Sunday, December 02, 2012

Create the Caption- HK's Last Beer Edition

Some buddies of mine thought Harry looked a little thirsty, so they hooked him up with a quick remedy. Go for it, give it your best caption...

What We're Drinking:
Weyerbacher's Winter Ale- if you've taken notice, over the past few months we've blogged about Weyerbacher quite a bit.  That's because they brew some fantastic beers.  Their Winter Ale is fitting of the holiday season, with its taste predominates that has a warm, roasty flavor, balanced out with a slightly dry finish. It’s smooth but not cloying, with a warming belt of alcohol (5.6% ABV).

Although winter ales predate history, they are believed to have their origin in the pagan celebrations of winter solstice. Later, when monasteries produced the local brew, winter ales were made each year to commemorate the birth of Christ. Back then, winter ales were brewed full-bodied as a source of nutrition for the upcoming winter months. Today, winter ales are typified by their seasonality, their rich, malty flavors and by their deep, dark coloration.

Generally available November through February, Weyerbacher Winter Ale is the perfect libation for a winter meal, with good friends, or beside a warm fire fending off a cold winter night.  Perhaps Santa might prefer this to the typical milk and cookies.

A microbrew aficionado on had this to say:
Appearance: dark with ruby highlights, whispy tan head
Aroma: rich sweet malt aroma with notes of ripe plum
Flavor: dry malt flavor, hint of spices
Overall: largely a satisfying winter ale with a very promising aroma


GM-Carson said...

So what do u all think Amaro will do while at the winter meetings?

Anonymous said...

ichiro, reynolds, hamilton

GM-Carson said...

Ichiro and Reynolds...yuck!!!

Reynolds is a hack at 3rd. He's horrible. No way Amaro signs him to eff up the efforts of our pitching staff.

Ichiro would be a great 4th outfielder. Other than that, he's done.

Chase Trillo said...

Pagan, Hamilton, Uehara. How sweet would that be?!

GM-Carson said...

I could handle that.

GM-Carson said...

Michael Young at 3rd base? Only if the Rangers eat most of his salary.

Chase Trillo said...

No Pagan. He's headed back to SF. Please no Victorino! Trade for Ellsbury or someone along those lines.

GM-Carson said...

I am so scared that Bourn will be a Phillie next year then proceed to suck and chew up payroll Ryan Howard style.

I would rather have Vic back.

Anonymous said...

umm... how did i just find out about this today?

Beer-a-Thon said...

There are some bad contracts being handed out to some players that just aren't that good.

*Jason Marquis/Padres- 1 year $3M

*Geovany Soto/Rangers - 1 year $3M

*Jeremy Guthrie/Royals- 3 yr $30M+

*Jeremy Affeldt/Giants- 3 yr $18M (he's good, but not that kinda good)

*Brandon League- 3 yr $20M or something like that (he's not ever the f'n closer!)

*Russel Martin- 2 yr $17M, really, guy hits .220 and hasn't even had 100 hits the past 2 seasons.

Spending is getting out of control. KK would get 5 yr $75M on the open market at this rate.

Chase Trillo said...

Ellsbury or Crisp are the way to go in CF. Hell, throw Hamilton out there for a year and reassess. Throw him in a corner spot after 2013.

Ben said...

At this point, I kind of want Vic back. Other options scare me. Perhaps Kendrick can be traded for someone?