Monday, April 08, 2013

Series Preview - Mets

Phillies (2-4) v. NY Mets (4-2)

Monday - 7:05 - Roy Halladay v. Matt Harvey
Tuesday - 7:05 - Cliff Lee v. Dillon Gee
Wednesday - 1:35 - Oh No, It's KK v. Jeremy Hefner

Mets Pitching:
The first game of this series is a complete mismatch. Matt Harvey brings a 94 MPH heater, a nasty slider, and a 0.00 ERA while Roy Halladay counters with a high-80's meatball, a plethora of off-speed slop, an ERA over 13, and the demeanor of a man who just finished running a double marathon through the Mojave desert the same day his dog died...

Last season, Dillon Gee and Jeremy Hefner had a combined ERA of about 4.60. This season, the two have combined to give up only 2 earned runs in 12 innings. And those 12 innings were against Miami and San Diego, two of the worst offenses in baseball. The Phillies should put up some runs in the last two games of the series.

Mets Batting:
This team is David Wright and a bunch of other guys. So far, the 'other guys' have been led by John Buck (.400-2-9), Daniel Murphy (.273-2-6) and Marlon Byrd (.278-0-4). The remaining 4 starters (Tejada, Cowgill, Davis, Duda) are all hitting .211 or under.

What I'm Listening Too:
Josh Ritter - The Golden Age of Radio. I listen to a lot of folk/Americana these days and this album from Josh Ritter, even though it was released 12 years ago, is one of my favorites.

What We're Drinking:
Corey - Uprising Whiskey. This is a fairly new beverage made by Sons of Liberty Distillery in Rhode Island. Unlike most whiskeys, Uprising is aged for a very short time in oak barrels. It's also unique in that it's made from distilling stout beer. The result is an extremely delicious whiskey. I'm not a whiskey expert so I can't get into the flavors in much detail, but I can say this whiskey has some similar flavors to a fine tequila. So, if you happen to like both fine tequilas and American whiskey, this will be your new favorite.

Last series I said they would split the first two and win the finale. I was wrong. So I'm doing what any good gambler would do... I'm doubling down! The Phils lose the first but take the last two.


GM-Carson said...

Mets sweep.

Ben said...

The Mets will score 20+ runs in the series, Phillies go 1-2.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Over the Mutts. After all they are the Mutts.

Corey said...

watching Halladay is very frustrating. it's also kind of sad to see how far he's fallen.

GM-Carson said...

Halladay is absolutely shot. He's laboring with everything- stamina, control, arm slot, general suckiness.

He's not even remotely close to what he was. He's not even 5th starter quality now. Maybe he'll adapt, but for now...crap.

Ben said...

And now Durbin is on the mound. EXCELLENT.

Chase Trillo said...

DL Halladay.

DFA Durbin.

Fire Manuel.

Chase Trillo said...

Call up Pettibone.

Call up De Fratus.

Promote Sandberg.

Anonymous said...

This is not good. I feel hella sorry for Doc, and I have no idea how the team's going to respond to the (absolutely justified) media blitzkrieg tonight and tomorrow. They have to do something.

GM-Carson said...

Chad Durbin was a waste of resources. Should be released immediately. Bad all spring and even worse now.

The Phillies are bad. Believe it.

Ben said...

My best friend is an Orioles fan. I went to an O's game with he last year, which they won, and she just couldn't fathom it. They NEVER won when she went to Camden Yards. She could never remember them being good.

I say this because, being a little bit younger than most of you, the Phillies have been a good baseball club most of my lifetime. I am in the exact oppiste position as she is. And it fucking sucks.

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Howard is a bum.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words.

That "flu" bug that Halladay had was not the flu. He has some sickness.

The loyalty parade co-grand marshalled by Maunel and Amaro will protect him until Hallady gives up and exposes it to the baseball world. You can very clearly see the exhaustion, the sweating, not 20-30 pitches into each game. I have no proof and this is a gut feeling, but I'm telling you. There is something major going on.

GM-Carson said...

Some sort of new cancer?

Anthony said...

Where is everyone who said we were going to make the playoffs?