Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Roy and Ryan Continue To Disappoint

On Roy Halladay:
Roy Halladay - "I would say 95 percent is mental. It's simplifying. It's getting to the basics. It's letting things happen and not trying to force things."

Charlie Manuel - "I think what you're watching is you're watching a pitcher who is trying to find his strike zone and how he used to carve hitters up with his command and control. He could locate and put the ball where he wanted it to go. I think that's his biggest problem."

Sure, his pitch velocity is notably down. Batters are hitting .474 on balls in play. Fastballs and cutters are getting smashed all over the park and only being swung at and missed less than 10% of the time. And because his fastball is so ineffective, he's relying more and more on changeups and curveballs, many of them thrown out of the strike zone leading to numerous walk. He's a complete mess. But sure, let's just say it's 'mental' or about 'finding the zone.'

Ryan Howard:
Roy Halladay isn't the only  money-eating, under-performing 'superstar' on this team. Don't forget about Ryan Howard and his expensive ineptitude.

So far in 2013, Howard is 4-27. He's knocked in 4 runs but has yet to get an extra base hit and already has 10 strike outs. His WAR so far is -0.3.

Now consider that he's made $1 million dollars so far this season. Yes, you're reading that correctly. A negative war and the man has already made a million bucks.

The entire Houston Astros roster has made $1,305,280. They are getting it right. If you are going to be terrible, at least don't pay a lot for it...

This isn't Phillies related, but if you haven't seen the called third strike that ended the Rangers-Rays game last night, it's worth checking out HERE.


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

I'd love to know what Howard's 1st pitch swing percentage is!! I happened to catch the live day game last week, his first pitch would have been better swung at with a frickin 9-iron, it was so low!!

Ben said...

Ryan Howard is not even a good enough hitter to be a starting DH at this point in his career. I was hoping he'd stay good enough to be traded at some point, but I'm going to be stuck watching him for three more painful years.

I read an article today that says Jamie Moyer is still considering a return to the MLB. Love the guy, but it's time to give in. I'd love to have him as our pitching coach once Dubee gets fired, which is going to be in three months tops.

Anonymous said...

Roy Oswalt apparently said he'd be more than willing to come back to Philly.

Bob D said...

Not worried about Howard after a good spring, he is streaky so an off week is expected at times. He is moving around well and has shown power.

Inherited runners allowed to score is just awful so far. Kendrick, Hamels, and Halladay all victims of that.

Halladay just give him time to see what he can straighten up. He is smart and can pitch effectively.

Crazy called strike everyone thought he walked. Nathan was shown later on buying the Ump dinner. :P

Beer-a-Thon said...

Howard had a good spring because pitchers were working on their fastballs. Not because he's actually good.

Ben said...

In other news: I'm not sure how to feel about Michael Young. I like his bat, hate his glove.

Anonymous said...

Gd piece guys. The umpiring throughout the league has been horrible. It is the inconsistent umpiring that has been a part of Hamels and Holliday's problems. Not saying its all of it but I haven't seen a consistent strikezone yet. This is the major leagues these umps should be hung.

Beer-a-Thon said...

At least Cliff Lee looks like good Cliff Lee so far.

Preserve Jon said...

It's official. I hate Tom Verducci.


Why don't we just let them play in skirts?

Corey said...

thanks for the link jon. might have to use that to write a little piece.

it's a bullshit article. here's the reality of the situation: either have the ball and tag the runner or get out of the way. catchers plant themselves 2-3 feet in front of the plate and now verducci expects the runners to avoid the catcher. it's completely counter-intuitive. and the idea that other levels don't allow collisions so it wouldn't be difficult to enforce is short-sighted and irrelevant. ehh, i'll save the rest for my post...

Anonymous said...

@Preserve Jon

I understand why you and some others might "hate Tom Verducci", but did you have to add the skirt comment?

Makes you sound a little pig headed and makes your previous argument sound not very persuasive...or, really, intelligent.