Thursday, December 06, 2012

Would You Rather- Young or Frandsen/Galvis?

Apparently Ruben Amaro Jr. is hot and heavy for the Texas Rangers Michael Young to fill the Phillies 3rd base vacancy next season.  Young has full no-trade rights and is owed $16M in 2013.  He's coming off a season in which he only hit .277/.682 and is now 36 years old.  Rangers are rumored to be willing to eat at least half of his salary, but that's still a steep price for diminished goods.  See, Young is one of the worst defensive infielders in the game.  He has no range, arm has weakened, and he doesn't even make all the routine plays anymore. This is a move of desperation and a bad one at that.

I am not a fan of a Kevin Frandsen/Freddy Galvis platoon at the hot corner next year, but I have to wonder if it would be as effective or better than what Young would do (and we know it would be millions cheaper!).

Michael Young has had a fine career in Texas- .301/.791, 2230 hits, 1085 R, 415 DBL, 177 HR, 984 RBI, but his glory days are behind him.

Also, this isn't a free agent signing, the Phils have to send something in return to the Rangers to facilitate this swap.  Rumor is it will be a MLB ready reliever and a low level "prospect". 

I pray that Young doesn't waive his no-trade rights.  Then again, Freddy Galvis sucked at hitting while on PEDs, imagine him off them...

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GM-Carson said...

Phils selected Ender Inciarte in the Rule 5 draft out of the Dbacks organization. He's a zero power, all speed outfielder that hasn't played above A ball.


Anthony said...

Where the hell are they going to hide this kid if they're looking for another outfielder? Drop Nix or Mayberry? Ruf?

GM-Carson said...

Ender has almost a 0% chance at making the club. You can't have Single-A players on a championship team.

Then again, the Phils aren't a championship team.

GM-Carson said...

Ben Revere, of the Twins, as a possible CF?

Low OBP, zilch in terms of power, is fast.

He's young, so he still has upside. But he's ceiling is likely only a .300 hitter with a sub .700 OPS and good amount of SB.

Not bad, but not very good.

2013 might suck!

Ben said...

According to the Phillies' site, #1 on Charlie Manuel's wishlist is a center fielder. Therefore, I will defame any trades or signings for center fielders that happen, as every idea Charlie Manuel has is dumb. /sarcasam. In all seriousness, just sign fucking Hamilton and get this over with. It's the smallest of several evils at this point.

Anonymous said...

And Ben Revere is officially our Center Fielder. Worley and May traded for him. I don't know anything about his defense but he hit 300 every year of his minor league career. Looks like he doesn't strike out much and has lots of speed. He should be our lead off hitter for many years to come. I guess i like this move depending on what the phillies do with the rest of their available funds.
Sounds like they may be aquiring Micheal Young soon too. I like this move as it sounds like they won't be giving much up.
Also sounds like they will only be paying 6 million of youngs salary which means........We would have money left for say..........Josh Hamilton?

GM-Carson said...

Worley and May?!


Who is the 5th starter now...Cloyd?

I hate Amaro.

Aaron said...

How about picking up Jair Jurgens to be your 5th starter?

I actually like the Revere trade if it means they add Josh Hamilton to play right field. Now you would have added a true lead off hitter and some real power to the lineup.

Michael Youngs not great but I'll take him for one year over Galvis/Frandsen any day. I think the dude can still hit.


Not a bad lineup at all.


Not too shabby. Then you just really gotta go get an 8th inning guy.

GM-Carson said...

If they land Josh Hamilton for some much needed thump, then sure, but I just don't see it happening.

Anonymous said...

Last year, Revere posted +3.4 WAR for the Twins by racking up a +16.4 UZR, partially due to spending most of his time in the corner outfield spots due to the presence of Denard Span. If you combine his UZR with the positional adjustment, he comes out as a +13 defender, which is also what he’s averaged in his career. Over the last five years, there have been eight every day non-catcher position players who have averaged +13 UZR+POS per 600 plate appearances: Brendan Ryan, Franklin Gutierrez, J.J. Hardy, Chase Utley, Clint Barmes, Nyjer Morgan, Adrian Beltre, and Evan Longoria.

Revere played RF all last year, so there is no guarantee going forward that he will be that high level a CFer, but it is certainly worth a shot. He is a young Juan Pierre 2.0.

Here are the good things about this.

0) Halladay, Hamels, and Lee just said... "Thank you Phillies" Defense.

1) Jimmy Rollins hopefully will not be leading off. If Rollins continues to lead off then Revere will bat 8th and that is a good thing.

2) The Phillies will not be paying stupid CF money (73 Million Less than the Braves) (37 Less than the Red Sox)
(maybe 37 million Less than Bourne with the same skill set.)

3) This frees up real money to sign Josh Hamilton, a 4th/5th starter, 8th inning reliever.

4) The Phillies seem to have a number of decent 4th/5th starter arms going forward in the Minors.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aaron.

Again this move is getting Bourne's skillset in a very young player for $37 million less.

Allowing those funds to be used else where.

Ben said...

I'm a bit upset about loosing Worley, but then again, his time in Philly looked a lot like J.A. Happ's time in Philly, and look at how well that turned out. I'd be o.k. with trying out Cloyd. Revere himself looks like a decent player, but he's not going to fix the problems the Phillies have. They need more power.

GM-Carson said...

Revere is a lot like Juan Pierre. I just hope his bat continues to mature to the point where he's hitting .300 with a .340+ OBP and swiping 40+ bags.

If the Phils get some like Edwin Jackson or Shawn Marcum on the cheap to replace Worley, then that's good, but they ain't coming cheap most likely.

GM-Carson said...

By the way- Sir Alden, you previous post about UZR+ was one of your best ever.

Chase Trillo said...

Young is worth it due to being able to play multiple positions. He may start out at 3rd, but with this team aging, he could end up at a number of positions throughout the season.

As for Revere, not a bad trade. We definitely need a power hitting corner outfielder now though. We need Hamilton!


That lineup would be pretty sweet!

Bob D said...

Young would be ok to add if he doesn't cut into adding in other areas. He is only one year removed from an All Star season. Im not all that enthusiastic about his fielding but he wouldn't likely be playing all the time. His value comes from versatility