Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bye-Bye RoLo. Betancourt Next?

*Rodrigo Lopez was unceremoniously released yesterday.  In recent years, both his major and minor league numbers have been poor, so sending him along his unmerry way was the right move. The Phillies don't need his type of depth in Triple-A.  Tyler Cloyd, Jonathan Pettibone, Adam Morgan, and Ethan Martin all serve the same purpose as RoLo would have this season, except with much greater upside.

*Judgement day awaits Yuniesky Betancourt.  He has an opt-out clause in his contract for March 24th, should the Phils not add him to the 25-man roster.  He's done everything he could to earn a spot, currently batting .435/.940 with reported improved defensive instincts.  He's in competition with Freddy Galvis and Kevin Frandsen for 1 of the 2 utility infielder openings.  Manuel pops a woody over Galvis and Frandsen was great with the Phils last year, so Betancourt might be the odd man out.

*After belting a walk-off homerun yesterday against the Braves, Darin Ruf was told to report to minor league camp.  Meaning, Rule 5 pick, Ender Incarte, is likely the team's 5th outfielder until Delmon Young returns.  Honestly, I hate Amaro's love of his Rule 5 draftees.  David Herndon wasn't terrible, but lest not forget the plague of Michael Martinez.  Incarte has never played about Single-A and after starting the spring off well and has gone into a complete tailspin (2 for his last 15 with no walks, no stolen bases, and a caught stealing).  What do they see in him? 

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BobbySab said...

Pops a woody...? that journalism 101

Anonymous said...

Anything is better than Martinez (you should break the rules and throw him in your hall of fame yesterday), but with Delmon coming back and most likely with a roster spot I'd rather see Ruf get the AB in the minors then see limited appearances. And you're certainly not bringing him in as a defensive replacement. Only plus is pop off the bench.

Aaron said...

Roy Halladay was F'ing terrible again today.
Let's face it folks, he's done. Seriously he keeps droning on and on after every terrible performance about his arm slot and where his foot lands and blah blah blah blah blah. He can't get anybody out. He had 1.......yes 1 swing and miss against the minor leaguers today.
He looks completely gassed after the 2nd inning in every outing. Look for Halladay to be terrible until about June when they finally put him on the DL never to be heard from again. Hopefully one of the kids like Adam Morgan will step up or they can make a trade at the deadline if they are still in contention by then for a wild card.
I like our offense. I really do. I think we are going to score a lot more runs this year. I think with more contact hitters in the lineup like Young and Revere we are going to see a lot less runners left on 3rd with less than two outs. I am still pretty confident in the bullpen being a major strength. After Cole I am concerned with the starting pitching. And yes that includes Cliff Lee, because contrary to popular opinion no he did not have a good year last year. His stats at the end were good....bottom line is in games he pitched the other teams pitcher pitch better than he did.

GM-Carson said...

Halladay has fallen apart and I am sadden by thus. A God has become a mere mortal.

Anthony said...

I think the FO knew that Halladay wasn't going to be so good this year, and showed it by bumping him down to #3 in the rotation.

Before, it was a foregone conclusion he would be ace among aces, but he's been clearly demoted by a team and manager that loves its veterans to death.

GM-Carson said...

Betancourt is having a fantastic spring. Honestly, I'd like the Phils to keep him and Frandsen. Let Galvis go to Lehigh Valley and continue to progress with his bat, because he is the future SS, 2B, or 3B of this team and is still young. Don't want to stunt his growth with limited ab's.

Ben said...

I agree with you on Galvis, Carson. And plus, the chance Utley, Rollins, or M. Young will be injured at some point this season is approximately 100% given their age, so it's not like we won't be seeing Galvis in the big leagues at some point in 2013.

Aaron said...

Oh look Cliff Lee is getting destroyed again today.
Our rotation might be complete shit this year.

Beer-a-Thon said...

The problem with paying guys $20M+ a year is that they eventually become not worth it and a financial burder.

Also, Phils released Betancourt. I fully expect him to become a Phillie-Killer now.

Anonymous said...

I agree on Galvis - Ruff - and The Frenchy Reliever.

Let them warm up with Daily Work in AAA.

GM-Carson said...

Lannan today- 4 IP, 14 H, 12 ER.

The Phillies pitchers are just plain bad this spring.

I'm very skeptical of the 2013 season being anything more than a complete crap show.

Ben said...

God is punishing the Phillies organization today for releasing Betancourt, I swear to god.