Friday, April 12, 2013

Series Preview - Marlins

Phillies (4-5) at South Beach Marlins (1-8)

Friday - 7:10 - John Lannan v. Ricky Nolasco
Saturday - 7:10 - Cole Hamels v. Jose Fernandez
Sunday - 1:10 - Oh No, It' Roy v. Kevin Slowey

Florida Pitching:
We all know Ricky Nolasco as the Phils see him four times a year. Kevin Slowey spent his first five seasons with the Twins and is the definition of a 'fourth starter.'

The real interest is in game two when Hamels faces 20 year old uber-prospect Jose Fernandez. Fernandez boasts a mid-90s fastball and a career minor league line of 14-1, 1.75 ERA. ranks him as the 7th best prospect in baseball.

Florida Batting:
The Marlins are ranked 28th or worse in batting average, slugging percentage, OPS and runs...

Mike Stanton is good. The rest of the team is horrible. In the season opener, Placido Polanco hit fourth. That's really all you need to know.

State of Baseball in Miami:
Please look at THIS.

Violence in Baseball:
'Chauvinist' reader Preserve Jon pointed out a dubious article by Tom Verducci advocating the elimination of home plate collisions. You can read the article HERE. I was going to do a full rebuttle but due to time, I'm just going to bullet point by thoughts:

- Verducci is not a great writer.
- Eliminating home plate collisions as Verducci describes is not a good idea because 1) it would favor the defense as the catcher would be able to still block the plate but make the runner avoid the contact thereby increasing his distance/time to home 2) a complete elimination of collisions is unnessesary because catcher's can already protect themselves for the majority of collisions by staying out of the baseline.
- I spent some time watching youtube collections of home plate collisions and if I was commissioner, I would make it illegal for a runner to initiate contact with a catcher who is not in the baseline. I saw a few instances where a runner went out of his way to drill a catcher who was standing in front of the plate, many times even towards the first base line. The catcher cannot protect himself in these circumstances. But if he plants himself anywhere along the third base line, he's fair game...

Then last night, Carlos Quentin charged anxiety-ridden Zach Greinke after getting hit by a 3-2 pitch in a 1 run game. Greinke ended up with a broken left collar-bone and will be out for multiple weeks.

This is garbage. Greinke will be gone for quite a while and Quentin will be back in the lineup in a week. If I was commissioner, if a player gets injured in a brawl started by a batter charging the mound, that player would be suspended until the most injured player returns.

I would love advocate eliminating mound charges, but in the AL the pitcher never bats and it's hard to administer 'eye for an eye' justice if he never steps foot in the batter's box to take his medicine...

The Phils will somehow lose one of these but still take the other two.


GM-Carson said...

Carlos Quentin is forever filed in my memory as "douchebag".

I'm think Phils sweep this series.

GM-Carson said...

I just read the Greinke/Quentin story on ESPN, then did the mistake of reading the dickbag comments on the bottom.

I can't believe so many people believe Greinke deserved what he got and that he's a pansy for not throwing a punch.

Quentin leads the MLB in getting plunked since the beginning of 2008. He set an AL record a couple years ago. Charging the mound and inciting a riot is not ok. Baseball is not supposed to be a contact support like football, boxing, or wrestling. These people are idiots.

Squire McGuire said...

Perhaps two plates one for the runner and one for the catcher?!?!?! Senior softball!

Preserve Jon said...

Apparently some editor at SI has decided that the excitement should be removed from baseball. Here's another story about violence in baseball. This time written by Joe Lemire, their resident stathead.

(Clutches purse.) Won't somebody think of the children!

Corey said...

first 'skirt' and now 'purse.' you are pushing the boundaries of decency, my friend.

Anonymous said...

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GM-Carson said...

Phillies at .500, how long will it last?

Bob D said...

Good insight on the home plate collision debate. I love the idea that u cannot hit any player when they are out of the base path.

Aaron said...

Well 10 games in here is my assessment of this team.
We are not better than the Braves or Nats. They are both better than the Phillies.
I actually think the offense is good and it's going to get better when chooch and D. Young show up.
Lee, Lanaan, KK, Paplebon, Adams and Bastardo look pretty good. Ryan Howard is completely useless.
Hamels has been dreadful but I have no doubt that will not last.
Halladay's Career is over. He's done and we can only hope that he either retires or goes down to the minors to "figure it out", before he does more damage.

I actually do see a potential path to the playoffs. I can see this team staying in the mix for the 2nd wild card until the trade deadline and making a move for a quality starting pitcher and sneaking into the playoffs.

However I could also see a complete implosion if Utley, Hamels or Lee gets hurt for an extended period of time.

Get ready for some more MIcheal Martinez, Galvis hasn't played at all and pressure i think is mounting to send him down.

Anonymous said...

Galvis is starting tonight.

Anonymous said...

It absolutely ridiculous how empty than stadium is. I had to laugh at the picture of the guy carrying 20 cotton candy through a giant section filled by 2 people.

Anonymous said...

No offense the past three games. Cincinnati next. Oh boy.

GM-Carson said...

Phils suck.

Anonymous said...

Philies Rock.

GM-Carson needs to go back on his Meds.

Ben said...

I was in Chicago and went to Wrigley Field today. Highly recommended if you've never done it. The two teams scored a combined 17 runs over 10 innings. Way more exiting than the Phillies series I just missed. Only mustering 6 runs against the Fish is the biggest red flag yet that this season is dead on arrival.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden is delusional.