Thursday, January 31, 2013

Schneider Retires- Peace Out

Brian Schneider has officially retired from baseball at the age of 36.  He was drafted by the Montreal Expos in the 5th round back in 1995.  He made his MLB debut in 2000, and it is with the Expos/Nationals organization that he experienced his best years.  He also played for the Mets during his 13 big league seasons, and the last 3 being with the Phillies, meaning he spent his entire career in the National League East.

At one time, Schneider was a premiere defensive catcher, having lead the league in caught stealing percentage in both 2003 and 2004.  For his career, he nabbed 36% of base thieves, which is slightly above average.  Playing in 1048 games, he hit .247/.689 with 284 R, 167 DBL, 67 HR, and 387 RBI.

Here at WSBGMs, we weren't always the kindest to Schneider, mostly because he wasn't good towards the end and believed that Erik Kratz should have been the backup this past season.  Well, that's in the past now and we wish Mr. Schneider a relaxing and enjoyable retirement. After all, he should be fine with money, having earned $22M+.


GM-Carson said...

Manuel plans on batting Delmon Young 5th behind Ryan Howard. I'm predicting 50+ GIDP.

Manuel is also planning on keeping J-Roll in leadoff and pushing Ben Revere the whole way down to 8th.


This is going to be a mess of a season. Amaro constructed a flawed team and Manuel is just going to make it worse with his dumb managing.

Squire McGuire said...

Enjoy retirement Brian! It's a shame we couldn't even get you an NL championship while you were here.....

Anonymous said...

Jimmy should be 2nd - Revere 1st or 2nd

Revere CF
Rollins SS
Utley 2B
Howard 1B
Young RF - Ruiz when he is back
Young 3B
Ruiz C - Young when Ruiz is back
Brown/Ruff LF

Anonymous said...

How would you do it Pre Post Ruiz GM-Carson and Corey? And everyone else?

GM-Carson said...

1. Revere
2. Michael Young
3. Utley
4. Howard
5. J-Roll
6. Delmon Young
7. Ruf/Brown
8. Kratz

With Ruiz:
1. Revere
2. Michael Young
3. Utley
4. Howard
5. Ruiz
6. J-Roll
7. Delmon Young
8. Ruf/Brown

Anonymous said...

We agree post Ruiz, except for M.Young and Jimmy Rollins flipping in the 2 slot.

Not sure about M. Young's Wheels.

Anything to get J-Roll out of the 1 slot and let Revere Run Wild. Revere is worthless if he can't.

Ben said...

Charlie Manuel finds new ways to be incompetent every year. Sadly, this doesn't surprise me at all.

M. Young/Rollins
D. Young/M. Young
LFer of choice/D. Young

Bob D said...

I say Ruf as Dh and part time Of / 1B.

Hollingswood said...

Thank God.

Hollingswood said...

Thank God.