Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12 Days of Christmas- Phillies Style Volume VII

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Phillies gave to me...
12 Errors botched by Ty Wiggy
11 Million dollars paid to closer Papelbon
10 Bunted hits by pesky Juan Pierre
9 Seasons in beautiful Citizens Bank Park
8 Double plays turned by Mike Fontenot
7 RBI from WSBGMs darling Michael Martinez
6 Wins tossed by Cliff Lee ($3.6M per)
5 Wild pitches astray from Antonio Bastardo
4 Games started at 1st base by Jim Thome
3 Darin Ruf homeruns (2013 NL ROY)
2 Drug suspensions (thanks Gavlis & Chooch)
1 Relief appearance by Tyson Brummett
and Zero playoff games.

Previous Installments:
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*2007- Volume II (Santa Carson)
*2008- Volume III (Santa Carson)
*2009- Volume IV (Santa Carson)
*2010- Volume V (Santa Carson)
*2011- Volume VI (Santa Carson)


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Lots to root for this year.

GM-Carson said...

It's hard to believe we've been blogging so many years.

Anonymous said...

Let's Bet.

Morse - Desmond - Span vs.
Howard - Rollins - Revere.

Total RBIs + Runs.

$40 Bucks For a Case of Fancy Beer.

Bet is off if any player is traded.

Bob D said...

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Everyone this year was terribly over priced and just not worth it.

Maybe Hamilton but very risky.

Is there anyone that you really died about that we did not get?

Ben said...

I pleased by Amaro's cost effective GMing. He looks to have matured in that role somewhat. This team's dearth of power will probably be its undoing, but if they an stay in contention until July, and I think they can, they can hopefully fix that then.

Chase Trillo said...

Please, no on the Hairston idea!!

I'd rather gamble on Berkman's health, trade for Kubel, or just go with what we have over Scott Hairston!!

Anonymous said...

I agree.

I would rather see Dom Brown in RF as the starter, and Ruff starting in LF with Mayberry and Nix mixing in.

At the All-Star Break we will see, and have the money to trade for a Outfielder.