Thursday, January 31, 2013

Schneider Retires- Peace Out

Brian Schneider has officially retired from baseball at the age of 36.  He was drafted by the Montreal Expos in the 5th round back in 1995.  He made his MLB debut in 2000, and it is with the Expos/Nationals organization that he experienced his best years.  He also played for the Mets during his 13 big league seasons, and the last 3 being with the Phillies, meaning he spent his entire career in the National League East.

At one time, Schneider was a premiere defensive catcher, having lead the league in caught stealing percentage in both 2003 and 2004.  For his career, he nabbed 36% of base thieves, which is slightly above average.  Playing in 1048 games, he hit .247/.689 with 284 R, 167 DBL, 67 HR, and 387 RBI.

Here at WSBGMs, we weren't always the kindest to Schneider, mostly because he wasn't good towards the end and believed that Erik Kratz should have been the backup this past season.  Well, that's in the past now and we wish Mr. Schneider a relaxing and enjoyable retirement. After all, he should be fine with money, having earned $22M+.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Minor League Dealings

Freshly signed off the minor league free agent scrap heap are Joe Mather and Brian Bass.

Mather has spent parts of 4 seasons with the Cardinals, Braves, and Cubs playing all 3 outfield positions and a little 1st and 3rd base.  He's a lifetime .219/.628 hitter in 229 games.  He bats right-handed and is 30 years old (aka- minor league filler).  On a positive note, he has clubbed 124 homeruns in 11 minor league seasons with a .260 batting average and .785 OPS.  Oh, never mind, that's pretty sad too.

Bass is a 31 year old right-handed reliever that last saw MLB time in 2010.  Over 3 seasons with the Twins, Orioles, and Pirates he appeared in 101 games posting an ugly 5.16 ERA and 1.63 WHIP.  He was with the Iron Pigs in 2011, starting 28 games with a 3.81 ERA.  Last season he was in the Astros organization and was torched at Triple-A to the tune of a 5.56 ERA and 1.79 WHIP.  I honestly have no idea why Amaro is even wasting time on this deadbeat.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Amaro Snags Two- Durbin & Betancourt

Chad Durbin is back in a Phillies uniform, something he is familiar with having spent 3 seasons in Philly earlier in his career (2008-2010).  The 35 year old right-handed reliever is durable, making 56+ appearance in each of the last 5 seasons.  Last year with the Braves he appeared in a career high 76 games and turned a 3.10 ERA and 1.31 WHIP.  Durbin has had success since converting from starting pitcher to reliever.  He's a welcome veteran addition to a mostly youthful bullpen, and at the price of 1 year/$1.1M, it's cost effective as well.

Amaro also added utility infielder Yuniesky Betancourt on a minor league deal.  The Cuban defector is set to turn 31 years old on Thursday.  He's spent parts of his career in Seattle, Kansas City, and Milwaukee.  He's a .266/.682 hitter with moderate pop in his bat, but very slow afoot.  His defense is much maligned, but when he does get to the balls, he usually makes the plays (combined .970 FLD% at 2B, SS, and 3rd).  No reason to get really excited about this move, other than the fact it will knock Michael Martinez even further down on the depth chart.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Phillies are Idiots- Sign Delmon Young

When Ruben Amaro said he wanted to get "younger" this offseason, I didn't think that meant trading for Michael Young and signing Delmon Young.

Delmon Young sucks as a human (he hates out Michael Schwimer) and sucks at baseball.  Yet, good ol' Rube inked him to a guaranteed contract for 1 year at $750K.  The Phillies outfield is already a bit crowded with the likes of Ben Revere, Laynce Nix, Dominic Brown, John Mayberry, and Darrin Ruf.  The guy to most likely get the boot is also the guy with the biggest upside in Ruf. 

Delmon hit .267/.707 with 18 homeruns and 74 RBI last year with Detroit, and is a lifetime .284/.732 batter over 7 seasons with the Rays, Twins, and Tigers.  Stats seem okay...well, they're not!  His defense is some of the worst in baseball, and because of that has been worth less than replacement level players over the past 2 years (-1.4 WAR).  Need I remind you that the Phillies are a National League team and can't hide him at DH. 

I hate this deal because it blocks Ruf from possibly going ape-shit as a rookie and it brings in a player (Delmon) with poor character and poor performance.  Amaro, you are an idiot!

*Disgusting side note- Amaro's "Youngs" (Delmon and Michael) combined for a negative WAR (-3.6) last year.  That's right, Sabermetrics will argue that he actually caused the team to become markedly worse.  Idiot!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ex-Phillies 25-Man Roster

The following is a 25-man roster comprised of ex-Phillies.

Lou Marson/Indians - .226/.635,  70 G, 27 R, 10 XBH, 13 RBI, 0.1 WAR.

Rod Barajas/Free Agent - .206/.625, 104 G, 29 R, 11 HR, 31 RBI, -1.0 WAR.

First Base:
Brandon Moss/Athletics - .291/.954, 84 G, 48 R, 18 DBL, 21 HR, 52 RBI, 1.9 WAR.

Second Base:
Placido Polanco/Marlins - .257/.629, 90 G, 28 R, 15 DBL, 19 RBI, 0.3 WAR.

Third Base:
Scott Rolen/Free Agent - .245/.716, 92 G, 26 R, 27 XBH, 39 RBI, 0.3 WAR.

Short Stop:
Cody Ransom/Padres - .220/.722, 90 G, 29 R, 14 DBL, 11 HR, 42 RBI, 0.3 WAR.

Corner Infield:
Greg Dobbs/Marlins - .285/.698, 120 G, 26 R, 20 XBH, 39 RBI, -2.1 WAR.

Utility Infielder:
Nick Punto/Dodgers - .219/.602, 87 G, 20 R, 8 XBH, 10 RBI, 6 SB, 0.7 WAR.

Shane Victorino/Red Sox - .255/.704, 154 G, 72 R, 29 DBL, 7 TRPL, 11 HR, 55 RBI, 39 SB, 2.4 WAR.

Michael Bourn/Free Agent - .274/.739, 155 G, 96 R, 26 DBL, 10 TRPL, 9 HR, 57 RBI, 42 SB, 6.0 WAR.

Jayson Werth/Nationals - .300/.827, 81 G, 42 R, 29 XBH, 31 RBI, 8 SB, 0.6 WAR.

Hunter Pence/Giants - .253/.743, 160 G, 87 R, 26 DBL, 24 HR, 104 RBI, 0.8 WAR.

Juan Pierre/Marlins - .307/.721, 130 G, 59 R, 17 XBH, 25 RBI, 37 SB, 1.9 WAR.

1. Michael Bourn/CF
2. Shane Victorino/LF
3. Jayson Werth/RF
4. Brandon Moss/1B
5. Hunter Pence/DH
6. Scott Rolen/3B
7. Placido Polanco/2B
8. Cody Ransom/SS
9. Lou Marson/C

Kyle Lohse/Free Agent - 33 GS, 211 IP, 16 W, 143 K, 2.86/1.09, 3.9 WAR.

Gavin Floyd/White Sox - 29 GS, 168 IP, 12 W, 144 K, 4.29/1.36, 2.3 WAR.

Vance Worley/Twins - 23 GS, 133 IP, 6 W, 107 K, 4.20/1.51, 0.7 WAR.

Joe Blanton/Angels - 30 GS, 191 IP, 10 W, 166 K, 4.71/1.26, -0.1 WAR.

Kevin Millwood/Free Agent - 28 GS, 161 IP, 6 W, 107 K, 4.25/1.39, 0.2 WAR.

Ryan Madson/Angels - missed entire season due to Tommy John surgery.

Chad Durbin/Free Agent - 76 G, 61 IP, 4 W, 49 K, 15 HLD, 3.10/1.31, 0.3 WAR.

Brett Myers/Indians - 70 G, 65.1 IP, 3 W, 41 K, 19 SV, 8 HLD, 3.31/1.22, 0.8 WAR.

Freddy Garcia/Free Agent - 30 G, 107.1 IP, 7 W, 89 K, 5.20/1.37, 0.0 WAR.

JA Happ/Blue Jays - 28 G, 144.2 IP, 10 W, 144 K, 4.79/1.40, 0.6 WAR.

Bruce Chen/Royals - 34 G, 191.2 IP, 11 W, 140 K, 5.07/1.37, -0.2 WAR.

Jeff Lindblom/Rangers - 74 G, 71 IP, 3 W, 70 K, 22 HLD, 1 SV, 3.55/1.35, 0.4 WAR.

Honorable Mentions:
Raul Ibanez/Mariners, Bobby Abreu/Free Agent, Jim Thome/Free Agent, Nate Schierholtz/Cubs, Ty Wigginton/Cardinals, Ben Francisco/Free Agent, Wilson Valdez/Free Agent, Miguel Cairo/Free Agent, JC Romero/Free Agent, Brian Schneider/Free Agent, Chad Qualls/Free Agent, Roy Oswalt/Free Agent, and Jamie Moyer/Free Agent.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Name that Phillie- Horrible Player Edition

This guy kicked around the Majors for a handful of seasons, sucking up roster space and sucking in general the entire time.  He was a bad hitter and a bad fielder, which equals a horrible player when added together.  He duped not one, not two, but three MLB teams into giving him playing time.  They were rewarded with a career .237/.547 batter worth nearly negative 6 wins below replacement level (-5.8).  Give it a whirl and name that Phillie...  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Welcome Aboard Aaron Cook

Appears that the Phillies are loading up on has-been starting pitchers to fill their Triple-A rotation.  Most recent addition, Aaron Cook.  The sinker ball specialist spent most of his career in Colorado, before pitching last season with the BoSox.  He owns a lifetime 76-79 record with a 4.60 ERA and 1.47 WHIP over 1406.1 IP.  At one time he was decent, but anymore he's kinda trash.  Cook will turn 34 years old in February and has been worth negative 2.1 wins above replacement level starting pitchers over the past 2 seasons (-2.1 WAR).  He's never been a strikeout pitcher, more of a ground ball inducer, but last season he walked more than he struck out and averaged only 1.9 K/9 (historically low).

Guess Cook and Rodrigo Lopez will challenge Tyler Cloyd for 6th starter.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome Aboard Juan Cruz

Once again, Ruben Amaro has made "juan" of the best minor league contract signings of the offseason in the form of relief pitcher Juan Cruz (Juan Pierre in 2012).

If Cruz appears in a Phillies uniform during the 2013 season, he will officially become a Phucco (Phillie + Bucco).  Last year he was with the Pirates and pitched in 43 games with a 2.78 ERA, although he did have an unsightly 1.63 WHIP.  Over his 12 year career, Juan has pitched for the Cubs, Braves, A's, Diamondbacks, Royals, Rays, and with Pittsburgh. The 34 year old right-hander owns a 38-36 record over 447 G, 655 IP, with 659 K, a 4.05 ERA, and 1.40 WHIP.  He's an excellent veteran to have in the system should one of the Phillies young bullpen arms falter or become injured.

Is this Amaro's counteraction to the Nationals signing Rafael Soriano?

Maybe this is the guy who pushes the team over the 87 win mark that some of our loyal readers think the 2013 squad will eclipse.  Ha, ha, ha...that's laughable.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome Back Rodrigo

Did you read/hear the big news?  Ruben Amaro inked Rodrigo Lopez to a minor league contract.  That's right, he's back!

Rodrigo was with the Phillies in 2009 and appeared in 7 games, having started 5 of them and winning 3 of them.  Career stats: 81-89, 257 G, 215 GS, 1350.2 IP, 865 K, 4.82 ERA, and a 1.42 WHIP.  He is 37 years old and right-handed.

He's nothing more than a veteran presence at Triple-A and organizational depth.  Having traded away Vance Worley from the MLB rotation and Trevor May from the minor league rotation, the Phils needed a guy like this. 

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

My 2013 Hall of Fame Ballot

The 2013 Hall of Fame voting results will be announced later today and I wanted to cast my ballot as well.

*I'm not into that "first ballot" bull crap, this is all about whether I think they should be in or not.  Not whether they should go in first shot, 2nd year, or their last hurrah.

On My Ballot:
1. Craig Biggio - a tremendous up the middle player over the course of a long, distinguished career. An all-star at 3 different positions (catcher, second base, and center field). Very durable an productive over his 20 seasons, all in the Houston Astros uniform with 3060 hits, 1844 runs, 668 doubles, 55 triples, 291 homeruns, 1175 rbi, 414 stolen bases, .281/.796, 7 time all-star, 4 Gold Gloves, 5 Silver Slugger awards, 62.1 WAR, MLB record 285 hit by pitches, and according to the 13th best second baseman of all-time.

2. Mike Piazza - arguably the best offensive catcher ever (debatable with Johnny Bench). Rookie of the Year, 12 time all-star, 10 Silver Slugger awards, .308/.922 batter with 1048 runs, 427 homeruns, 1335 rbi, and a 56.1 WAR. Piazza got a lot of negative attention for his defense, but truth be told, he was a solid defensive catcher for half of his career, and according to has a positive DWAR. There have been rumors of his PED use, but no evidence, only heresy.

3. Jeff Bagwell - another Astros lifer, and like Piazza is cast with the shadow of legitimacy due to speculation of PED use.  The facts include him as one of the top 10 best first basemen of all-time that was a career .297/.948 hitter with 1517 runs, 488 doubles, 449 homeruns, 1529 rbi, 202 stolen bases, 76.7 WAR, 1 MVP award, 4 all-star appearances, 3 Silver Slugger awards, 1 Gold Glove, and was the Rookie of the Year.  If not for a horrible shoulder injury, Bags would have likely played another handful of productive seasons, adding to his counting numbers.

4. Curt Schilling- sure he's a pompous ass and only has 216 wins, but other than those detractors, he had a brilliant career.  During his 7-year peak, he notched a 61.4 WAR, that's dominance.  He was blowing away batters in the age of performance enhancement.  His career WAR is 76.1 and ranks him as the 29th best starting pitcher of all-time with 3.46 ERA, 1.14 WHIP, 3116 strikeouts, 83 complete games, 6 all-star appearances, and one helluva playoff resume (11-2 record in 19 starts, 2.23 ERA, and a 0.97 WHIP). Can't forget about the "bloody sock" either.

5. Tim Raines - Rock was an extremely fast man, having swiped 808 bases during his career.  He was a good hitter too, .294/.810, 1571 runs, 430 double, 113 triples, 170 homeruns, 980 rbi, and a 7 time all-star. ranks him as the 6th best left fielder of all-time with a 66.2 WAR.

6. Kenny Lofton - people don't seem to appreciate the value that he brought to the game.  In his day he was an elite defensive outfielder and the best leadoff hitter around.  His career WAR of 64.9 ranks him 8th all-time in center field.  Stats: .299/.794, 1528 runs, 2428 hits, 383 doubles, 116 triples, 130 homeruns, 781 rbi, 622 stolen bases, 6 time all-star, and 4 Gold Gloves.

7. Larry Walker - injuries are the only thing keeping him from beign a surefire inductee.  He was a complete player- defense (7 Gold Gloves, rocket arm), base running (230 stolen bases), and hitter (.313/.965, 1355 runs, 2160 hits, 471 doubles, 62 triples, 383 homeruns, 1311 rbi).  Also, he was a 5 time all-star, 3 time Silver Slugger, and the 9th best right fielder of all-time in terms of WAR (69.7).

8. Alan Trammel - 11th best shortstop of all-time according to with a 67.1 WAR, all in a Tigers uniform.  6 time all-star, 4 Gold Gloves, 3 Silver Sluggers, and a .285/.767 batter with 1231 runs, 2365 hits, 412 doubles, 55 triples, 185 homeruns, 1003 rbi, and 236 stolen bases.

Off My Ballot:
*Jack Morris - the 3.90 ERA is bad for a starting pitcher, especially one that played through the entire 80's decade.

*Mark McGwire - homeruns are awesome, but his Andro use was not.

*Barry Bonds - too many connections/implications to PEDs.

*Dale Murphy - great guy, very good player, but not HoF worthy.

*Roger Clemens - he's a dick and just because he was able to manipulate the United States judicial system, doesn't mean he's not guilty of PED usage.

*Sammy Sosa - difficult to leave him off, but with all the PED rumors and corked bat incident, he's on the outside looking in.

*Lee Smith - the one time saves leader just doesn't have the enough otherwise to make it.  Relievers in the Hall of Fame are something I'm still wrapping my head around.

*Rafael Palmeiro- he failed a drug test. End of story.

*Don Mattingly - wasn't great long enough.  He had 4 terrific seasons (1984-1987), then fell off.

*Edgar Martinez - for being primarily a DH, I would like some of his stats to be higher for induction. 

*Fred McGriff - the man was consistent, but he was consistently very good, not great.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Name that Phillie- Beard/Hair Edition

Look at this man's beard/hair combo. Seriously...behold!

Hints- this former Phillie shares his last name in pronunciation only with two other former Phillies players (spelled differently). The Phils acquired him for the price of a trip on a "cruise".

Go for the glory and name that Phillie...

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Awesome Action Photo

Things are slow in Phillsville, so what is a blogger to do? Well, this guy looks for fun pictures of anything Phillies related and in my quest came upon this gem. Scott Rolen is a villain in Philly, but damn that boy could pick it at 3rd.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013