Friday, February 08, 2013

Another Warm Body

Welcome aboard Matt Tolbert.


Some 30 year old utility infielder that spent 4 seasons with the Twins, appeared in 247 games and hit .230/.607 while playing adequate defense at 3rd, 2nd, and SS.  Last year he was with the Cubs Triple-A team in Iowa and hit a paltry .240/.617, so he's really just another warm body serving as minor league "depth".

On the bright side, just like Yuniesky Betancourt, he too might knock Michael Martinez down the depth chart.


Bob D said...

knock out of depth chart would be better

SirAlden said...

5 Bench Spots

1) 2nd Catcher - R Erik Kratz
2) Someone who can play CF - R John Mayberry or Rule 5 L Ender Encarte
3) Left Handed Power - L Laynce Nix

4) R Kevin Fransen (plays some 3B)
5) B Freddie Galvis (plays SS)

If and when R Delmon Young Takes over RF with R Domonic Brown in LF

This leaves Darin Ruf off the Roster in AAA which would be awful.

A) We could put Freddie Galvis in AAA to play everyday knowing that if J-Roll goes down he can be brought up the next day.

B) Kevin Fransen could be in AAA.

C) Both S Galvis and R Fransen can be in AAA with either S Matt Tolbert or R Yuniesky Betancourt as the backup SS/INF.

We need A) B) or C) to have Ruf on the Roster.

Ben said...

It's clear the management does not want Ruf on the roster, for god knows what reason. Unless one of Revere, Brown, Mayberry, Young, or Nix gets hurt in spring training, Ruf will not make the opening day roster, period. Disgusting roster construction. Disgusting.

GM-Carson said...

Not giving Ruf a chance to prove he is for real would be retarded. He may end up being a bunch of nothing, or he might end up being a controllable right-handed power bat.

Maybe it's Brown that they're tired of. He's still young and could become a decent player though.

This is why the Delmon Young signing doesn't make sense to me. Mediocre fielder and shitty defended blocking 2 players (Ruf & Brown).

Ben said...

Honestly, now that we're stuck with Young, I'd pray for Mayberry to be the one to get the short straw. He's a good backup outfielder, but he's never going to be good enough to be a starter. Ruf and Brown might be.

SirAlden said...

Yes but he is the onlyone aside from Encarte who can play Center. Mayberry.

GM-Carson said...

Juan Cruz, one of the best offseason minor league signings, has decided to opt out of his contract because he didn't like the situation of the Phillies bullpen since they signed Chad Durbin to a guaranteed contract.

Cruz now goes on my hate list.

Anonymous said...

Frederick Holdsworth said...

Utility infielders Fransen and Galvis or Fransen and Beutencort. Fransen gotta be on the team. He can flat out hit and he is a gamer.

Anonymous said...

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