Monday, March 04, 2013

Ryan Howard Goes Boom!

Behold the behemoth belter of bombs known as Ryan Howard...

Click on video to play.

Spring Training Team Ranks

*Record: 4-5-1

*Offense: AVG - .261 (25th), OPS - .791 (17th), R - 60 (tied for 9th)

*Pitching: ERA - 6.95 (29th), WHIP - 1.66 (26th)

*Defense: 0-12 Caught Stealing (tied for 29th), E - 16 (2nd most) 


GM-Carson said...

Aside from scoring runs, the Phillies Grapefruit League play thus far has been very worrisome.

Horrible defense and horrible pitching do not a good team make.

Ben said...

And then in true Phillies fashion, they one hit the Pirates. Defense doesn't concern me all that much because other than really hurting Ruf's case, a lot of those errors were by guys who will be backups (Betancourt, Galvis). However, way, way, way too many pitchers we need to rely on are having bad starts to their spring, which does worry me.

Anonymous said...

Phils are gonna win 100 games. Relax ladies.

GM-Carson said...

Sure they'll win 100 games, if you take all the wins from the 2013 season and add 2014 win total from April and half of May onto it.

Anonymous said...

Great Phillies Teams always had Great Fielding which we always underated.

Hopefully Galvis, and Inciarte can both make the team somehow for the 7th inning on.

That would mean - Ruff or Mayberry or Frandsen would not start the season on the 25 man roster.

GM-Carson said...

Frandsen's bat is worth more than Galvis' late-inning defense.

Same with Mayberry over Inciarte.

Anonymous said...

D is important but Frandsen maybe best bat off the bench since Greg Gross. I want a Frandsen Jersey!