Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Crazy Stupid Money

Check out some of the contracts being signed by free agents so far this offseason. Kinda scary...

Scott Baker/Cubs - 1 YR/$5.5M - didn't even pitch last season.

Scott Feldman/Cubs - 1 YR/$6M - 5.09 ERA last year and only 11 games pitched in 2011.

Jeremy Guthrie/Royals - 3 YR/$25M - 17 losses and a 4.33 ERA in 2011 and 12 losses and a 4.76 ERA last season. 

Jason Marquis/Padres - 1 YR/$3M - 5.22 ERA and 1.47 WHIP over 22 starts last year.

Geovany Soto/Rangers - 1 YR/$2.75M - .198/.613 is pathetic for a starting catcher.

Jeremy Affeldt/Giants - 3 YR/$18M - good reliever, but this is a silly use of resources for a non-closer.

Brandon League/Dodgers - 3 YR/$22.5M - he's a good reliever too, but not a closer.  This is a closer's contract, not set-up man.

Russell Martin/Pirates - 2 YR/$17M - past 2 seasons as Yankees catcher .224/.723 and hasn't reached 100 hits in a season since 2009.

Andy Pettitte/Yankees - 1 YR/$12M - 40 years old and only pitched 12 games last year after sitting all of 2011 out.

Mariano Rivera/Yankees - 1 YR/$10M - the greatest relief pitcher of all-time has my respect, but the 43 year old only pitched in 9 games last year.

*KK would get 6 YR $90M on the open market.  Yikes!


Ben said...

Well, Sir Alden, you're starting to get vindicated a little. Howard's contract is terrible, but some of these make his deal look like steal.

GM-Carson said...

Victorino 3yr $38M from BoSox...r u f'n kidding me?!?!?!

This market is out of control.

Not only do I not want Bourne, I don't want Fowler either. Shit, things might get really ugly.

Ben said...

I don't know. In a bandbox like that, Vic's offensive stats will inflate, and at least for now he can run and play defense. 3/38 was probably overpay, but not by more than 2 million a year.

Beer-a-Thon said...

At the beginning of this ridiculous offseason, most experts thought Vic woulda only signed a 1 year deal to re-establish value.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Phillies looking at Scott Hairston, he of a .299 OBP.


Chase Trillo said...

Scott Hairston stinks (where is that Franzke clip?!). Fowler is overrated. Bourn costs too much. Who the Phils need is Ellsbury and/or Hamilton. I don't care if they both are lefties. They need difference makers in their lineup.

GM-Carson said...

Blue Jays might make Emilio Bonifacio available. If so, he could handle CF and bat 1st or 2nd.

GM-Carson said...

The Nationals and Braves are clearly the better teams and have made moves to keep themselves that way.

The Phillies are aging and haven't improved themselves at all.

As currently constructed, the Phillies are nowhere close to a playoff team and won't be unless some major holes are filled.

Ben said...

The Nationals are going to win 100 games and change next year. With the Haren signing, their rotation is on par or maybe even better than the 2011 Phillies. Not to mention a strong 'pen and lots of young position players that are getting better. Jayson Werth must be feeling pretty good about leaving right now, huh?

GM-Carson said...

1 year $3M for Eric Chavez to Dbacks.

Would have been perfect platoon partner with Frandsen at 3rd.

Wonder what the hell Amaro is going to do to fill these voids.

GM-Carson said...

Phil's rumored to be interested in Ibanez.

If Amarillo signs him I am done blogging. Ibanez can't field for shit,doesn't get on base, doesn't hit for average and barely has any power left. I would much rather give the job to Darin Rug and hope for the best than go with a 40 Year old outfielder.

GM-Carson said...

Stupid auto correct

Anonymous said...

Shane in Boston for 39 million for 3 years.

Nuts. Silly. Silly Nuts.

Ben said...

Keppinger to White Sox. Another guy we could have used.

Anonymous said...

Bourne for 4 years because of his fielding.

If you look at the Golden Age of the Phillies it was all about the Fielding.

Balls that were reached that average players would not get to.

Geeze last year's 3rd basemen were terrible. Ty Wiggy. OMG.

Anonymous said...

How about a post showing Ryan Howards Earnings Year by Year so far, and a poll in the comments if he deserved more or less each year.

2005 - <316K (prorated) Major League Minimum (Rookie of the Year (1st)-OPS+ 133 (Worth 5 Million)
2006 - 355K - MVP Year (1st)-OPS+ 167 (Worth 15 Million0
2007 - 900K - MVP (5th)-OPS+ 144 (Worth 15 Million)
2008 - 10M - MVP (2nd)-OPS+ 125 (Worth 20 Million)
2009 - 15M - MVP (3rd)-OPS+ 141 (Worth 20 Million)
2010 - 19M - MVP (10th)-OPS+ 127 (Worth 15 Million)
2011 - 20M - MVP (10th)-OPS+ 126 (Worth 15 Million)
2012 - 20M - Injured 1st 50% of season -OPS+ 91 (Worth 8M)

Total earned so far 86 Million so far. Using my guesstamites of what Ryan Howard should have earned I come up with 123 Million shoulda earned so far.

5M - 15M - 15M - 20M - 20M - 15M - 15 M - 8M = 113 Million vs 86 Million, so by my calculations 27M Extra in the Bank Carried Forward.

So here is the question could everyone take my last sentence (begining with "5M" and ending with "Forward." and put in the numbers you think correctly represent what Ryan Howard has done and earned for the Phillies so far.

Thanks GM's!

5M - 15M - 15M - 20M - 20M - 15M - 15 M - 8M = 113 Million vs 86 Million, so by my calculations 27M Extra is still in the bank to be carried forward.

Anonymous said...

113 Million shoulda earned so far.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Sir Alden- doesn't matter what he was worth when he was in his first 6 seasons. That's how organization's make a profit on the investment they made (draft or international signing).

He hasn't earned his paycheck since that extension started. That's the only point that needs to be made. You shouldn't get paid for what you did years past in a new contract, you should be paid for what you are to do in the future while actually under said contract.

Beer-a-Thon said...

2 years $15M for Joe Blanton.

It's official, the GMs are outta their collective f'n minds.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Nate Schierholtz 1 yr $2.25M


Aaron said...

Hello Rube???

GM-Carson said...

Don't worry, looks like Rube might land Michael Young from Texas.

Yep, the Michael Young that didn't even have a .700 OPS last year and is rated one of the worst infielders defensively in the game.

This will be a BAD move.