, with the Phils offense, the game is over, but he's sending the wrong message just blatantly giving up like that.

GM-Carson said...

If fans still think the Phillies have any chance at the playoffs this year after this series, in particular, this game, then they are f'n morons.

I have much respect for Halladay, but he's done. Finished. He's not even a 5th starter quality. He quite honestly sucks.

The offense is pathetic. Can't even put runs on the board against arguably the worst team in the NL.

Middle relief is horrible. Valdes, Horst, and Durbin just can't get it done. The score only becomes more lopsided once they're brought in.

As said before, the Manuel regime needs to end, and end now, not the end of the season.

Good job Amaro, you stupid shit!

Ben said...

Who wants to start taking guesses at when Manuel gets the pink slip? I'm eyeing a particularly tough stretch of 10 games at Pittsburgh, vs. Braves, and vs. Nationals from July 2nd-11th.

GM-Carson said...

Unfortunately, Manuel will not get canned during the season.

Amaro is a chump.

McStudley said...

Bob Ford's column was excellent, his best line: "If nothing changes, then this season is the balloon payment coming due for the stretch from 2007 to 2011 in which the Phillies went to the postseason five straight times and won a World Series. Few teams can accept the mortgage that comes with that kind of success without paying the price eventually."

I can't be too mad, that 5 year stretch was worth it.

GM-Carson said...

Halladya's ERA over the last calendar year (5.76) is the highest of any active pitcher who has thrown as many innings as he has (148.1) in that span.

Chase Trillo said...

If they keep losing, Manuel will go. Unfortunately, Amaro will not. Then Amaro will screw up the fire sale this team is headed towards. We are screwed until Amaro, Manuel, and most of his staff (outside of Sandberg) are gone. I'd like to see if there is a fire lit once Old Chuck hits the road. If not, start sending the players out of town too.

Btw, with Halladay hurt (everyone knew this a while ago except for the inept Phils medical staff) and half of the bullpen sucking, it's time to see what Morgan and DeFratus can do. Feel free to send Horst, Valdes, or Durbin packing. DeFratus is better than all three.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Where is the Giants series preview?!?!

Just because the Phillies are shitting the bed in 2013 does not mean We Should be GMs needs to as well.

Get it together!!