Monday, March 25, 2013

Bad, Badder, Baddest- Phillies Pitching

The score is 13-0, half way through the Phillies/Blue Jays Grapefruit League clash, in favor of the bad guys.  That puts the Phillies staff ERA at 5.79 (2nd worst in all of baseball).  This isn't only the Phils minor league scrubs getting battered about.  Nope, the big boys are suffering through the same fate.

Today's victim- John Lannan, with 4 innings pitched, 14 hits allowed, and 12 earned runs surrendered.

He's merely the 5th starter in the rotation.  #3- Roy Halladay couldn't get a bunch of minor leaguers out on Saturday and has looked awful of late.  Injury, stamina, and velocity concerns are not vanishing, but getting worse.  #2- Cliff Lee is rocking a 5.94 ERA and 1.68 WHIP.  #4- Kyle Kendrick has a 5.14 ERA, and doesn't really inspire a lot of confidence to begin with.  The only one doing well is our #1- Cole Hamels.

Oh, but wait, lest not forget thy bullpen.  ERAs: Papelbon- 11.37, Stutes- 8.10, Durbin- 6.10, Horst- 5.54, Bastardo- 4.70, Valdes- 4.40.  Mike Adams and Phillippe Aumont have been the only two to impress this spring from the group.

Spring training stats don't count once Opening Day is here, but for now, they are frightening me.



GM-Carson said...

Phils release Aaron Cook.

SirAlden said...

Morgan and Pettibone betta.