Sunday, February 03, 2013

Good Read- Auditioning for Cooperstown

Auditioning for Cooperstown: Rating Baseball’s Stars for the Hall of Fame

This is a book in which all 3,000 plus qualifying players are systematically evaluated for the Hall of Fame. Using only regular season careers, players are equally rated by total career production, peak seasons (their top 5 seasons) production and positional dominance (were they the best players at their position when they played?). This system compares players of differing strengths by leveling the playing field between disparate players such as Sandy Koufax and Don Sutton, both equally qualified for the Hall of Fame.

This book uncovers (and corrects) the reason why 19th Century hitters, particularly those from the 1870’s and 1880’s, as well as Dead Ball Era stars are underrepresented in the Hall of Fame. This plus adjustments to the imbalance between starting pitchers of various eras allows for a truly even-handed comparison of every player’s Hall of Fame credentials.

The raging issue today concerning players (e.g. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens) now eligible for the Hall of Fame is steroids. That issue, as well as gambling, is discussed in the player commentaries section for the affected players. These and other observations make the 550 player commentaries memorable reading. 

Author- Andre Lower
Website- Baseball by Positions
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Beer-a-Thon said...

Kevin Millwood announced his retirement.

Remember when he came to Philly and everyone thought they had an ace. Then he pitched that no-hitter and hopes were even higher. Ended up disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Since it's sometimes a hot topic around here...

New report implicating Ryan Braun with performance-enhancers.

Please suspend him for an entire season.