Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Howard Watch

No, I'm not charting "The Howard." This is merely a list of players that play first base at least semi-regularly and have more homers and more RBI than Ryan Howard. Also included is their salary.

Davis, Chris - BAL - $3.3 mil
Reynolds, Mark - CLE- $6 mil
Rizzo, Anthony - CHC- $500k
Fielder, Prince - DET- $23 mil
Adams, Matt - STL- $500k
Davis, Ike  - NYM- $3.125 mil
Goldschmidt, Paul - ARI - $500k
Konerko, Paul - CWS - $13.5 mil
LaRoche, Adam - WSH - $10 mil
Votto, Joey - CIN - $17 mil
Alonso, Yonder - SD- $1.1 mil
Dunn, Adam - CWS- $15 mil
Encarnacion, Edwin - TOR- $8 mil
Gonzalez, Adrian - LAD - $21 mil
Moss, Brandon - OAK- $1.6 mil
Moreland, Mitch - TEX -  $500k
Napoli, Mike - BOS- $5 mil
Overbay, Lyle - NYY- $1.25 mil
Pena, Carlos - HOU - $2.9 mil
Pujols, Albert - LAA - $16mil
Swisher, Nick - CLE- $11 mil

There are a few more that I did not include because they DH 90% of the time. There are another 6 first baseman that have as many homers and more RBI.

Howard is currently on an 8 homer and 49 RBI pace.


GM-Carson said...

But Corey, remember that it's not "hittin' weather" yet. Duh!!!

I'm sure once the temps go up, so will his production. 40+ HR, 120+ RBI.

Hahahahaha, yeah right.

Ben said...

My interactions with fans of other teams from other parts of the country indicate that even THEY make fun of Howard's contract, despite the fact it helps them.

GM-Carson said...

Yuneisky Betancourt has 3 HR and 12 RBI with the Brewers. We released him at the end of spring training.

Preserve Jon said...

I've been a bona fide Howard defender for years, but I must agree that its getting difficult to watch him out there.

It's been a pleasure already watching Michael Young at the plate. He's clearly a student of hitting. He observes the pitcher, notes patterns, waits for a pitch in an area he expects it and attacks the zone.

Utley, who has evolved into a dead pull hitter and I expect that has something to do with altering his stance to accomodate his knee pain, also has a far superior approach at the plate.

Howard has simply never learned to adapt once scouts developed a book on his tendencies. He doesn't look for pitches in a certain zone, appears unable to predict when a breaking pitch will be in the dirt, and has been waving and missing at low and inside fastballs since 2005. He will continue to punish pitcher's for their mistakes, but that's expected of a major league calibur player. Setting asside Baseball Reference, during my 32 years of watching baseball, his comparables are Bobby Bonilla, Cecil Fielder, and (gasp) Mo Vaughn. I take heart in believing that Howard is a better fielder and has more talent than Vaughn, but what is that statement really saying?

There will come a period where Howard will lock in and hit 8 homeruns in the course of a week, but those periods have and will continue to decrease in frequency.

Rollins is another hitter who can't contain himself, but at least it's clear that he understands what he's doing wrong. He just has a difficult time executing changes.