Sunday, March 10, 2013

Phillies Pitchers Have Been Dreadful

Spring Training stats don't mean diddly squat when Opening Day finally arrives, but for right now, they're all we have to look and what we're looking at is dreadful. 

Through 15 Grapefruit League games the Phillies pitchers have hurled 132 innings.  In those innings, the opposition has collected 162 hits, 46 walks, 107 run, and 93 earned runs.  Do some fancy work with a calculator and you get a 6.34 ERA and 1.58 WHIP. 

Obviously the defense has been a burden thus far, with 14 unearned runs scored.  Also, being spring training there are pitchers getting time that won't be on the Opening Day roster.  However, there are plenty of guys that will be and overall, they're doing abysmally.

*Kyle Kendrick- 9.00/1.75
*Michael Stutes- 6.75/1.75
*Raul Valdes- 7.36/1.23
*Jonathan Papelbon- 27.00/3.75
*Jeremy Horst- 14.40/2.60
*Chad Durbin- 9.00/2.00
*Justin De Fratus- 9.00/2.00
*BJ Rosenberg- 24.30/4.50
*JC Ramirez- 10.12/1.88
*Zach Miner- 12.71/2.12
*Tyler Cloyd- 13.50/2.25
*Kyle Simon- 6.00/1.67

I'm not saying this means the death of the 2013 Philadelphia Phillies.  However, it is something to monitor as we get closer to Opening Day.

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Anonymous said...

Pitching has been brutal so far but that is nothing new as far as spring goes. Hitting almost always is ahead of pitching out of the gate. Hey carson remember who told you phils gonna win a hundred games in 2013. Come October you will be my beotch. Lol

Ben said...

Chase Utley looks kind of terrible. Is it just me or has it been like 10 days since he got a hit?

GM-Carson said...

Ben- when it comes to Utley, I'm happy he's playing. Sure, some production would be nice, but the games don't count yet.

Howard and Brown have been amazing, but come Opening Day the slate is wiped clean.

Anonymous said...

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